The Secret Lives of Stock Photo Models

"A stock image is just a crystallized version of the Internet and how it operates now"

Why Are Depictions of Female Strength So Limited?

"While masculinity is inextricably tied to physical power, women are more likely to be connected through the notion of physical endurance"

The Artist Acting Out Her Anxieties Through an Alter Ego Who Refuses to Die

"I feel like there’s a reason fleshy women have always been painted. It’s more fun to render—you can do more, it’s more expressive"

Last Week

Ebecho Muslimova, Fatebe Deep Frog Organza, 2019

The Artist Recasting the Witch as a Feminist Symbol of Resistance

“I like to connect the traditional figure of the witch, the female spiritist painters and the modern female artist: all of them use magic in different ways”

This Week

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