The current issue of Elephant celebrates “Summertime Angst”, but we are dropping our hang-ups and parking our neuroses on our analysts’ couches for the day as we jig along delightedly to Chaka Khan’s new single, “Like Sugar”. And why? Because the video was shot on the site of our new project space, Elephant West.

 Art galleries are great places for shooting music videos, as Beyoncé and Jay-Z proved by popping into the Louvre to pose in front of the Mona Lisa for the promotional film to accompany their new single, “Apeshit”. So it’s with great pride that we can announce that Chaka Khan’s team recently visited Elephant West to shoot the video for “Like Sugar”, the great funk and disco diva’s new smash. Watch it here. It was directed by Kim Gehrig, the inspirational force behind Sport England’s “This Girl Can” campaign. It has a great groove and no less great moves.

You will notice immediately that there’s much less “art” in the Chaka shoot than in the Carters’ Louvre-set piece. That’s partly because Elephant West is a cutting-edge project space which is all about the new and the next and has little interest in old-ass “masterpieces” like the Mona Lisa. But in truth it’s also partly because at the time of shooting Elephant West was still in an embryonic state and largely resembled a petrol station. (All foetuses look like petrol stations in the first semester of uterine residency, you know that.) When it is finally unveiled in the autumn, the fully developed Elephant West will look quite different—although it will still have petrol pumps. Just no petrol.

We love both videos but—seriously—which one has the best dancing? And which one has the best bass? And if we can’t agree about that, answer us this at least: which one features the best petrol station? Chaka’s, no contest!


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