Christto & Andrew Use Humour and Irony to Challenge Stereotypes of the Middle East

The Doha-based artistic duo play with pop culture and politics in their riotously colourful work, which explores the effects of history, politics and money on society.

An Unusual Request, 2015
An Unusual Request, 2015

The future is decidedly retro when imagined by Christto & Andrew. In their lusciously coloured images, gradient backgrounds, manicured hands loaded with gaudy costume jewellery and the classic pairing of socks and sandals come together with clunky wearable tech and new-age devices. The Doha-based duo play with advertising aesthetics, crisp studio lighting and in-your-face product placement, presenting their unusual wares as if for sale in the pages of a glossy catalogue.

They have previously used this bodacious, OTT aesthetic to tackle subjects such as international sporting competition—and the absurdity therein—and the misinterpretations of the Middle East by Western society. They are inspired by their location, a city which is progressive in its ambitions but that retains a strong traditional culture.

All images courtesy the artists and Espai Tactel




This article originally appeared in Elephant Issue 40