Tonight, Elephant West will host an event exploring the female gaze in music videos, in collaboration with video production company Somesuch.

Production company Somesuch is known for creating work that stands for something; supporting equal opportunity while producing artful videos that, according to its mantra, “We give a fuck.” Founded by Sally Campbell and Tim Nash in 2010, Somesuch has since amassed an impressive list of talent, including We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay and 2015 Sundance winner Crystal Mosselle, as well as artists such as Skepta and Florence and the Machine.

Somesuch has contributed to some groundbreaking videos, including Daniel Wolfe’s taboo-breaking challenge of period shame in Bodyform/Libresse’s Blood Normal; and Home, a UN-commissioned piece on the refugee crisis. The company claims to “give voice to the unexpected, the daring, the authentic, the irreverent, the funny, and the sad.” Central to this policy is in its bolstering and celebration of female artists in the video production industry, a subject which this Elephant West event explores in greater detail.

Using a selection of the best work directed by women over the last year, Somesuch will present a screening of music videos which explore the female gaze within the medium. Following the presentation will be a panel discussion made up of some of the most interesting directors, video commissioners and artists in the business, including Saskia Whinney, Somesuch’s head of music video, director and photographer Olivia Rose, and marketing and creative director at Island Records, Holly Williams.

Elephant X Somesuch: The End of the Video Vixen will be held today from 6 to 9pm at Elephant West, 62 Wood Lane, London, W12 7RH

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