Force Of Nature: Embrace Abstraction with Goia Mujalli’s Online Course

Learn to transform what you see into a carefully crafted acrylic painting by signing up for the Brazilian artist’s short course at Elephant Academy

The journey from observation to abstraction defines Goia Mujalli’s effervescent style. Her paintings use colour to separate from reality familiar motifs from the natural world. This is what she sets out to explore in From Observational Painting to Abstraction with Acrylic, the Brazilian artist’s new course with Elephant Academy.

“I will guide students in how to paint from observation using a plant as their object/photograph then lead to the deconstruction of space as a method for abstraction,” Mujalli says. “I will be providing botanical and historical art references to guide them through examples of what we will be doing.”

A graduate of the Royal College of Art’s esteemed Painting MA, Mujalli’s canvases are bold and luminous, her assortment of shapes and half-figures lying somewhere between pattern and motion. “A main element that I am excited to teach is to show students how we can have a predetermined idea of how to draw things,” she says. “This course will guide them into looking deeper and beyond the object.”




“We can have a predetermined idea of how to draw things. This course will guide students into looking deeper and beyond the object”

Suitable for beginners, the course will begin with an introduction to the acrylic medium and formal techniques, followed by a session exploring variation, texture, and the importance of transparency within mark-making. As students observe plants as their main subject, Mujalli will introduce ideas of migration and symbolism from art history, advancing the relationship between subject and object as she does in her own practice.

Prices for this three-week online course start at £70. For the best learning experience, Mujalli has selected a bundle of materials available for students to purchase for use in the classes, including Lefranc Bourgeois paper, Winsor & Newton brushes and inks, and acrylic paints from Elephant’s exclusive set. For more details on From Observational Painting to Abstraction with Acrylic and other courses and workshops, please visit Elephant Academy.


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