May 15, 2019

Kate Cooper, Infection Drivers, 2018

Kate Cooper’s work deliberately destabilizes what we see to be real and unreal, body and simulation. Working with video, she looks at the computer-generated female form and its associations with labour and representation, and has spoken to us before about working with digitally engendered images since “these bodies are more extreme. They’re definitely more sexualized, and I have always been more interested in female forms of labour and representation,” she says. “The main image I’ve used over the last few years has been a white woman. It’s this idea of the perfect white woman and we need to sabotage that: it’s a complete fiction.” An exhibition of Cooper’s work opens today, presenting a new large-scale video installation composed of works that focus on the inherent vulnerability of the body. Kate Cooper’s exhibition is on show from 15 May to 23 June at HENI Project Space, Hayward Gallery in London.


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