November 13, 2018

Miles Aldridge, Chromo Thriller 2, 2012

Suburbia and cinema are frequent (and frequently clandestine) bedfellows. The connection between the silver screen and the city outskirts is no more evident than in the work of photographer Miles Aldridge. Saturated, bold and melodramatic, each of his pieces is packed with narrative, both hidden and explicit. There’s glamour, but darkness—like all the best movie plots—beautiful women and bad habits. This image, Chromo Thriller 2, is stylized to within an inch of its life (or, possibly, its subject’s death), and will be on show as part of This Side of Paradise: Narrative, Cinema and Suburbia in the work of Miles Aldridge and Todd Hido at London’s Huxley-Parlour gallery, which runs from 15 November to 15 December.  


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