September 11, 2019

Ulrike Rosenbach, Aphrodite TV, 1975

Today marks the beginning of Berlin Art Week, as the sprawling German city dives headlong into five days of exhibition openings, events, project spaces and not one, but two art fairs. One of those exhibitions kicking it all off with an opening tonight is Akademie Der Kunst’s Magic Media—Media Magic, showcasing works from collector and curator Wulf Herzogenrath’s extensive video art archive. Stifling media representations of femininity are evoked in this image from Ulrike Rosenbach’s photo series Aphrodite TV. Rosenbach was one of Germany’s earliest video artists, critiquing identity and images of womanhood in a culture steeped in mass media but before social media. Her work is exhibited alongside works, documents and sketches by video art icons like Nam June Paik, Bill Viola and Rebecca Horn, and younger artists such as Mathilde ter Heijne. Watch out or you’ll get square eyes!

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