This Saturday, Elephant West is hosting the first edition of the Global Soul X Fuel Culture Festival. We talk to Global Soul’s JM about the growth of “social radio” and what to expect from this weekend’s dance workshops and DJ sets.

Tell me about Global Soul Radio.

Global Soul Radio is a progressive, next-generation radio station without boundaries musically or geographically. We bring together a world of soul music. We embrace it all, paying particular attention to those who have been overlooked or are just starting to emerge.

What is a “next-generation radio station”, exactly?

Radio is no longer restricted to a frequency or to a specific broadcast time. Digital radio is accessible globally, anytime, anywhere and on demand. DJs can “broadcast” from anywhere in the world to everyone in the world. And radio is no longer simply audio content; increasingly it is becoming an audio-visual medium, allowing audience interaction as never before. With these developments, radio benefits from no longer being a “hidden” medium, not only visually but physically.

So a big part of the next generation of radio is “social radio”—radio you can physically experience in public spaces in a more immersive interactive environment, where people can pass through, hang out and participate whilst also not being restricted to one space geographically either. This is where our Elephant West residency comes in.

What can people expect when they come along to one of the events at Elephant West?

Our events are intended to provide immersive, multimedia experiences, and an opportunity to participate in a full sensory artistic adventure. We will focus on different art forms at different times, the first week being a celebration of dance.

So what’s on the menu on Saturday?

There’ll be DJs from noon, followed at 2pm by our first Dance Session with the Houstyle Dancers. Then at 3pm the Morpheus Soul Show goes live. At 5pm there’ll be a Northern Soul Girl Dance Workshop, after which the Perry Louis Dancers with live percussion will move things into party mode. And there’ll be food from Reggae Britannia as well as all the usual treats from Dean Radak and Fuel.

Do you have to be there not to be square?

No, the whole event will be taken beyond the confines of Elephant West’s four walls through video streaming by Doin’it Productions.


Global Soul x Fuel’s “Culture Festival” residency

Begins Saturday, 25 May at Elephant West

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