As we get ready for the third retro gaming night at Elephant West, our music editor Arwa Haider shares her ultimate playlist, evoking childhood memories of neon-lit eighties and nineties arcades and catchy electronic game themes.


“Attract mode” is the term for the demo display on arcade games, designed to hook passers-by into hanging on and pressing “play”. For me, it evokes childhood memories of neon-lit eighties and nineties arcades: a headrush of dazzling sprites and irresistibly catchy electronic game themes. This is my Attract Mode playlist, for the monthly Artcade events at Elephant West; it spans classic 8-bit anthems (including my favourite themes, from Yoko Shimomura‘s Street Fighter II and Yuzo Koshiro‘s Streets of Rage 2) to twenty-first-century symphonies from the likes of Jessica Curry and Nobuo Uematsu—I hope it inspires you to break out the special moves…


The Artcade

6-11pm, 12 November at Elephant West, London

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