About Us

Designed by the award-winning architecture studio Liddicoat & Goldhill, Elephant West occupies a repurposed petrol station adjacent to the BBC’s former headquarters on Wood Lane.  We aim to establish a new model for cultural spaces; neither publicly funded nor a commercial gallery, we support and promote emerging creative practice and build a community of the culturally interested around our programme. The space includes a café-bar, Fuel, and a small shop offering limited-edition prints, books, magazines and associated products.

Our programme centres on the Elephant Commissions, projects by emerging visual artists selected and curated by Becca Pelly-Fry, Head Curator. These projects are often collaborative and interdisciplinary in their nature, and offer a unique opportunity for the artists to work at scale.

We also work in partnership with organisations that share our values and ethos, creating projects that bring a different view of the wider world through contemporary art, performance, film and music.

Alongside the central programme, the space plays host to a wide range of events such as film screenings, dance performances, panel discussions, inspirational talks, yoga classes and DJ nights.


Opening times

Project space

Tues–Sat  midday–6pm
Closed on Sundays


Fuel café-bar

Mon 8am–3pm
Tues–Fri 8am–11pm
Sat 11am–11pm
Sun 11am–6pm


The Team


Robert Shore
Creative Director


Dean Radak
General Manager


Christer Nestenborg
Assistant F&B Manager