Feminist Icons: The Women Artists at the Cutting Edge in the 1970s

“In this melodramatic self-portrait, Bertlmann poses in rapture in a parody of eroticism and prescribed gender roles”

The Space Between Us: Laurie Anderson Reflects on Post-Trump America

“People are always pushing you into one thing—you’re supposed to decide, because we live in a world that doesn’t like complexity”

Walk the Beaches of Fire Island After Dark

“The sky above is bright purple, yet almost-white and all-black. It’s an image of searching, not just for other bodies, but beauty, the sublime even”

Louise Bonnet: “When I’m Painting, I Have to Obliterate My Brain Entirely”

“Boundaries are tricky to maintain. Business, creativity, commerce, all gets rolled into one, which can be exhausting”

Camera Woman: Rediscovering Charlotte March’s Fashion Images

“In her mirrored eyewear is a hint at the reversal of the typical male-female power dynamic: can March herself be glimpsed behind the shutter?”

The Birth of an Icon: Susan Kare and the Creation of Apple’s Graphics

“Though we interact with the fruits of her labour pretty much every day, the New York-born designer is still little recognised within popular culture”