Falling Idol: The Tragic Fate of Japan’s Nakagin Capsule Tower

“As Kurokawa says, the capsule is a negation of any predetermined moulds that we may be forced into”

Koichi Wakui, video still. Yuri Nagoya / 名児耶ゆり (reading), Hirofumi Nakamura / 中村大史 (guitar). "Kibun ( Feelings ) “ / 『気分』 words and music by Hirofumi Nakamura / 作: 中村大史

Hubble Bubble: Elephant Explores Palais Bulles

“Architecture does not interest me. It is humanity, the human space that interests me, creating envelopes around human needs”

Can Art and Horticulture Grow Together? Meet the Avant Gardeners…

“Outside Prospect Cottage, the stark shingle landscape of Derek Jarman’s garden became a place of creative escape”

Just Horsing Around? Meet Vivian Maier’s Enigmatic Urban Cowboy…

“Vivian Maier spent four decades quietly and unassumingly taking tens of thousands of images that capture the unseen corners of American life”

Vivian Maier, New York 1953. Copyright Estate of Vivian Maier and Courtesy of Maloof Collection and Howard Greenberg Gallery NY

Victoria Cantons: How Jenny Saville Gave Me the Courage to Be Uncompromising

“Painting is like going out into the garden with a little trowel and scraping away the soil in the flowerbed”

Dancing to a New Beat: The Pulsating Art of Valencia’s Club Scene

“This was the first clubbing scene in Spain. There was so much eclecticism: live music, DJs, theatre performances, fashion shows”

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