How Paula Rego’s The Dance Taught Me the Steps of My Own Life

“It was the solitary woman lost in thought who captured my imagination. In standing alone, she shattered conventions of femininity in my eyes”

Paula Rego, The Dance, 1988 © Tate, London © Paula Rego, courtesy of Marlborough Fine Art

Brave New Worlds: Inside the Art of Meriem Bennani

“I’m a professional amateur. I learn quickly about one thing and then tie it to something else I’ve dipped my toes into”

Is This the Greatest Modernist Painter You’ve Never Heard Of?

“Philpot was not afraid of fusing his Catholic faith with sexually potent imagery, but always stopped short of being explicit”

Licence to Chill: Why Is Lofi Girl Our Dream Study Partner?

“Lofi Girl’s popularity hints at a craving for slowness and a desire for authenticity in an oversaturated digital culture”

Sunil Gupta’s Relaxed Glimpse of Gay 1970s New York Street Life

“I spent my weekends cruising with my camera. We were young and busy creating a gay public space”

Sunil Gupta, Untitled #22, from Christopher Street, 1976 (printed 2014), pigment print. Courtesy the artist and Hales Gallery, London and New York; Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto; and Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi. © Sunil Gupta. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2022

Ready Player One: Who Wins When Videogames Invade Art’s Space?

“By reframing known identities and scenarios in fictitious landscapes, the works in Worldbuilding draw new attention to how our own societies are organised”

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