Indigenous Spaces: Venice Finally Gives Room to Forgotten Voices

“Indigenous attitudes to nature represent an holistic, sustainable alternative to the extractive capitalism that colonialism wrought”

Yuki Kihara, Spirit of the Ancestors Watching (After Gauguin), 2020. Image courtesy of Yuki Kihara and Milford Galleries, Aotearoa New Zealand

Thar She Blows! Reinventing Moby Dick for the Venice Biennale

“It was kind of a joke for me to show the whale’s perspective. What would whale vision actually look like?”

Troubled Times: Bringing Northern Ireland’s Past and Present To Life

“It brings to mind certain societal characteristics of the North: secrecy, surveillance and subversion”

Melanie Bonajo: “The Oil Pool Where People Are Blindfolded Is a Ritual Space…”

“It’s about building a container of safety through which proximity can be possible and fully enjoyable in the senses”

My Art Collaborator Isn’t Pulling Their Weight. How Can I Stop Them Slacking Off?

“Is the work stuff driving you mad because it is the be all and end all, or is it driving you mad because it is making you think less of your friend?”

The Eyes of Caroline Walker: “It’s Different When it’s a Woman Looking at Women”

“I hadn’t seen this in art, the contemporary experience of what it’s like for a woman to be at home with a newborn”

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