Elephant’s Brand-New Biannual Magazine Is Here

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our new visual identity and biannual magazine”

How Angry Birds Reshaped the World

“Anyone who owned an iPhone was a potential gamer, and the casual market grew exponentially”

Angry Birds game loading screen © Stock Experiment / Alamy Stock

Art Crush: All the Things We Want This Month

Your monthly fix of the best things to look at, hear, wear, follow and support in April

Find Surface Glamour and Buried Emotion in April’s Unmissable Art Books

From the grandeur of abandoned buildings to revolutionary fashion shoots and the hidden lives of single fathers, these are the photobooks to seek out this month.

How Günter Brus’ Self Painting Showed Me Life’s Psychotic Duality

“In Self Painting the hideous welding and incompetent sewing required to maintain personhood is laid bare”

Hot Stuff: The Rise and Rise of the Lao Gan Ma Brand

“Huabi Tao’s image looms like the Virgin Mary from the label of each jar”

The Food Chain: Lockdown and the Culture of Consumption

“I never had issues with food before, but when the first lockdown happened, I became hyper-focussed on what I was eating”

The Shape of Water: Denisse Ariana Pérez’s Fluid Insight

When subjects float, their heads tilt back in complete relaxation, their expressions evoking the newfound spiritual relationship”

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