How the Futurisms of Ramadan Have Emerged During the Pandemic

“Perhaps diasporic Muslims have never been in such a science fictional mood as this Ramadan, spent during the Covid-19 pandemic”

Who Is Really to Blame for a Faltering Career in the Creative Industry?

Whether it’s imposter syndrome or the result of a relentlessly neoliberal society, I turn inwards when it comes to failure”

This Photo Captures the Absurdity of the Art World

“In the moment that this picture was taken, a fragile structure quite literally collapses under the weight of people’s impatience and self-importance”

What Is the Future for an Art World Torn Apart By Commerce Over Community?

The art world, already a precarious and elitist space that few can afford to enter, looks set to become even smaller”

What Does the Mobilisation of Black Lives Matter Mean for Art Schools?

While 2019 saw the highest ever recorded number of protests, 2020 has redefined what it means to march”

Franco Vaccari’s Photomatic D’Italia Taught Me That Infatuation Is All About Image

Vaccari’s work made me acutely aware of the disconnect between how we present ourselves visually and our shabby, imperfect realities”

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