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That’s the Chicago Way: the Uncompromising Life of Judy Chicago

“Feminism promotes personal empowerment, something that, when connected to education, becomes a potent tool for change”

Strike a Pose: James Barnor’s Art of Yoga

“My studio was at a spot where everything happened in Accra, where young and old people met from various backgrounds”

What on Earth Can I Do Now That I’ve Left Art School?

“Lost in the art world? Elephant's new advice columnists Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente (AKA art-criticism duo The White Pube) are here to help”

State of the Nation: Young Artists Discuss Life and Work in Britain

“Unity and identity, home and heritage, are just some of the topics touched on by six emerging talents in Elephant’s latest print issue”

Sohrab Hura: “You Can Destroy Your Photography by Being a Photographer”

“We try to register the world through events, and this is the baggage of documentary photography”

Art Crush: All the Things We Want This Month

“From Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci pencil cases to a VR view of the Arc De Triomphe, these are the art-inspired items we long for in September”

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