Why This Chinese Photographer Takes Pictures of Naked Western Men

The male figure becomes a blank canvas for her active, subjective desire

The Story of an “Outsider” Artist: Daniel Johnston’s Psychedelic Drawings

“We recognise art that expresses our inner hopes, fears, distress and idealism. That art can be nurturing—a balm to our distress”

Daniel Johnston, Strange But True, 1997

Nick Sethi on Using Social Media to Navigate His Way Across India

“Using TikTok is magical as it allows you to make something together. I just try to follow the paths that keep me most connected”

How Cinderella Impacted the Frank, Raw Photography of Jo Spence

In a society at pains to hide its machinations, Spence holds back the curtain and lets us look right in

Labour of Love: Does It Ever Make Sense to Work for Free?

Individuals are pressured to accept lower pay in order to support not just their employer but a holistic vision of the arts”

The Meaning of #FreeBritney 

“Many activists share a sense of repayment which is common across music fandom: Britney helped them through adversity, and now it is their turn”

Danh Vo Goes in Search of History

When countries go to war in the name of freedom—that’s when you don’t want to be free”

An Audience with Miao Ying, the Artist Laughing in the Face of China’s Authorities

“I never read George Orwell’s 1984 because I live in it and it’s pretty dark already”

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