Creative Jobs Sell Us a Lifestyle, But All I Want Is to Make a Living

“A career in the creative industry should be viewed as a job like any other, and paid a decent wage that reflects this”

Does the Art World Have a Problem with Fat People?

“I feel like I have to work harder and be smarter than everyone else because I am an overweight woman”

How Artists and Galleries Fell in Love with the Great British Seaside

“I think it’s amazing that more photographers don’t take photographs of it. You are never more than seventy miles away from the coast in the UK”

How Artists Make Use of the Irresistible, Dangerous Elixir of Human Blood

“Hardly limited to sepulchral associations, blood pulsates with a lively symbolism rooted in ritual and religion, signifying restoration, rebirth and passion”

Silvia Rosi on Migration, Matriarchy and Photography as Ritual

“There’s this idea of photography that can steal the soul. That’s one of the main reasons these are all self-portraits”

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Erica Eyres Isn’t Afraid to Make You Laugh

“I use comedy as a way of presenting darker narratives. I don’t want to just be funny, but I don’t think that all comedy is just funny, either”

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