Elephant’s Brand-New Biannual Magazine Is Here

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our new visual identity and biannual magazine”

How Angry Birds Reshaped the World

“Anyone who owned an iPhone was a potential gamer, and the casual market grew exponentially”

Angry Birds game loading screen © Stock Experiment / Alamy Stock

Hocus Focus: What Happens When Art and Sorcery Intersect?

“It questions the power of rituals and the belief that can transform the mundane to magical”

Sahana Ramakrisnan, Groping in the Dark

A Stitch in Time: The Artist Embroidering Himself into History

“As humans, all of human history informs who we are. Recognising that is important to me”

Sharing Her Pain: How Tonia Nneji’s Physical Suffering Powers Her Work

The images I paint are planned and exact. None of it is imagined or accidental”

Laxmi Hussain: “I Don’t Think I’d Be an Artist If It Weren’t for Motherhood” 

The mothering body is truly special to me so I’ve been documenting it, learning it and honouring it

Living for the City: Brighton

“He is lit by the blinking illuminations of the Palace Pier, a glorified amusement arcade that stands in the shallows like a gaudy Christmas bauble”

Fabric of Life: Bisa Butler Stitches Classic Photos Into a New Context

“I’m interested in the human contribution, how we see things. I think the more we rely on technology for art, the less humanity it has”

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