Anthea Hamilton Wants You to Question How You See the World

“I woke up in the night halfway through the planning and thought, what have I done? I’ve agreed to make a bum for the Turner Prize!”

The Eclectic Zines Offering Escapism During Difficult Times

Carefully printed images in independent magazines are a great way to get a tangible art fix while viewing is otherwise restricted to screens”

Richard Prince Showed Me the Impossible Contradictions of Female Sexuality

“I remember unearthing the image when I was underage myself—a sudden acknowledgement of certain truths about the way men looked at girls”

Richard Prince, Spiritual America IV, 2005. © Richard Prince, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

Wild and Free: Vinca Petersen Explores Life on the Road

“When people have the centre ripped out of their world, they find a safe haven elsewhere. They look to the fringes”

In a Time of Social Isolation, Mail Art Offers Invaluable Human Connection

“Letter writing might feel archaic, but a hand-sealed envelope reintroduces an important physicality that we lack in the digital age”

Let Me See That Thong: A Visual History of the Barely-There Panty

“Thongs garnered the cheeky reputation of allowing the wearer to show everything, but retain some mystery”

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