Elephant’s Brand-New Biannual Magazine Is Here

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our new visual identity and biannual magazine”

How Angry Birds Reshaped the World

“Anyone who owned an iPhone was a potential gamer, and the casual market grew exponentially”

Angry Birds game loading screen © Stock Experiment / Alamy Stock

Art Crush: All the Things We Want This Month

Your fix of the best things to support, wear, buy, listen to and follow in June 2021.

Step into Rachel Maclean’s Twisted Fairy Tale at Your Peril

“A Disney-style princess asks a mirror for reassurance about how cute she is. The mirror responds with injections and implants”

NFTs Are Not the Art Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For

“Witnessing the meteoric sales point of another unexceptional white male artist felt far from the euphoric ‘art revolution’ hyped by the media”

Casey Kauffmann, Reality Once Removed, 2021

Visiting the Secret Gardens of Emily Ludwig Shaffer

“The statue figures are a way for me to explore the emotions and representations I find lacking in traditional representations of women”

Why Danielle McKinney Abandoned Photography In Favour of Painting

“A lot of my questions about spirituality and religion are projected into the paintings”

“Ready… Fight!”: Cosplaying with China’s Generation Y

“Guangzhou’s cosplaying communities dare to dream beyond, even if only for the duration of a duel”

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