The EU Flag: How a Symbol of Unity Broke Apart

Since 1955 the European Union flag has been the visual representation of unity and peace, but in the UK it has come to stand for national division.

The Problem with Women’s Networking

“It’s liberation, but only for those who can spare upwards of seven per cent of the UK’s average annual income on a membership fee”

Should We Stop Celebrating Artists Who Were Sexual Abusers?

“If you’re a man with great talent, there's no line drawn anywhere, not at child abuse, nor incest, nor rape”

Luo Yang’s Intimate Portraits of China’s Young Generation

“I portray women as they are, and present what I’ve seen in them: strong, wild, sad, lonely, free, independent and brave”

Last Week

Meet the Artist Obsessed with Ghosts, Clowns and the Colour Pink

“If I have to explain my work to people, then I've failed as an artist”

This Week

Painting by Alberto Pazzi for the show There are no edges, only places where things meet
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