Tracey Emin on Following Your Emotional Instinct and Turning Inwards

“A few times in my life I’ve really cried, uncontrollably, when you go to sleep and wake up crying. That sort of crying is in another league”

The Moment a Whale Tail Saved the Day

“Perhaps we have all just become more accustomed to imminent catastrophe, and in turn are looking to grab on to any piece of fortuitous feel-good news that comes our way”

The Artists Keeping the Absurdist, Irreverent Spirit of Dada Alive

“Realistically, does absurdist art really work within an ethereal white box? Most likely not. I say scrap the gallery and do it in public”

Numbered Editions, DaDaLand, 2019

Appreciate Francesca Woodman’s Creativity in Full Colour

“Would this shot have the same appeal in monochrome? Or would the eye again be drawn to the crumbling walls?”

The Failures No One Wants To Admit To

“People are very ashamed to say that they’ve failed. It’s like it’s unfashionable to look like you wanted something”

The Age of Black Fabulosity: The Queer Publications of the Harlem Renaissance

“Design is such a sensuous act. To make it and consume it involves all your senses”

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