Van Gogh’s Two Crabs Raised My Spirits When Nothing Else Could

“I would like to be able to say that the reason I went into the National Gallery was because I had faith in the power of art, but that isn’t true”

Vincent van Gogh, Two Crabs, 1889

The Anonymous Design Collective Out to Change the Visual Language of Protest

“A lot of red and black creates a dated aesthetic that looks like it comes from the 1930s. We think it really puts people off”

The Artworks That Perfectly Capture Isolation

“These artworks will inspire those with cabin fever, or at the very least, show those currently self-isolating that they’re far from alone in their aloneness”

These Are the Art Stars Who Should Be on Your Radar

From building a photography career via Instagram to combining pop-art abstraction with a post-digital aesthetic, these essential artists are tearing up the art history canon.

This Norwegian Artist Photographed Herself Every Day for a Year

“I have taken a lot of pictures while in the middle of crying; crying is very beautiful. Realness is important to me

Last Week

Nnena Kalu Weaves a Wild Web of Sellotape and Wool

“Artists and projects like this would just be dismissed as community arts, or outsider art or disability art. We were just never taken seriously”

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