Bauhaus Master Moholy-Nagy’s Treatise Is as Relevant Today as a Century Ago

As you might expect of one of the most revered graphic designers of his era, Moholy-Nagy wields typography with both flair and subtlety”

From László Moholy-Nagy, Painting, Photography, Film

This Iconic Manchester New Year’s Eve Shot Launched 1,000 Memes

“The photo was first published by Manchester Evening News, before being shared thousands of times, as these things are, in the form of art-historical memes”

Joel goodman New Years eve

The Trends Shaping Visual Culture in 2021

“From millennial postmodernism to lockdown-inspired Augmented Reality, these are the trends shaping visual culture this year”

How One Photographer Captured a 2000-Year-Old Myth in Modern-Day India

Yogananthan has traversed the Indian subcontinent in order to capture the tale’s endless resonances in everyday life

How Can Gallery Education Programmes Encourage Diversity and Inclusion?

“Young people have been conditioned into thinking that there’s nothing for them within the arts, and no money”

Jo Stockham, Artists in Schools, residency at John Scurr Junior, 1987, Whitechapel Gallery. Whitechapel Gallery Archive.

Bristol’s Black Arts Scene Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

Three generations of being excluded from British history. I wanted to tell our story before it was lost and forgotten”

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