The Seductive Allure of the Diner

A symbol of America since its inception in the late nineteenth century, the diner remains a recurring motif in visual culture, from Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks to Twin Peaks

What Can Breasts Tell Us About Contemporary Culture?

From the moment they appear, breasts are scrutinized—whether deemed too small, too big, too saggy, too naked or too clothed

This Artist Is Bringing Hands-On Craft to the New Urban Environment

“I'm interested in the experience of architecture from a sculptural and emotional perspective”

Last Week

The Standard London, reception, with ceramic artwork by Lubna Chowdhary

The Artist Making Low-Cost and Eco-Friendly Sculptures

“I grew up in a hand-me-downs, second-hand-shopping household, and that's something I always enjoyed, finding unique things and treasure hunting”

This Week

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