Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit Showed Me the Radical Power of Self-Publishing

“When I looked deep into the archive, it wasn’t easy to find any multiracial, multilingual artistic foremothers”

The Moment a Whale Tail Saved the Day

“Perhaps we have all just become more accustomed to imminent catastrophe, and in turn are looking to grab on to any piece of fortuitous feel-good news that comes our way”

The Mary Wollstonecraft Statue Is a Betrayal of Feminism

“The Wollstonecroft sculpture is a missed opportunity to honour a towering intellect, reducing her instead to an objectified nothing”

These Are the Artists You Need to Watch

“Psychedelia, sun and subversion are themes that dominate these artists' work. As we enter the final months of a surreal year, it's worth taking heed of their reimagined worlds”

The Failures No One Wants To Admit To

“People are very ashamed to say that they’ve failed. It’s like it’s unfashionable to look like you wanted something”

The Age of Black Fabulosity: The Queer Publications of the Harlem Renaissance

“Design is such a sensuous act. To make it and consume it involves all your senses”

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