Basel 2016: Final Gallery Selection

Art Basel finishes today. Whilst always overwhelmingly sprawling, the fair offers up a terrific selection of work from both new and established artists, and the booths themselves have felt particularly generous this year, offering space for intriguing group shows and plenty of variety. Here are a few that have caught Elephant’s eye.

New York’s Lehmann Maupin are showing a diverse group exhibition, which includes the work of Do Ho Suh, Nari Ward, Liu Wei and Tracey Emin. Hernan Bas’s pink-washed, characteristically unsettling Plastic Pink Lures hangs at the back of the booth, Nicholas Holbo’s snaking Umthwakazi sits in front of it, playing with a similar sense of natural decay.

Maureen Paley has a particularly impressive group of artists displayed at the fair, including Wolfgang Tillmans—currently showing his eighth solo exhibition at the gallery’s London space until 31 July—Gillian Wearing and Michael Krebber. We especially enjoyed a pensive pigmented ink print of the late Susan Sontag, by Peter Hujar.

Standard (Oslo) features a selection of shined-up, cracked pup sculptures from Nina Beier, which work well with the nearby angular, monochrome illustrative works from Jaya Howey. Natural tones—browns, yellows and creams–also fill the booth, with wall-hung paintings from the brilliant Kim Hiorthøy and Tauba Auerbach. Clean chaos.

We were struck by the originality of Rodeo’s immersive booth, which features closely hung floor-to-ceiling works by Tamara Henderson. Silvery sheens and chalky pastels dominate the London gallery’s space.

Gavin Brown’s enterprise’s booths are always decidedly funky, and this year is no exception. The New York galley have added a cushiony black carpet that bounces under foot as visitors navigate the jam-packed booth. Work shifts from intimate to massive; Kerstin Bratsch’s vast, eye-popping wall-hung ink works line one wall, in stark contrast to Rirkrit Tiravanijah’s many framed Demonstration Drawings which cover another.

Art Basel

Herman Bas, Pink Plastic Lures, 2016 Lehmann Maupin
Nicholas Hlobo, Umthwakazi, 2016 Lehmann Maupin
Torbjørn Rødland Butterflies, 2007 Standard (Oslo)
Jaya Howey Stay in Bed 2015 Installation view. STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo SOJH/IV 2015-001/4
Alex Hubbard Death of the Party Swede, 2016 Standard (Oslo)
Tamara Henderson A fountain scratches what it knows (Detail), 2016 Rodeo
Wolfgang Tillmans Greifbar 29, 2014. Image courtesy Maureen Paley, London
Roberto Cuoghi Senza Titolo (Untitled), 2014 Lehmann Maupin
Mickalene Thomas Interior: Wicker Red Chair, Leopard Rug and Candles, 2015 Lehmann Maupin
Kim Hiorthøy Perfecting the Technique, 2016 Standard (Oslo)
Kim Hiorthøy Trust, 2016 Standard (Oslo)
Tamara Henderson With their tongues in madness (Detail), 2016 Rodeo