Brace Yourself for The Space Oddities of This Month’s Double Lunar Wonder

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Universal – Star people, & moonage dreamers, psych yourselves up, for the cosmic odyssey continues! Venus retrograde is still going strong. Values and priorities are shifting. Memories of past romances may whisper sweetly, tugging at our heartstrings. Please don’t hide in a cage of your own making. Instead, courageously confront the barriers that hold back true love. In the labyrinth of love, let us face the shadows that dim its glow. Embody your boundaries, for in doing so, you shall find the true essence of love’s healing power.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.”

This month we will have a double lunar wonder! Two full moons grace August’s stage – the  first in the sign of future-oriented Aquarius on the 1st, the second one, a blue super moon  in Pisces wrapping up the month. Once in a blue moon…, indeed, that is where this  expression comes from, since it’s rare to have two full moons in one month.  The full moon in Aquarius will bring climactic crescendos, bringing both endings and new  beginnings. In the light of the lunar glow, embrace your individuality, dancing to the rhythm  of your own celestial symphony. Let your freak flag fly high, as you revel in the uniqueness  that sets you apart from the mundane. 

As you step into your authentic self, fear not the judgment of others, for they, too, shall be  inspired to forge their own paths. Like a cascade of dominos falling into place, each act of  liberation becomes a catalyst for others to break free from conformity.

As electric opportunities knock, let not the judgments of others stifle your cosmic self.  Forge your path with courage, inspiring others to join your cosmic parade. Let go of  comparisons, for these will lead you nowhere. In the vastness of the digital world, find  solace in kindred spirits, souls whose vibrational frequencies resonate with your own.  Remember, “Not fitting in doesn’t mean not belonging,” for cosmic kinship is beyond the  boundaries of the ordinary. 

Embrace the vastness of your dreams, casting away the shackles of critical minds and  small-mindedness. This full moon bestows upon us the gift of persistence, an unwavering  commitment to our goals, as transformative Pluto activates the nodes, urging us to release  realities that no longer serve our soul’s journey. Basically most of July has been quite tense and transforming, but every mini-step keeps shaping our cosmic metamorphosis. 

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“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

This full moon actually brings a lot of fixed energy into the atmosphere, meaning most of  us are really set/fixed in their ways. Sometimes this exact fixed energy can bring us the  necessary persistence(stubbornness) towards our goals.  

On Tuesday, a celestial dance unfolds as Mars glides gracefully through Virgo, forming a  harmonious trine with Jupiter in Taurus. Let the tenacity of these cosmic partners infuse  your spirit, propelling you towards greatness, as you meticulously refine your endeavours,  turning grand visions into tangible realities. Embrace the essence of Virgo’s precision, leaving no stone unturned as you hone your craft. Trust that the universe shall reward your  dedication with success. 

Wednesday may bring some blockage in the tapestry of creativity.  

Blessings lie in trying to transcend limits under pressure and embrace structure without  losing our essence. Let’s delve deep into the cosmic abyss of your own consciousness.  Therein lies the blueprint to unlocking our true potential. 

Dear seekers of cosmic wisdom, the stars align, for you to embrace the Moonage Dream  within. Inspired by the cosmic legacy of David Bowie and the celestial majesty of Ziggy  Stardust, dance fearlessly through the stardust, for the cosmos is our grand stage.


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Venus retrograde in fiery Leo is testing the waters of love and resurrecting ex-lovers from the  depths of the past. Feel out this cosmic tango of hearts, for it holds the key to your heart’s desires. As the full moon in Aquarius graces the skies with its radiant glow, your cosmic camaraderie  reaches a pinnacle. You and a friend may embark on a celestial journey, soaring towards new  heights with a shared project. Money matters may demand your attention. In the realm of your  inner freak lies the answer. Embrace rebellion and uniqueness, for tangible goals await those who  follow their cosmic calling. As Tuesday unfolds, your ruler Mars beautifully aligns with Jupiter.  Cosmic hustler, this is your time to shine! Diligence and attention to detail propel you towards  abundance. Stick to your routines, for they pave the way to prosperity. The universe bestows great  sums upon those who persevere. On Wednesday, there may be a temporary block in your thought  process. The cosmic remedy lies in meditation. Delve deep within the sea of your consciousness, and clarity shall be yours. Like an alchemist, you can turn this temporary setback into gold and  grind further in your career. Follow your heart’s truth, embrace the rebel within, and align with the  rhythm of abundance. You are the architect of your destiny, and the atmosphere is your canvas.


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Your planetary ruler Venus is still in retrograde. Keep delving deep, examining the roots of your  values, the impact of your upbringing on your patterns, and even your living situation. Seek  personal freedom, my dear, for that’s how your heart truly will feel full.  

A lunar crescendo in your career awaits at the full moon in Aquarius on Tuesday!  Embrace the triumphs, m dear, even as healing begins in your intimate family and home life.  Celebrate each victory, for in the dance of rebellion, freedom awaits. Wave your inner freak flag  high, for there are no boundaries to your potential. 

Tuesday ignites your creativity and strengthens your belief in greatness. Explore your artistic  depths, dear Taurus, for you’re destined to inspire the masses. Keep working diligently, and the  universe will reward your creative endeavours. Beware of letting a friend’s opinion dampen your  spirits. Remember, everybody is entitled to their opinion. It’s just one perspective. Embrace your  individuality and let your unique spirit shine. 

As Venus takes a cosmic retreat and the full moon illuminates your career triumphs, remember to  cherish your achievements and seek personal freedom. Your creativity is boundless, and with  steadfast dedication, you’ll create wonders that inspire the world. Trust in your essence, for it’s the  key to unlocking the universe’s limitless potential for you.


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Venus takes a pause in retrograde and looks back, encouraging you to rekindle forgotten talents  and hidden abilities. Embrace this cosmic treasure hunt, as you dig deep within yourself to uncover  the brilliance that lies within. 

Whether you’re wrapping up a recent journey or daydreaming about exploring foreign lands, the  stars whisper tales of adventure, inviting you to set your sights on foreign lands, hungry for  knowledge and exploration. Take time to meditate, and let your guardian angels unveil their  celestial gifts. This rebellious full moon holds the keys to your next career move, even if it’s not yet  fully revealed. A potential partnership in business or love is quietly building in the shadows,  preparing to make a stellar debut. 

On Tuesday, good news from the family may warm your heart, bringing healing vibes that make  you smile. Challenges may surface on Wednesday, calling for your wisdom and maturity in making  decisions, particularly related to your living situation. Trust your instincts and intuition as you  navigate these crossroads. 

As Venus takes you on a journey of self-discovery, and the full moon ignites your wanderlust,  remember that you are a seeker of hidden gems and a restless explorer. Embrace the brilliance  within you, celebrate the connections with your loved ones, and trust in your inner guidance to  navigate life’s twists and turns. 


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Venus is still taking a reflective pause in Leo, your second house of finances, encouraging you to  explore your self-worth and relationship with money. A cosmic makeover awaits, moon-child, as  you seek to enhance your appearance without compromising your profound personality. Tuesday brings magic your way! The full moon in Aquarius unearths intimate bonds with your  cherished friends, taking cosmic connections to the next level. Let your inner light shine bright and  celebrate your quirks and eccentricities, ’cause guess what? Your individuality is something to be  proud of! So go on, break free from the norm and let your true essence shine through. This week you should get your creativity on and have a blast with your like-minded tribe. Together,  you guys are an idea factory, cooking up the wildest dreams and nurturing some epic projects.  Embrace the boundless artistry within you and let your spirit soar to the cosmic tunes! Communication is the key! Connect with kindred spirits across the oceans, because the universe is  calling you to explore the great unknown. 

Venus Retrograde is wanting you to rediscover your real worth(million dollar worth) and the full  moon illuminates the cosmic bonds you hold dear, remember that you’re a rockstar! Embrace your  uniqueness, cherish the magic of friendship, and let the cosmic journey guide you to the stars  beyond. Your dreams are ready to take flight, so trust your wisdom within and let your heart lead  the way.



Venus retrograde is still rocking in your sign. It’s time to face some love dilemmas! If you’re single,  don’t be a hermit in your castle; instead, use this cosmic energy to resolve any love blocks holding  you back. Reminiscing about past relationships? But let’s not just remember the good stuff and get  

all nostalgic; it’s time for some realistic self-checking. Therapy could be your cosmic confidant  during this period, revealing and healing all at once. Remember, boundaries are your armour, so  wear them with pride! 

Tuesday’s groundbreaking full moon in Aquarius will shine its light on your partnerships. The moon  may also ignite some serious career fireworks! Whether you’re taking the plunge into the  commitment sea or gracefully bowing out of a love or business partnership, embrace the blessings  and surprises that come with this moon dance. Just remember, maturity is the name of the game,  so play it cool. 

Financial opportunities are knocking! Mars and Jupiter are doing a cosmic tango, bringing some  money through your hard work. So, keep your eyes and ears open for potential treasures,  especially on Tuesday!

Mercury and Saturn are having a face-off, demanding your attention when it comes to other  people’s money and investments. The devil is in the details. It’s all about planning and scheduling  to perfection to get it flowing long-term! 

Don’t shy away from love’s challenges, and let the cosmic insights lead you to self-growth and a  sparkling future. Your charisma and boundless energy are your superpowers, so shine on like the  radiant sun you are!


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Venus retrograde is still doing its cosmic dance in your 12th House, stirring up the waters of your  subconscious. Those old wounds you thought you’d buried deep? Well, surprise! They are  resurfacing, ready to be dealt with once and for all. Embrace the cosmic magic of meditation and 

some soul-nourishing therapy. If you allow yourself to go there, it will feel like a breakthrough and a  healing cosmic hug. 

Tuesday’s full moon in Aquarius is all about your health journey and persistence. You’ve been  working hard on maintaining a positive mindset and detoxifying your life from all that toxicity –  whether it’s toxic people, unhealthy foods, or maybe a bit too much alcohol. Celebrate every small  victory along the way and keep embracing your quirky perspectives. 

You’re probably on a quest to expand your horizons. It’s time to spread your wings and soar! Pack  your suitcase and go explore the world. It’s bringing you not only great insights but also an energy  boost. Adventure awaits, my friend! 

Midweek may bring a confrontation with a lover or perhaps a father figure. At first, you might feel  blocked and stuck, but don’t despair, this challenge is here to help you grow, become more mature,  and see things in a more realistic light. Keep shining your light, and know that your cosmic journey  is filled with love, growth, and endless adventures. 


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Your ruler Venus, is still in retrograde, and you are currently reevaluating your friendships and  network. This is an excellent time to reconnect with long lost friends. How do the people in your life  show up? It is the perfect time for some recalibration of your friendships and network. You could be  acting like a detective, unraveling which friendships are worth keeping and which ones have  gracefully run their course. 

Tuesday’s full moon shines a celestial spotlight on your love life and creative ventures. Your  romantic realm is reaching a crescendo, and your creative projects are dancing their way to  completion. Money may seem a tad elusive, but guess what? You’ve got all the resources you  need to finalise those joyous projects! Love confessions are floating in the air. Someone might be  falling head over heels for you, or maybe you’re the one catching those feels! Tuesday is an invitation to take a break and dive into some meditation. Tap into your superpowers,  and let your inner wisdom shine bright like a cosmic constellation. With a little introspection, you’ll  gain formidable insights into your next transformation. You are incredibly powerful, and when you  set your mind on something, there’s no mountain you can’t climb. 

Even if you’re not a meditation aficionado, indulge yourself in some meditative activities. This  practice will spark epiphanies on how to structure your day-to-day life. Embrace your new-found  calmness, and let your thoughts flow like a river of inspiration. Remember that you are a harmony  maestro. Let your heart lead the way to deeper, more meaningful connections.


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With Venus doing a cosmic cha-cha in retrograde through your 10th House, the spotlight is on your  public image and career desires. Questions are swirling in your mind, like, “Should I venture solo  or invest in business partnerships?” It’s like a career carnival, and you’re at the center of it all,  recalibrating the values of your wants, needs and relationships. 

Tuesday’s full moon in Aquarius is casting a spell on your family realm. Prepare for a closure in a  family situation. The winds of change may prompt some of you to make a residential move, with or  without your partner. Shared responsibilities may be on the horizon, so embrace the dance of  transformation. 

Tuesday also brings cosmic surprises from your friends! A friend may be the key to guide you  towards the right actions in your relationships. Serendipity may also reunite you with past  connections while you’re hanging out with your crew. Get ready for some unexpected encounters! Seriousness is seeping into your creative pursuits, my dear. Your passion is driving you to structure  and commit to your projects with unwavering determination. In the realm of love, some of you may  be dating someone with a significant age difference. Age is just a number, if you are enjoying the  quality time, continue. 

Trust your instincts as you navigate the cosmic labyrinth of your career and relationships. Let the  closure and transformation guide you to new beginnings.


Image source: 1973 Life On Mars, David Bowie’


Venus is still sashaying through your 9th House in retrograde fashion, inviting you to reassess your  belief system. How can you free your mind and expand your horizons? A trip to a country you have  been to before may be repeated.  

During Tuesday’s full moon in Aquarius a matter with a sibling may be resolved. Also, let’s talk  about getting from point A to B. Is it time to trade the mundane car ride for an environment friendly  bike adventure or embrace the excitement of public transport? Or do you need that car in order to  get to places each weekend with the fam?  

Cutting bad habits and toxins can work wonders for you at this time! Adios toxicity, whether it  comes in the form of toxic people, foods, or substances. Embrace the transformative energy of this  full moon as you and your partner navigate the journey of adulthood and structure your home life.

New job opportunities are knocking at your doorstep. Boost your curriculum by putting yourself out  there and accepting those magical offers. The spotlight is on you, and everyone wants a piece of  your cosmic charm. Be available and let people know they can connect with you. On Wednesday, responsibilities may feel like weights tied to your wings in your home and family  life. Keep your home safe and balanced while soaring in your career. Embrace the art of juggling  responsibilities, for you are the architect of your own destiny. 

Remember, you are a seeker, always reaching for new heights. The universe is your playground,  and your arrow is aimed at the stars!


Image source: David Bowie in the Shadow of Ziggy Stardust. By @eftritesse


Venus retrograde is still weaving its magic in your 8th House, guiding you on a transformative  journey of rediscovering your deepest desires, wants, and needs. Embrace this cosmic purging,  my dear, and bid farewell to what no longer serves your authentic journey. 

A cosmic financial chapter unfolds under the enchanting light of Tuesday’s full moon in Aquarius.  Are you deciding to work differently to focus more on the pleasures of life?(YOLO) Or, how can you  afford your pleasures and still pursue a career you love? With powerful Pluto in your sign as your  cosmic ally, you hold the keys to transform your life in major ways. Embrace your creativity, venture  into the realms of new technologies and the future. You are destined to thrive in this new world.  The universe awaits your first bold step. 

Adventure awaits as you embark on faraway travels that connect you with deep wells of creativity  and abundance. For the single souls among you, the cosmic tides may reunite you with lovers from  the past. Time to decide if these connections are still worth investing in, for your heart knows the 

path to true abundance. On Wednesday, conflicts may arise with a sibling, but fear not. Sit down  together and talk about mutual responsibilities, for resolutions can pave the way for expanded  weekend trips.  

Embrace this transformative journey as you delve into the depths of your desires and rediscover  your true self. Remember, that the universe is your playground, and with every step, you are  manifesting your destiny. Reach for the stars, for you hold the key to cosmic transformation and the  power to thrive in this ever-changing world!


Image source: Mick Rock – David Bowie Life On Mars


Venus retrograde continues to weave its cosmic dance in your relationship house, guiding you on a  journey of introspection. The cosmos is testing your connections, with maybe ex-lovers  reappearing on the scene. Its all about reestablishing your boundaries.  

The cosmic spotlight is beaming brightly on you! The full moon shimmers in your sign, illuminating  YOU and your partnerships. Some may part ways, while others find themselves reuniting and  embarking on the next chapter together. Embrace your authenticity, let love, values, and  boundaries guide you through any partnership clashes. Trust your heart to lead the way. Reflect  back to Januar 21st, anything coming to fruition now? 

An opportunity awaits as a new money source, maybe a loan or investor, emerges to help you  build your dream house. Embrace this investment, for the universe is paving the way for your  aspirations to manifest. The time has come to wield maturity in your financial matters. Map out your  financial plan, project costs for the years ahead, and assess what purchases truly align with your  vision. Release burdens by parting ways with belongings you no longer need, and let clarity guide  your financial decisions. Embrace this journey of introspection, for the universe is guiding you to  reevaluate your relationships and financial plan. Stand tall, embrace your authenticity, and let love,  values, and boundaries be your guiding stars in this cosmic dance of life!



Venus, in her retrograde attire, is setting the stage for you to update your routine and explore fresh  territories of innovation. Embrace the uncharted waters of financial goals with the guidance of your  intuitive compass. 

Tuesday’s full moon in Aquarius wants you to dive deep into the cosmic ocean of your  subconscious. In this ethereal realm, you’ll uncover treasures and epiphanies about which skills to  learn and rediscover. Embrace the abundance and opportunities that flow when you channel your  energies wisely. Stay focused, and let your deep feelings fuel your drive. You are growing wiser  each day, so resist the temptation of self-victimisation. When engaging with a partner, let maturity  guide your conversations, even if it may feel cold at first. You’re simply striving to do what’s right.  Right? 

A weekend getaway with your special someone can ignite cosmic sparks in love, creativity, and  career. Together, you’ll explore the beauty of this planet, creating memories that will fuel your  pursuits. Embrace the adventure of a more active excursion, for the world is your playground. As you take a more serious approach to life, remember not to let seriousness weigh down your  heartfelt conversations with a partner. Instead of bitterness, let wisdom be your guide.  Embrace the magic of this moment, for the universe is inviting you to explore new territories and  deepen your understanding.


Written by Cosmic Mi