Learn How This Week’s Celestial Shift Will Be an Energetic Showstopper



Image credit: conte d’été / a summer’s tale by Éric Rohmer (1996)


Universal- Prepare yourselves chéries, for the cosmic energy is about to ignite with intensity.

As we embark on this cinematic journey, let us begin with the entrance of Venus into Leo on Monday. This celestial shift brings forth a grandiose display of dramatic flair and showstopper energy, like a scene out of a French romance movie. It’s time to embrace your inner diva and indulge in the enchantment of romantic flamboyance, for Leo reigns over matters of the heart. Wear your heart of gold proudly on your sleeves and make your moves, darlings! This energy demands grand gestures and extravagant scenes to demonstrate our love, even if we occasionally exaggerate. C’est la vie, c’est l’amour! However, be prepared, for Venus will grace Leo for a whole five months due to entering retrograde mode in late July. The last time we experienced Venus retrograde was in December 2021+ January 2022. But, the previous occurrence in the sign of Leo was back in 2015 when we were prompted to reevaluate our values and consider the balance between the attention we bestowed upon others and the attention we deserved for ourselves. From July 23rd relationships shall face testing, and transformation looms on the horizon, especially with Pluto opposing vulnerable Venus. Enjoy this present moment before late summer unfolds into a été cruel. Remember to listen to your heart and not be swayed by your ego. L’amour fou may be in the air!

Tuesday heralds a potent clash as Venus in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius. Brace yourselves for catalysts within relationships! The journey may commence with a touch of darkness, yet keep an open mind and be prepared for transformation. Just like the most dazzling stars shine brighter amidst the darkest nights, this opposition possesses the power to instigate profound changes and, in fact, ignite passionate nights. Oh là là… Savoir-faire will be required to navigate this romantic rollercoaster.

As we venture towards Friday, Mercury in Taurus forms a delightful sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Sweet talk permeates the air, but exercise caution and remain vigilant for any warning signs. Strike a balance between excitement and skepticism. After all, charm should not sweep you off your feet! On Saturday, prepare for the return of the dark lord Pluto to Capricorn, marking its final visit before bidding farewell and embarking on a permanent journey back to Aquarius in January of next year. Such an event will not occur for another staggering 248 years! Pluto’s earlier foray into Aquarius shook the very foundations of our lives, leaving us still in the process of adaptation to a new AI world. Hold on tightly for this grand finale as we traverse the last few months of Pluto’s stay in Capricorn. Embrace the changes and let your transformation shine.

And rejoice, for on the very same day, Mercury finally transits into Gemini! Communication shall effortlessly flow, becoming light, exciting, and imbued with a sense of whimsy. Mercury has resided in Taurus since April 3rd, and now is the time to unleash your inner flirt, engaging in playful banter. Let your words dance and your ideas soar as you embrace the vivacious energy of Gemini.
Yet, we must be aware of a clash of egos and grandiosity as Venus squares Jupiter. Let us not become excessively enamoured with ourselves. While we can attribute our actions to the influence of the stars, it is ultimately our own choices that shape our behaviour. Stay grounded and mindful of your actions, my friends. Laissez-faire, but not too much!

Lastly, remember that the mind is a powerful tool. As Mercury forms a trine with Pluto, be smart about how you act and respond. Control your mind, and you might just have the last laugh. Get ready to ride the waves of this week’s collective cosmic energy. Embrace the drama, transform relationships, balance sweet talk with caution, hold on for Pluto’s mountain goat return, let your communication flow, stay humble, and use your mind wisely. Vive la différence, and may love and laughter be your guiding stars on this charming journey.


Image credit: Une femme est une femme by Jean-Luc Godard, (1961)



Brace yourself for a dose of drama and humour! With Mars in Leo, residing in your 5th house, it’s time to awaken your inner tiger and indulge in pleasure and fun. Get ready for a summer of love, baby! But hey, don’t forget about your creative gifts. Let those ideas boom and turn them into lucrative projects. It’s time to show the world what you’re made of!
On Tuesday, Venus, struts into Leo, joining forces with Mars. Oh là là, things are heating up! Be prepared for a situation with a friend that can ignite and transform your relationship. Just be cautious of ego clashes along the way. Drama is currently in the air!
Daydreaming can actually be beneficial this Friday. So, go ahead and let your mind wander. Who knows what brilliant ideas may arise from the depths of your imagination? Now, get ready for a grand finale on Saturday as Pluto, turns retrograde and makes its way from Aquarius to Capricorn, re-entering your 10th house. It’s time to dive deep and reflect on the foundations of your career and reputation. Building your empire may still need some alterations and actions on your part. It can be a lonely journey at times, but remember to reflect on your professional success since 2008. How have you become ruthless, and how have you grown? It hasn’t always been easy, but it has shaped you into the powerful force you are today.
Your words will be on fire from Saturday onwards. Let those ideas flow and make sure to write down all the insights you receive. And hey, while you’re having all this fun, watch out for your finances. The Venus Jupiter square in Taurus may tempt you to overspend this weekend. Keep an eye on your wallet! Lastly, with Mercury in Gemini forming a trine with Pluto in Aquarius, whenever you need some time to talk, schedule a chat with a friend. Be open to letting someone change your mind. After all, a little friendly debate never hurt anyone. So, embrace the drama, let your ideas soar, and get ready for a wild ride!


Image credit: conte d’été / a summer’s tale by Éric Rohmer (1996)



It’s time to channel your inner architect and build your palace. Focus on making your home lovely and create a space where love can flourish. With Venus kissing Mars, love will infuse your actions. It’s the perfect time to throw a fabulous party and gather your loved ones for a get-together at home. Let the festivities begin!

On Monday, Venus, your planetary ruler sashays into Leo, bringing her flair and charm to your home sector. Prepare for some family time and a focus on creating a beautiful and harmonious home environment. Let your creativity shine through as you transform your living space into a haven of love and comfort.

Tuesday brings an intense opposition between Venus and Pluto. Brace yourself for a career matter that may transform your daily schedule. Perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to work from home more, or you’ll need to make changes to your home environment to support your career ambitions. For some of you, the classic career versus family choices will be on the table. Take a look in the looking glass and explore different solutions. Change can’t happen without some sort of elimination, so be open to transformation. Friday offers a delightful planetary vibe between Mercury and Neptune. Make sure to schedule some quality time with your friends over the weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.
Saturday marks a significant shift as Pluto, the ruler of your 7th house of relationships, moves back from Aquarius to Capricorn, re-entering your 9th house of spirituality. Since March, you’ve had a taste of new career prospects and business partnerships in this ever- changing world. Now, it’s time to gaze into the crystal bar and explore new power alliances and teams in the workplace. The weekend sets the stage for the final months of Pluto’s stay in Capricorn until January 2024. It’s a countdown for you to reassess your views, expand your horizons, and reflect on the belief system you’ve been building and editing since 2008. In January, the focus will return to transforming your career and business partnerships on a public platform. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so embrace your power wisely.
As Mercury transits into Gemini, late in the weekend, your thoughts shift towards your finances. Explore how you can make more money, creatively save in certain areas, and perhaps find new ways to increase your income. Let your mind work its money magic. Watch out for a clash between Venus and Jupiter. You may be outgrowing your current home, so it’s time to explore your options. Don’t be afraid to seek a space that better suits your evolving needs.
Lastly, with Mercury forming a divine trine with Pluto, be on the lookout for new career opportunities. Communicate your wants and goals to your superiors. Your words have power, so speak up and let the universe know what you’re aiming for.