“The first time we met, we hated each other.”

Universal – Venus, the matchmaker in the stars, is finally coming out of retrograde this Sunday, and she won’t be going back until 2025! Love’s had its ups and downs, but it’s also been a journey of rediscovery. Before this, on Monday, we will have yet another planet, Uranus, hopping on the retrograde train alongside Mercury and Venus. However, this is a more common occurrence- so fear not!

Wednesday and Thursday, depending on where you are in this world, we’re in for a double- dip of full moon magic this August, known as the “blue moon.” (a rare sighting & feeling) Dreams aren’t just built on stardust – Saturn’s giving us the reality check we didn’t order, parked right alongside this lunar extravaganza. It’s not just about wishing upon a star; it’s about crafting a spaceship to get there.

With Mercury and Venus playing retrograde charades, reflect on secret dreams you’ve stashed away. Cry it out, scream it out – emotional waterworks are okay. Some may go full cosmic crazy, so channel that energy into creative chaos. Paint the universe with your imagination and make it happen.

“I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Venus is finally busting out of her retrograde slump and turning direct this Sunday. The summer has been a mixtape of weirdness, featuring love lessons and pride battles, but still hot nights of passion. From July 22nd, we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride, uncovering deep-seated themes of self-love, relationship trials, and personal makeovers – basically, transforming from mortals into
divine creatures. It was a chance to swipe left on delusions and right on reality. Hearts were analyzed under the cosmic microscope, revealing truths and “Aha!” moments. It’s been 40 days and 40 nights of love research, where we deciphered the difference between boundaries and brick walls. If your house planets are in Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius, you probably felt this transit even tighter. Venus retrogrades: think of them as cosmic boot camps for the heart. We needed to figure out what our hearts truly crave – and it wasn’t just basic needs. Some bonds might have sailed into the sunset while old flames got a second chance, like a rom-com reunion. Remember, Cupid’s GPS starts with self-love.

Venus Direct will still be strutting through Leo’s flamboyant domain until October 9th, so keep loving large and wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Venus’s retrograde rollercoaster won’t return until 2025, in the sign of Aries & Pisces. So, grab your star maps and let Venus guide you in this cosmic romance called life!

“You see? That is just like you, Harry. You say things like that, and you make it impossible for me to hate you.”

Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



With Mars, your planetary wingman, in your relationship 7th house, it’s time to whip out your diplomatic dance moves and join forces with partners. Venus is about to emerge from its retro slumber, promising sweeter cosmic melodies from Sunday on.

Hold onto your futuristic gadgets. On Tuesday, Uranus, the cosmic inventor, will hit the rewind button in your money realm. Reflect on AI and the new tech wave on the horizon. The future is knocking on your door, and it’s got the password to your dreams.

On Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you currently are on this planet, the cosmic focus turns inward as the full moon in Pisces spotlights your 12th house.

It’s like a moonlit ballad whispering secrets to your subconscious. This isn’t just dreamland; it’s about anchoring dreams in reality. Saturn, the reality enforcer, is crashing the party, bringing his checklist. Dreams aren’t just made of fairy dust; they need blueprints. Career and public image are under his magnifying glass. What steps can you take to make those dreams your cosmic conquests? Adjust routines, channel your inner CEO, and prepare your grand entrance.

As the week’s final curtain draws near, the cosmic spotlight shines on a grand finale: Venus is finally turning direct. The past 40 days and nights of retrograde may have felt like a cosmic escapade. It’s been a period of introspection, like examining love notes under a cosmic microscope. If you dared to embrace this transformative odyssey with an open heart, you could have uncovered the constellation of desires that truly light up your soul. Relationships might have been like celestial chemistry experiments, and that creative project you once set aside might have resurfaced, polished and primed.

The journey of Venus has been a love story of growth, rediscovery, and personal revelation. With newfound insights and revelations, let your heart guide you forward as you continue dancing through the cosmos with passion and authenticity.

Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



A cinematic climax(relief) awaits on Sunday – Venus, your planetary ruler, is finally turning direct. The past 40 days have been like a rom-com marathon, diving into your foundations, home, family, and emotional core. Did you pace your introspective journey? Did you dust off your values, perhaps give them a fresh coat of cosmic paint? Reflection was the name of the game – think of it as a cosmic home renovation for the heart.
This Tuesday, the universe’s chief rebel, Uranus, is throwing a retrograde curveball right at you in your sign. Think of it as a cosmic shake-up to your status quo. Want to break free? The answer is to look inward and uncover your inner maverick.

On Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you currently are on this planet, The full moon lights up your 11th house – your cosmic VIP lounge of friendships and connections. This cosmic gathering gets an extra sprinkle of Saturn, the reality maestro. It’s not just about disillusionment; it’s about setting the record straight with boundaries and mutual respect. Some friendships might twirl into your life while others might curtsy out, wrapping up a cosmic karmic chapter. Need a friend with spiritual wisdom? It’s time for a heart-to-heart or perhaps a cosmic journey – where the ticket is your perspective.

In the spirit of “When Harry Met Sally,” embrace the dance of cosmic connections. Your journey is one of growth, authenticity, and discovery. As you groove through the celestial tango, trust in the cosmic choreography. Whether in friendships or within yourself, let the stars guide you with flair and finesse.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Mercury, your celestial chatterbox, is strutting in retrograde style through your 4th house in Virgo. It’s like a cosmic home makeover, where you are reconnecting with family, rearranging furniture  like a celestial feng shui guru, and getting your roots in order. Oh, and speaking of order, don’t forget to sprinkle some cosmic stardust on your career foundations for an extra touch of magic. Hold onto your spiritual compass, star traveler! Uranus, is pulling the retrograde card in your 12th house, this Tuesday. It’s like a cosmic whisper, urging you to dive deeper into the sea of your subconscious. Expect a shift in the tides. If the universe sent you a sign, it’s time to read between the stars. 

The cosmic stage is set with a full moon encore, a celestial double take, the blue moon of dreams, between Wednesday and Thursday. Your career and financial world are donning the spotlight, dancing with fluidity. Picture a dance floor where your dreams and fiscal fantasies groove in harmony. Saturn, the cosmic critic, is at the party, holding his clipboard. Your dreams aren’t just ethereal fantasies; they need some practical dance steps. Speaking of steps, Mercury and Venus are leading a retrograde cha-cha, urging you to reflect on past endeavours. Your desires have got some hidden treasures – uncover, polish, and make them a reality. 

On. Sunday, Venus, the celestial cupid, is finally making a grand return to the stage. The past 40 days have been a tale of self-love, relationship twists, and personal metamorphosis – like you’ve been ascending as a cosmic deity, discovering your divine essence. After all the cosmic drama, let your heart be your compass. Listen closely, and it’ll lead you to what truly ignites your desires.  Just like the timeless story of Sally and Harry, your cosmic narrative is one of growth, transformation, and self-discovery. With Venus as your guiding star, let your heart’s whispers  guide you as you continue to dance through life’s cosmic ballroom with passion, authenticity, and Gemini-style charm! 


When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner


Your cosmic love story unfolds! Hold onto your popcorn, because this week’s cosmic theatre is screening a love story that’s a blend of cosmic magic and “When Harry Met Sally” vibes. The spotlight is yours, as a Full Moon graces your 9th house – think of it as a cosmic passport to adventures and dreams.

From Tuesday, Uranus is taking you on a nostalgia trip, bumping you into pals who are like a shake-up in the best way possible. Your circle’s due for some innovation – remember those times when you stirred the cosmic cauldron of creativity with your crew? The universe’s recipe calls for a sprinkle of reinvention.

Cue the dramatic music, midweek! A special full moon in Pisces is bringing relationships under the starlit spotlight. Just like in the movies, the truth becomes crystal clear. Relationships are like a cosmic duet – they hit the high notes when both voices are in harmony. Whether it’s your partner or a connection from afar, this full moon’s a cosmic telegraph of connection. It’s not just about hearts and flowers – realism and truth are essentials. A faith test? You’re the star of your cosmic love story – believe in the grander plan. You could also hear of a major project that requires grand responsibility from your side.

And finally, this Sunday, Venus, the cosmic love ambassador, will wrap up her retrograde performance. This 40-day cosmic romp explored self-love, relationship encores, and personal reinventions – a metamorphosis fit for a goddess or god. Just like ascending to cosmic royalty, you’ve rediscovered your divine essence. Embrace this serenade, grounding your dreams in reality, and understanding the fine dance of self-love and true connection. Relationships, like any cinematic masterpiece, have their chapters – some unfold, some close. In this cosmic romance, dear, your authentic journey awaits.

When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Step onto the cosmic stage; the spotlight is yours as a Full Moon graces your 8th house, igniting your inner depths and secrets. Get ready for a twist in your career! Uranus could be shaking up your relationships and your career path in the following months. How can you soar to new heights while still feeling that sweet cosmic connection? Collaborations from the past might just swoop back in, turning your public image into a groundbreaking masterpiece. On Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you are on this planet, the Full Moon is casting its glow on your 8th house – the territory of transformation and shared resources. Just like in a movie, this is a rare cosmic spectacle – a blue moon! Dreams and reality meet under Saturn’s watchful gaze, urging you to turn dreams into tangible treasures. Money matters become as serious as a reality check, and a mature decision may be in the spotlight. Whether it’s investment ventures or settling debts, it’s applause, applause!

Venus, your cosmic confidante, is finally turning direct in your sign. The past 40 days have been a symphony of self-love, heart-healing, and rediscovering your regal essence. Like a celestial makeover, you’ve stepped into a new realm of self-appreciation. Your journey of introspection has left you more grounded, more real, and more vibrant. Matters of the heart have been unveiled, truths illuminated. And if you’ve been pondering life’s big milestones, this cosmic curtain lift suggests Sunday’s the day to give them a cosmic nod. As Venus rekindles her fire, let your Leo spirit shine with the wisdom of your journey. From self-love to authentic connections, you’re the star of this celestial blockbuster.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Get ready to embark on a cosmic symphony that’s part “When Harry Met Sally” and part cosmic magic show. The universe has reserved a front-row seat just for you. Grab your popcorn and let the cosmic drama unfold! Guess who decided to stir up the cosmic cocktail, Virgo? Your celestial conductor, Mercury, has flipped the retrograde switch since last week, turning life into a delicious mess. Review, re-edit, and pop into people’s lives like the cosmic protagonist you are.

From Tuesday, Uranus is orchestrating a spiritual reunion, reconnecting you with hope, surprises, and faraway friends. It’s like receiving a cosmic letter from your soul’s pen pals. Get ready to embrace the twists and turns with wide-eyed wonder.

On Wednesday or Tuesday, depending on where you are on this planet, a blue moon graces your 7th house – the realm of partnerships and cosmic connections. This full moon’s spotlight is on your dream team. But hold on, this isn’t a fairy tale – Saturn, the cosmic truth-teller, is your backstage guide. Love’s not just a mystical illusion – it’s about reality checks, responsibilities, and choosing your cosmic co-pilot. As Mercury and Venus play their retrograde duet, don’t shy away from introspection. Dive deep into your emotional ocean, let it flow, and ride the waves of creativity.

Venus, the celestial maestro, is finally turning direct after a transformative cosmic performance. The past 40 days, you may have delved into the chapters of self-love, relationship trials, and personal rebirth – like ascending into your true essence. You’ve been rewriting the script of your life, grounding in reality, and revealing heartfelt truths. You’ve embarked on a journey of discovery and introspection, like a cosmic detective on a mission. As Venus awakens from her slumber this Sunday, let her light guide your path. Embrace the mystery, let your inner light shine, and craft your own cosmic masterpiece.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Venus, your celestial director, is finally taking centre stage and turning direct on Sunday. This summer may have felt a bit off-kilter, but amidst the action and sultry nights, lessons about love, boundaries, and pride were learned. As Venus pirouettes through flamboyant Leo until October 9th, it’s time to love with grandeur, letting your heart’s desires unfold. The past 40 days have been a journey of love exploration, where you discovered the fine line between boundaries and walls, embracing self-love and the essence of true affection. Uranus, your cosmic stylist, is shaking up your creativity and romance. Inner exploration is the key – dive into your talents and ponder how to fund your creative escapades. Let your imagination flow like cosmic stardust, lighting up your dreams.

On Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you are on this planet, a blue moon graces your 6th house, the realm of routines and health. It is full moon magic – your chance to take a bow and reflect. Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, joins the spotlight, reminding you that dreams require action. This isn’t just about dreaming; it’s about grounding those dreams in your daily
rhythm. Maybe it’s time to banish screens from your bedroom or cut out that unhealthy snack. As Mercury and Venus do their retrograde waltz, don’t shy away from introspection. Turn chaos into creative substance and let the cosmic rhythms inspire you.

And finally, on Sunday, Venus, your cosmic conductor, is back in action after a transformative cosmic intermission. Over the past 40 days, relationships faced tests, and long-lost friends may have reappeared, reshaping your values. As you ascend as a new cosmic deity, let love and authenticity radiate. Find your cosmic rhythm between independence and connection, and dance through the shifts in your career and relationships.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Unveiling Cosmic Secrets. This week is a cosmic rom-com filled with intrigue, transformation and a touch of your enigmatic charm. Mars ignites your 12th house, setting ablaze a trail of justice and diplomacy. Your cosmic compass, fuelled by gut instincts, will guide you through the depths. Scribble down the secrets whispered by your subconscious, for they hold the key to your inner journey.

Uranus invites you to shake up your relationships from the inside out. Dive into the depths of partnership dynamics, exploring how to balance freedom and commitment. Craft a foundation that nurtures both individuality and unity, ensuring love flourishes without suffocation. Lights, camera, emotional action! The cosmic stage hosts a second act with the blue moon in Pisces midweek, spotlighting your creative realm and romantic inclinations. Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, joins the scene, urging you to put dreams into motion. Dive into your creative wellspring and infatuations, crafting tangible steps to manifest your desires. With Mercury and Venus in retrograde choreography, reflect on past dreams and hidden aspirations, especially regarding family dynamics and responsibilities.

As Venus finally turns direct in Leo this Sunday, a cosmic symphony concludes its transformative movement. The past 40 days, your personal rebirth phase has been a profound journey of self-love and relationship tests. Your career and public persona were centre stage, old projects resurfacing like nostalgic hits. Delve into your desired image, aligning values with business and love partners. For singles, the cosmos reunited exes for a dramatic encore. As you ascend as a new cosmic deity, you’re etching your legacy with an indelible mark on your path, embracing the profound rebirth that’s shaped your cosmic narrative.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Ladies and gentlemen, the cosmic carousel is ready to spin, and you’re at the centre of it all. Drawing inspiration from the iconic “When Harry Met Sally,” your week promises adventure, humour, and a sprinkle of cosmic magic. Your daily routine becomes a canvas of joy. With Jupiter in Taurus, embrace life’s pleasures and indulge every sense. Each day is a chance to savour the sweet symphony of existence, so let your senses guide you toward newfound delights. Uranus urges you to shake up your routine, inviting unexpected surprises and gut-driven escapades. Embrace the flow and spontaneity, for it’s in these deviations that your true adventures lie. Cue the spotlight for an encore as a blue moon in Pisces takes centre stage midweek.

The universe knows you adore a good adventure, but this time, it’s a family-focused escapade. Take charge of your dreams, whether it’s moving to a new abode or creating a haven for your heart. With Saturn in tow, reality checks are in order, asking you to weave your aspirations with mature, measured steps. As Venus finally turns direct this Sunday, the summer’s cosmic theatre curtain closes on your transformative act. The past 40 days of love exploration and introspection have laid the foundation for a deeper understanding of self-worth and boundaries. Keep loving passionately, for Venus has illuminated the shades of your heart, revealing the fine line between boundaries and walls.

You may have considered revisiting past locations and diving into forgotten passions. Perhaps a course in an institution you’ve attended before beckons, allowing you to expand your horizons
and deepen your knowledge. Trust the cosmic compass and embark on an odyssey of joy and discovery.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



A chapter of truth and liberation is knocking at your door as Saturn and the Full Moon join forces in your 3rd house. The time has come to bear your heart, emotions, and genuine self. Let the floodgates open and release what’s been longing to be spoken. Reinvent yourself as the cosmic winds of change sweep through your creative realm. The quirky charm of Uranus encourages you to let go of self-imposed limitations. Creativity flows when you unshackle your imagination, so embrace experimentation without boundaries. Let your inner creator run wild and free.

Midweek, the blue moon in Pisces graces you, shining a spotlight on your communication and sibling bonds. With Saturn standing guard, this is the time to take charge of your dreams, particularly when it comes to connecting with others. Don’t just dream – ground those aspirations with tangible actions. Family dynamics also come into play, asking you to balance roles and responsibilities for a harmonious bond.

The cosmic curtain rises on a heart-stirring act. On Sunday, Venus, after its 40-day retrograde voyage, turns direct, revealing the tapestry of self-love woven within you. Matters of the heart have been under scrutiny, and you’ve unearthed profound truths, healing past wounds. As the curtain falls, trust in the power of your self-love to guide you to enriching relationships and authentic paths. It’s your time to shine, reveal your true colours, and embrace a life that resonates with your genuine essence.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner


Your week is a blend of heartwarming lessons, family introspection, and financial revelations. Get ready to dance to your own tune as you rebuild your foundations and embrace the magic of authenticity. Financial lessons and home transformations continue to weave through your days. Saturn’s presence urges you to master your financial realm, while Uranus encourages you to redesign your living space for freedom and innovation. Tuesday marks the time to delve deeper into your family dynamics. Break free from patterns that bind you to old wounds and unconscious trauma. Dive into the depths of your emotional ocean and release what hinders your true happiness and freedom.

A cosmic encore awaits as the blue moon in Pisces graces the stage midweek. This is a rare spectacle, so seize the opportunity. Step up to take charge of your financial dreams with Saturn as your guide. Dive beyond illusion and make tangible steps towards your aspirations. What do you need to sacrifice to manifest your desires? Reflect on past experiences and let the wisdom guide your choices.

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived this Sunday. Venus, after a 40-day retrograde journey, turns direct. Love, self-worth, and pride have been at the forefront of your summer saga. Venus continues to shine in the flamboyant energy of Leo until October 9th, inviting you to express love in grand, heartfelt ways.
These past 40 days and nights have been a pilgrimage of self-discovery and introspection. Relationships were tested, and personal rebirth unfolded. You’ve climbed towards new horizons, like a deity in the making. Venus retrograde in your partnership sector brought vital lessons in love. The heart was dissected, unearthing truths and revelations. Certain connections may have run their course, prompting you to redefine your heart’s needs. Embracing self-love, a crucial element in finding true love has been a recurring theme. With Venus direct, you’re ready to stride ahead with clarity. If you’ve contemplated significant commitments like marriage or new relationships, the stars align from Sunday onwards. A radiant chapter awaits as you journey forward with authenticity, unearthing the gems of your heart.


Source: When Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner



Dive into your personal style and let the cosmos paint your story as you navigate a week of dreamy ambitions, self-expression, and the magic of a special full moon in your sign.

This week, it’s all about transforming dreams into reality. Neptune’s ethereal touch meets Jupiter’s grounded wisdom, urging you to blend your imaginative visions with mature steps. An enchanting dance awaits between your aspirations and the practical path to make them come true.
Tuesday calls for a creative renaissance. Unleash your inner muse, embrace your quirky side, and let your thoughts and emotions flow from your subconscious. Barriers are so last season – experiment with self-expression and let your inner freak fly free!

A celestial encore awaits as the blue moon graces your sign midweek. With its arrival, the cosmos presents another chance for transformation. With stern Saturn by your side, take charge of your personal dreams. Dreams aren’t built on reveries alone but by the steps you take towards them. Leverage the support of friends and your inner wisdom to manifest your aspirations.

A grand finale is in store for you as Venus turns direct after a 40-day cosmic journey. Love, boundaries, and self-worth have been your summer companions. Venus continues her flamboyant dance in Leo until October 9th, inviting you to love with grandeur.

For the past 40 days and nights, you’ve explored love’s labyrinth, distinguishing values from walls. Venus has led you on a quest for self-love, deepening your understanding of the concept. Reflect on the revelations and truths unveiled during these weeks. With your heart as your compass, navigate a course that aligns with your deepest desires and truest self.


Written by Cosmic Mi