Name of artwork: Her (film), year: 2013, artist name: Spike Jonze, source: Pinterest 


Step into the augmented reality of February 2024, where the cosmic codebase unravels with a mesmerising blend of passion, innovation, and the irresistible allure of the unexplored. The celestial stage is ignited with energies that echo the futuristic symphony drawing inspiration from the cinematic magic of Spike Jonze’s“HER” and the pulsating beats of “DRAGONS” by Princess Nokia along with the timeless melody of “Words Dont Come Easy” by F.R.David. As the cosmic curtains rise, this month unveils a celestial opus, inviting us to embark on a journey into the future with open hearts and adventurous spirits, in search of our most profound desires.

“The past is just a story we tell ourselves.

— From HER by Spike Jonze

Name of artwork: Apollo Mission Images, year: 2015, artist name: Project Apollo Archive, source: film magazine 51/R – Orbital


As Mercury moves into Aquarius from Feb 5-23, the cosmos urges us to dare to be different, to transcend the ordinary, and to engage in conversations that resonate with the eccentricity of the Aquarian energy. Echoing the themes of “HER,” let us delve into the unexplored territories of futuristic tools, from the whimsical to the groundbreaking, as we adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of our technological age.

The New Moon in Aquarius on Feb 9, invites us to sow the seeds of innovation, much like humanity once embraced typewriters and cellphones.

Personally, unfurl your freaky flag with abandon, but without overthinking it—just be. The cosmic atmosphere is charged with the essence of a new era since January 20, thrusting us into a futuristic realm where continual adaptation is the name of the game. Much like the seismic shifts brought about by the emergence of cellphones and the internet, we find ourselves in a similar state of adaptation.

Consider this New Moon a cosmic prompt to give yourself the gift of time—time to explore the vast landscape of futuristic tools that not only allow you to live fully in the present but also empower you to accomplish tasks in a way that aligns with the future. Drawing a parallel to Siri, the virtual assistant released in October 2011 during a celestial dance of Sun opposite Uranus, which emphasised the innovative and groundbreaking energy in the air, let your geeky curiosity guide you toward novel options, tools, and gadgets that could revolutionise your daily life.

As you plant the seeds during this New Moon, envision a future where adaptation is synonymous with acceleration and facilitation.

At a broader level, consider the positive impact of robots and machines. New devices can now scrutinise substances for fentanyl, a crucial step in combating the drug epidemic and aiding those battling addiction. This fusion of technology and compassion serves as a vital lifeline for humanity. In medicine, future technology shows promise in crafting innovative solutions, utilising cutting-edge technologies to cure diseases and alleviate human suffering.

Keep a keen eye on the horizon, anticipating tangible results and a sense of adaptation, as the corresponding Full Moon on August 19 unfolds. In this futuristic alignment, where innovation meets compassion, technology becomes a powerful force driving positive change, heralding a dawn of newfound possibilities for humanity.

Name of artwork: Her (film), year: 2013, artist name: Spike Jonze, source: Pinterest 

My moon, my life

My stars, my sun…”

— From DRAGONS by Princess Nokia

Name of artwork: Dragons Princess Nokia, year: 2014, artist name: Princess Nokia, source: Google


Coinciding with the new moon in Aquarius like every year, the arrival of the Chinese New Year on Feb 9-10, in the sign of the dragon heralds a powerful surge of energy, reminiscent of the last dragon encounter in 2012. The cosmos whispers that this is a year to unleash our inner dragons, to embark on new beginnings, and to powerfully pursue our deepest dreams and desires.


From February 13th until March 23, when Mars enters Aquarius it is time to experiment, and embrace the unconventional. Get freaky, and drum to the beat of your own drum. This is also the time to take compassionate action for the betterment of humanity, merging the power of innovation with a touch of eccentricity.

Valentine’s Day takes an intense turn as Mars and Pluto rendezvous in the sign of Aquarius, marking their first meeting in centuries. Mars, representing action, drive, and the masculine warrior energy, combines forces with Pluto in this unique conjunction, sparking an obsessive desire to either pursue ambitious goals or dive deep into personal connections. This cosmic alignment amplifies ambition, sex drive, and lust for power. Trying to bury this potent energy may lead to temper outbursts or subversive actions. Manifesting in people or events around you, unexpressed desires become risky. With Mars and Pluto shifting from their exclusive meetings in Capricorn to the innovative grounds of Aquarius, a new era unfolds, defined by innovation, intellect, and humanitarianism. It’s important to be cautious, as this alignment also signals an increased susceptibility to cyber attacks in the evolving Aquarian age.

Embrace your funny, original self, and explore unconventional avenues for love and connection.

The most non-judging Venus transit awaits February 17th, but with a twist. Venus and Pluto’s conjunction the same day introduces a transformative phase in relationships, challenging traditional norms. Venus, the celestial symbol of love, aesthetics, and feminine energy, joins forces with Pluto, the planet of transformation and intensity. Their previous rendezvous were exclusively in Capricorn, but now they embark on a new journey within the innovative, intellectual, and humanitarian realms of Aquarius—an uncharted territory bringing a fresh perspective to matters of the heart.

I think anybody who falls in love is a freak. Itis a crazy thing to do.

Its kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.

— From HER by Spike Jonze

This transit marks a profound shift in the landscape of love and relationships, posing questions about the dichotomy between tradition and the avant-garde. Monogamy versus polyamory, loyalty versus respect—these dichotomies become pivotal considerations in the transformation of our understanding of love. The influence of Aquarius, a sign characterised by its free-forming, Uranus-ruled nature, prompts reflection on the role of technology in either separating or uniting us in matters of the heart. How can love be redefined, fostering an environment of mutual respect for individual differences, freedom, and a taste for experimentation?

The conjunction also signals a potential revolution in the realm of dating apps and online connections, indicating a significant shift in the way we seek and build relationships.

Looking ahead, the upcoming Venus-Pluto conjunctions in Aquarius promise further exploration of these themes up until 2043 — a remarkable two-decade span, offering an extended period for profound transformations and evolution in the realms of love, relationships, and personal growth.

Pisces season emerges on Feb 19, adding a layer of nebula and softness to the vibrant Aquarian energies. Embrace the mysterious release of emotions, allowing tears to be the nourishment for growth in the fertile atmosphere of Pisces.

Name of artwork: Her (film), year: 2013, artist name: Spike Jonze, source: Pinterest 


February is filled with celestial rendezvous and planetary kisses. On February 22nd, there is another planetary collision of Venus and Mars in the rebellious sign of Aquarius. This cosmic dance, happening roughly every two years, is our ticket to launching love-infused and creatively charged ventures. Dive into your natal chart to find where Aquarius is throwing a party for you this month. Romance, friendships, and creative expressions are all in the cosmic spotlight, injecting a burst of inspiration into our daily routines. The last time Venus and Mars met in Aquarius was March 2022. The next cosmic collision is scheduled in the sign of Capricorn in 2026. This conjunction encourages a direct and passionate pursuit of a mating partner. The primal urge to reproduce takes a tender and sensual form, increasing our chances of finding romance during this celestial event. Themes of egg freezing, surrogates, and mating may come to the forefront.

Let’s embrace the innovative and humanitarian vibes of Aquarius as we embark on a thrilling journey of desire and connection. It’s a cosmic invitation for romance, creative adventures, and forging new connections.

As Mercury waltzes into Pisces on Feb 23, visionary thoughts and poetic expressions take centre stage. It’s time to embrace ethereal energies, make music, and express our emotions with intuition. Pisces season amplifies our ability to connect with the mystical.

The cosmic saga culminates with the Full Moon in Virgo on Feb 24, casting a luminous glow on our tangible goals. Reflecting on the seeds planted during the Virgo New Moon in September 2023, this emotional full moon invites us to act maturely and take accountability for our actions.

Emotions run deep during this Full Moon, but expressing them may pose a challenge.

Name of artwork: Words Don’t Come Easy, year: 1982, artist name: F. R. David, source: YouTube

Words don’t come easy to me…”

by F.R.David

The desire to act maturely may hinder our ability to fully articulate our feelings. Yet, within this emotional complexity lies a fortunate alignment. As the moonlight unveils the landscape of our tangible goals, there’s a sense of fulfilment—a realisation that what was meticulously planned is now bearing fruit. Reflecting on the Virgo New Moon of September 15, last year, prompts a journey back to the seeds planted during that time. What intentions did you set? What aspirations were sown into the fertile cosmic soil? As you stand beneath the illumination of the Virgo Full Moon, these seeds are now ready for harvest. The mantra, “there is no perfection without imperfection,” resonates, emphasising the Virgoan understanding that growth and fulfilment emerge from acknowledging and embracing our flaws. The guidance is clear: write down your words, take accountability for your actions, and find solace in the details of life. True apologies are embedded in the nuances, in the meticulous examination of each facet of our journey.

Name of artwork: Love Stories, year: unknown, artist name: Love Stories Intimates, source:


The month concludes with a Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Pisces on Feb 28, urging us to take responsibility for our dreams, build structures, and embrace the maturity that comes with humble beginnings, particularly in the digital landscape. As February bids farewell, we are met with a breeze of positive mental algorithms, paving the way for joyful thoughts, a content mind, and ultimately, a love life that transcends the boundaries of the virtual realm.

Gear up for a month that invites you to swipe right on the edges of possibility, explore the uncharted algorithms of love, and let the cosmic rhythms guide you towards a future where dreams are realised.

Name of artwork: Love Me Tinder, Love Me True, year: unknown, artist name: DavinciDemo, source:



Embrace the cosmic vibe of February 2024 as Mars boldly strides from Capricorn’s career arena into Aquarius’ 11th House of friendships and networks. Feel the pulse of the cosmos as you embrace social connections, allowing your fiery spirit to thrive amidst transformative friendships.


On February 5th, Mercury plunges into Aquarius, igniting your online presence. Let your voice resonate in the digital cosmos, connect with friends, and draw inspiration from global perspectives.

The New Moon on February 9 in Aquarius unleashes a cosmic wave of transformative energy, acting as a powerful catalyst for change. On this game-changing day, consider leaving the confines of your home to engage in social events, parties, or even explore a new social media platform. The New Moon kickstarts a super cycle, urging you to connect with VIPs and like-minded individuals who align with your aspirations. Delve into new tech societies, as the potential to turn your time and efforts into lucrative opportunities on the right platforms emerges. It’s your moment to pioneer innovative ventures, whether in your professional field or within your social circles. Trust your instincts and listen to your gut, as this lunar phase sets the tone for results and a sense of adaptation, culminating at the corresponding Full Moon on August 19.


From February 13th, your planetary ruler, Mars, takes centre stage in your social 11th house. Direct your focus towards friendships, collaborate, and turn shared dreams into reality within your tribe. Valentines day brings a financial transformation through a friendship or group endeavour, aligning love and money in innovative ways.

Love takes a digital turn as Venus enters Aquarius on February 17. Social dating apps and connections through friends become avenues to explore romantic possibilities. Mysterious attractions may lead to falling for a friend, showcasing the unpredictability of love. Singles, be prepared to mingle, focusing on connecting with diverse individuals to fuel personal growth through connections. The same day, the conjunction of Venus and Pluto at 0° Aquarius sparks intense moments in both love and friendships. Truths may surface, with the potential for a friend to reveal hidden feelings or a transformative revelation within a collective project. This alignment challenges conventional approaches to beauty and love, paving the way for radical changes in your network.

As Pisces season unfolds on the 19th, vibrant friendship activities persist, and new online gatherings capture your heart. Amidst the social buzz, take moments to meditate and introspect.


February 22nd marks the pinnacle of friendship-centric planetary activity. New beginnings are fuelled by connections, as Venus and Mars collide, igniting desire and prompting a passionate pursuit of intimate relations. Cast your friendship net wide to discover potential partners, and amidst social activities, find time for self-reflection.

The emotionally charged Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th emphasises mature handling of emotions and the balance between authentic expression and responsible action. Reflect on goals set during the Virgo New Moon in September 2023, as emotional intricacies may have complicated expression. This period may witness the culmination of health matters or routine goals. Alternatively, a colleague or friend in your workplace may choose to embark on a new journey, bidding farewell to the current job. Desire may drive you to reach beyond, but patience is key.

This period may witness the culmination of health matters or routine goals. Alternatively, a colleague or friend in your workplace may choose to embark on a new journey, bidding farewell to the current job.

Desire may drive you to reach beyond, but patience is key. Avoid overwhelming yourself with unrealistic expectations in love and desire. Watch out to not overspend to show love to someone else or yourself.

Take responsibility, build structures, and embrace humble beginnings. Your dreams demand attention. Start small, and maturity will guide your cosmic journey.

Wrap up the month with positive mental psychology. Happy thoughts pave the way for a happy mind and life. Solutions for personal wealth are within reach.


As February bids farewell, envision a future where dreams become reality, love transcends boundaries, and cosmic rhythms guide you into extraordinary realms. Swipe right on the edges of possibility, explore uncharted algorithms of love, and dance into a future where dreams and love transform in extraordinary ways.

Name of artwork: Her (film), year: 2013, artist name: Spike Jonze, source: Pinterest 



Prepare to embark on a pulsating cosmic odyssey as Venus seamlessly transitions from Capricorn’s intellectual realms into the futuristic landscapes of Aquarius your 10th House. Buckle up for a month filled with electrifying career highs, strategic manoeuvres, and transformative shifts that echo the rhythm of the cosmos. In this high-tech spectacle, the cosmic spotlight dazzles on your professional stage, hinting at potential collaborations with a business partner and a resounding call for a career evolution that sends shockwaves through your reputation. Get ready to surf the technicolor waves of change!


Prepare to plunge into a cosmic career brainstorm as Mercury takes a thrilling dive into Aquarius from February 5th. Your mind transforms into a powerhouse of career-focused thoughts—let the universe tune in to your professional desires as you continue weaving the extraordinary legacy you’re destined to leave.

Embark on a thrilling chapter in your career odyssey as a rebellious and groundbreaking new moon graces your 10th House on February 9th. Get ready to sparkle with authenticity, embrace your unique flair, and align your career with the rhythm of your deepest passions. This year’s theme? Making money with unbridled joy while chasing your professional dreams. Plant seeds during this new moon to adapt to the future, igniting an acceleration in your cosmic journey with tangible results shimmering on the horizon at the corresponding full moon in mid to late August. Get set for a celestial joyride!


Get ready to unleash an unstoppable surge of cosmic career energy as your planetary rockstar, Mars, crashes the celestial party in your 10th House from February 13th. Seize control of your destiny, experiment fearlessly, and embrace the unconventional with a heart on fire and compassion in every step.

Valentine’s Day takes a wild turn, igniting obsessive desires not just for love but also for your career goals. This dominating energy marks a profound transformation in your reputation—embrace your inner fierce warrior, shed those old identities, and emerge as a true badass. Love and business partnerships may undergo powerful changes, offering the perfect cosmic stage for a complete restart.

The cosmic career focus intensifies as Venus, your planetary guru, steps into the limelight in your 10th House on February 17. Get ready to turn on the charm, stay focused, and master the art of luring support for your professional endeavours. On the same day, witness a celestial collision as Venus collides with Pluto, marking a climax in love or/and business. Brace yourself for a complete restart and transformation, whether within existing partnerships or through powerful new connections. Themes echo the transformative energies of 2020, setting the stage for intense and exhilarating experiences.

As Pisces season unfolds on February 19th, an extra layer of cosmic camaraderie, love, and focus adds to the intensity of your love and career highlights. Take a cosmic pause to connect with friends and bask in the stellar support they offer.


Hold onto your cosmic seat as Venus and Mars engage in an electrifying dance in your career domain on February 22nd. This celestial tango signals a profound transformation in both love and professional relationships, challenging the norms and pushing you to decide between traditional collaborations or embarking on a solo cosmic journey.

Splash into meaningful talks with friends and acquaintances as Mercury dives into Pisces on February 23rd. These interactions with your cosmic companions may spark insightful aha-moments. Share your feelings with your collective for added cosmic support.

As the emotionally charged Full Moon graces Virgo on the 24th, revel in the celebration of your successes. Reflect on the creative or romantic endeavours initiated during the Virgo New Moon in September 2023. Brace yourself for a challenging discussion with a friend—keep the cosmic vibes positive, and let time heal any rifts.

Avoid overwhelming career expectations, finding the delicate balance between ambition and patience. Steer clear of immediate success pressures in your professional journey.

On February 28, embrace the cosmic responsibility to seize the moment to take charge of your dreams, build cosmic structures, and embrace humble beginnings. Maturity becomes your guiding star, urging you to start somewhere, even if it’s a humble cosmic step.


As February bids farewell, envision a future where your dreams materialise, love transcends boundaries, and cosmic rhythms guide you into extraordinary realms. Swipe right on the edges of possibility, explore the uncharted algorithms of love, and dance into a future where dreams and love transform in extraordinary ways.

Name of artwork: Dragons Princess Nokia, year: 2014, artist name: Princess Nokia, source: Google



Get ready for a colossal cosmic download as Mercury, your cosmic guide, transcends from Capricorn’s depths into the expansive realms of Aquarius your 9th House. Your worldview is receiving a major update—think of it as a cosmic software refresh that might take some time to download fully. Brace yourself for a month of transformative shifts, where the cosmic winds whisper messages of change, urging you to listen to your inner voice.


Open your mind wide as Mercury takes a plunge into Aquarius from February 5-23. Explore new philosophies to refresh your perspective—this is your opportunity to change your life by seeing it from an entirely different point of view.

A magical new moon in Aquarius on February 9th heralds new beginnings in expanding your horizons. Whether through travel, education, learning a new course, or embracing an alternate belief system, the cosmos encourages you to open doors to adventure. Plant seeds during this new moon, embracing the unknown and accelerating your cosmic journey, with tangible results shimmering on the horizon at the corresponding full moon in mid to late August.


From February 13th, the cosmic action intensifies, especially if you decide to embark on a journey this month. Feel the drive to explore, get on top of things, and delve into new experiences—your friends might fire you up even more to learn and explore.

Valentine’s Day takes an intense turn, fuelling obsessive desires for career goals or a special someone. This dominating energy offers opportunities for profound transformations—take a spontaneous trip to infuse action into your pursuits.

Singles can find love online or while studying or traveling—think foreign, unconventional, and unexpected. Open yourself to encounters with foreigners or even beings from other planets. It’s a beautiful time to find beauty in the unknown.

I may be repeating myself here a lot, but, overseas situations or experiences at school can transform you profoundly. Update your worldview and perspectives; your powerful mind may be living in a reality that needs an upgrade. While transformations unfold, glimpse a new light on your career growth, reputation, and surprising moves in your versatile legacy.


Venus and Mars engage in a celestial dance, February 22nd, increasing your desire for intimate relations, especially on a global scale. Couples, take a trip together, and let the honeymoon never end.

While exploring the world, studying, and traveling, let inspiration flow. Engage in conversations and let brilliant ideas and insights shape your professional field and reputation.

This emotionally charged full moon on the 24th prompts reflection on career choices and residential matters. Mature decisions may be needed, and family matters could reach a climax. Celebrate fulfilled goals and embrace imperfections as part of the cosmic journey.

Balance your ambitions. Avoid overwhelming expectations in love and desire—meditate and listen to your inner answers. Take responsibility for your dreams, build structures, and embrace humble beginnings in your career. Humbleness is maturity, and focus is your cosmic key. As the month wraps up, embrace positive mental psychology. Write down your gratitude list and feel the fabulous vibes of February.


As February bids farewell, revel in the quantum leap of your updated worldview. Embrace the cosmic wisdom, explore the uncharted, and dance into a future where your mind knows no bounds. The cosmic symphony continues—keep listening, keep evolving, keep thriving!

Name of artwork: Words Don’t Come Easy, year: 1982, artist name: F. R. David, source: YouTube



Embark on a cosmic adventure this February with a “Money Moon Marvel.” As new money ventures unfold, envision yourself stepping into an exhilarating futuristic thriller. It’s a month where power awaits, and the cosmic stage invites you to unveil the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Get ready for surprises, revelations, and cosmic wonders that promise to shape your journey in unexpected ways. Welcome to the thrilling cosmic saga of February!


Prepare for a thrilling financial odyssey as Mercury dives into Aquarius on February 5th. Your mind becomes a hub of futuristic ideas to multiply your funds and embark on an unpredictable, yet exhilarating future. Take this opportunity to transform deep thoughts, address intimacies, and seek professional advice to break free from any lingering mental trauma. Craft a plan to multiply your money, make smart investments, and embrace the path to financial freedom.

Mark February 9th for a cosmic rendezvous with a glorious new moon in Aquarius, promising the manifestation of more money and income. Whether through a venture with a friend or a start-up connected to the collective, embrace your trailblazing path. Plant seeds for tangible rewards by the full moon in August. Immerse yourself in performing and transforming your career, unleashing bold, fearless, and vulnerable energies.


Mars storms into Aquarius your 8th house from February 13, intensifying your drive to explore money-making avenues and indulge in intimate transformations. This sexy transit ignites raw intimacy with a partner—get freaky, get creative, and let go of outcome expectations. Surprise yourself and let the cosmic dance of passion lead you to uncharted territories.

On Valentine’s Day, the Mars-Pluto conjunction adds intensity, triggering transformation in romantic and creative pursuits.

Love planet Venus joins Mars and Pluto on the 17th in your intimate 8th house. Transformation is in the cards, coupled with a drive for financial success. Navigate this Venus transit by being original and true to your funny self—embrace the unconventional and watch the universe unfold its gifts.

On the same day, Venus kisses Pluto, setting the stage for profound change and transformation behind the scenes. You’re emerging from your cocoon, re-establishing boundaries, love language, and desires. Trust is key as partnerships may undergo significant shifts, paving the way for a transformative love and relationship journey.

Pisces season from February 19 encourages connections with people overseas, inspiring foreign cultures and offering a divine moment to share your work online.


Experience another cosmic kiss on February 22nd as Venus and Mars merge in your intimate sector. This celestial dance transforms your finances, investments, and deep intimacies. Embrace the desire for intimate relations and let the primal urge to reproduce guide you toward fulfilling connections. As Mercury enters Pisces on February 23, visionary thoughts and romantic expressions take centre stage.

Celebrate the emotional climax of a writing project or a project with a sibling as the Full Moon in Virgo approaches on the 24th. Engage in conversations with a partner overseas, possibly reuniting through a mutual friends’ event. Take a short trip for an emotional peak, reflecting on the goals planted during the Virgo New Moon in September 2023. Navigate the desire for love and success without overwhelming expectations. Avoid unnecessary comparisons, as transformation takes time. Meditate and listen to your inner wisdom to avoid driving yourself mad with immediate success pressures.

On February 28, mark the day to take responsibility for your dreams and build a solid structure. Whether it’s a financial venture or a collaborative effort with a partner, embrace humility and start small to mature in your pursuits. As the month wraps up, bask in positive mental psychology. Cultivate happy thoughts and a happy mind. Express gratitude for the fabulous February, acknowledging the abundance in your life.


As February concludes, embrace the cosmic reverie that continues to unfold. Reflect on the transformative journey, the financial strides, and the intimate connections that shaped your month. Appreciate the power within, the surprises you’ve encountered, and the vulnerability that led to growth. The adventure doesn’t end here—take these experiences, learnings, and cosmic vibes with you as you step into the next chapter of your thrilling cosmic saga. Stay open, stay daring, and let the universe weave its magic as you dance through the cosmos.



Gear up for a cosmic convergence in the digital cosmos, where partnerships, transformations, and a mesmerising galactic money dance emerge as the protagonists. In this stellar techscape, the spotlight brilliantly illuminates your relationships, seamlessly intertwining the realms of love and business in a futuristic ballet. Brace yourself for an intricate dance of technological transformations and pioneering beginnings as the cosmic algorithms choreograph a spectacular spectacle.


Get ready for a cosmic gabfest as Mercury sashays into Aquarius on February 5th. Communication flows like a star-studded river, making it a breeze to ask for favours and set the stage for delightful collaborations. Get ready for some stellar exchanges!

Circle February 9th like a cosmic boss! It’s a new year for your relationships in love and business, marked by the dazzling new moon in Aquarius. Let rebellious transformations shake up your partnerships, setting the stage for tangible results come late August.


Feel the sparks of action, conflict, and drive as Mars enters your opposite sign on February 13th. Despite potential arguments, this transit is a boon for teamwork, shaping master ideas for the future. Unleash your inner freak, experiment, and be open to the unconventional, fostering compassionate action to improve humanity.

Valentine’s Day takes a spicy turn with an obsessive desire for goals or a person. Embrace the intensity, as singles may encounter cosmic connections triggering transformative fireworks. It’s not your usual love dance – it’s a celestial tango of profound changes within and around you!

More love awaits as Venus enters Aquarius, activating your relationship house. Embrace the non-judging, unique energy of Venus in Aquarius, allowing your charming and beautiful love to shine. Partner season is in full swing, and your cosmic charisma is ready to shine.

Hold on, as the same day Venus meets Pluto, infusing a darker energy into the cosmic scene. Prepare for a revolutionary deep soul transformation in all your relationships. Tradition meets the unconventional, and love’s alchemy takes centre stage. Embrace the depth and intensity of this unique transit.

As the sun waltzes into Pisces on Feb 19, get ready for an emotional, artistic, and dreamy vibe. While Aquarius energies your relationships, Pisces adds a touch of nebula and softness, creating a depth that defies explanation but demands feeling.


Enter another beautiful cycle in your relationship house as Venus and Mars merge. Experience a tender and sensual connection, increasing your chances of finding romance. This cosmic dance enhances your charisma, making socialising and teamwork a delightful adventure. Use this time to start something you love with someone you love.

Dive into the cosmic depths of your psyche with visionary thoughts and expressive conversations. Let your words flow in a poetic and romantic symphony. Engage in music, arts, and thoughtful emotions, exploring intuitive feelings and words that resonate with the universe.

Celebrate a financial peak as the fruits of your hard work over the last 6 months manifest at the full moon in Virgo on February 24th. Acknowledge your success, big and small, while resisting financial resistance from others. Reflect on the goals planted during the Virgo New Moon in September 2023.

Navigate the cosmic waves of desire, relationships, and career without overwhelming expectations. Remember, good things take time, and don’t let the stardust in your eyes blind you to the patience needed for success.

On February 28, embrace your dreams, finances, and intimacy with a cosmic structure. Build it up, start small, and let humility be your guide to maturity. It’s a celestial blueprint for a stardust-studded future!

As the month wraps up, let positive mental psychology be your cosmic mantra. Transform your mindset into a positive vortex, and watch the stardust of success sprinkle your path.


Embrace the future with open arms, for the cosmic algorithms are ever-evolving, and the dance of change continues in the grand symphony of the digital cosmos.

Name of artwork: Dragons Princess Nokia, year: 2014, artist name: Princess Nokia, source: Google



Mercury’s futuristic dance into Aquarius sets the stage for a cosmic narrative woven with health-focused routines and technological wonders. Get ready for a breathtaking dance between partnerships, workplace transformations, and the dazzling climax of your personal achievements. The universe invites you to a front-row seat; the cosmic forecast is about to unfold. Hold onto your stardust, especially for the grand finale – the emotional full moon in your sign Virgo, while the onset of Pisces season heralds a partnership symphony mid-month.


Mercury’s Aquarian visit urges you to perfect your routines and embrace innovative approaches. Seize the opportunity to weave technology into your daily life, expecting delightful surprises and adapting to the future. The new moon in Aquarius on February 9th? It’s your backstage pass to independence and fresh business partnerships, setting the stage for a stellar collaboration.


Mars invigorates your daily activities from February 13th, fuelling your drive to become your best self. Valentine’s Day takes an intense turn, influencing transformative shifts in your work environment. Embrace the energy, experiment, and update your position as the cosmic dance unfolds. Pisces season, starting February 19th, invites you into a partnership extravaganza.


Expect a fusion of technology and creativity, breathing new life into your day-to-day affairs. But the magic doesn’t stop there; love, whether it be a blossoming friendship or a romantic encounter, could spark amidst the cosmic rhythm of your workplace. Get ready for a dance of serendipity in your professional and personal realms. As Mercury dives into Pisces on February 23, a symphony of golden partner communication ensues. The air is charged with the essence of love, and your words become notes in a cosmic melody. Engage in the art of conversation, allowing your thoughts to flow like a celestial river. This period is a divine opportunity to connect with loved ones, answer those calls you’ve been ignoring, and revel in the joy of shared dialogue. Let the universe serenade you with the magic that happens when two souls connect – a beautiful exchange written in the stars.

The cosmic spotlight swings to centre stage on February 24 with a spectacular full moon in your sign. In this emotional lunar spectacle, the universe showers its brilliance on you, emphasising personal achievements and milestones. Reflect on the lessons learned in the past six months, crystallising into tangible growth. This lunar event holds an overseas allure – be open to unexpected opportunities beyond your usual horizons. Navigate the desire for success with patience, humility, and maturity in partnerships, setting the stage for a harmonious cosmic future.

Desire may surge, and the temptation to reach for the stars in love and ambition intensifies. While the cosmic currents may pull you towards immediate success, remember – patience is your guiding star. Navigate these celestial waters with grace, avoiding the mad rush and allowing the tides of fate to unfold naturally. As February draws to a close, mark the pivotal moment of the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn’s conjunction in Pisces on Feb 28. This cosmic alignment encourages you to take responsibility for your partnership goals, whether in romance or profession. Build a celestial blueprint, even if starting small, and let humility be your guiding star. Communicate your desires with maturity, defining your expectations and reestablishing connections with current partners. It’s a celestial blueprint for a stardust-studded future!


Positive mental psychology becomes your cosmic mantra. Happy thoughts, a joyful mind, and a harmonious life await, especially in connection with partners and those expanding your horizons. Open your heart to the cosmic melody, letting the harmony of your thoughts resonate with the universe.

Name of artwork: Dragons Princess Nokia, year: 2014, artist name: Princess Nokia, source: Google



Step into the futuristic playground, dear Libra, as Venus gracefully glides from family-focused Capricorn into the pleasure realms of Aquarius. Your world transforms into a cosmic canvas for creativity, romance, and unbridled fun. Get ready for a month where your inner child reigns, pushing you to create without inhibition. Pleasure and joy become your guiding stars, and for some, a cosmic nudge towards family expansion takes centre stage.


Mercury’s dance into Aquarius on February 5 ignites your creative spark. Immense downloads of innovative ideas shower upon you all month. Pen down these cosmic inspirations, as they hold the keys to your future endeavours. Romantically charged messages add a playful touch, inviting you to revel in the pleasures of life. This month is all about self-care, joy, and embracing the delightfully unexpected.

February 9 marks a pivotal moment with a new moon in Aquarius, lighting up your pleasure and creative sector. Time to embark on a transformative journey through a creative project. Be a trend-setter, let your freaky flag fly, and dive into futuristic tools like AI to amplify your artistic endeavours. This cosmic seed-planting sets the stage for a spectacular bloom come August 19.


Mars joins the cosmic dance in Aquarius on February 13, infusing your days with action, creativity, and flirtatious vibes. Valentine’s Day takes a turn for the intense as Mars meets Pluto, offering a chance to channel passion into creative projects. Your flirtatious energy knows no bounds; just be mindful not to get burned when playing with the cosmic fire. Embrace the unconventional, experiment, and revel in inventive pursuits.

As Venus enters Aquarius on February 17, your pleasure dome reaches glorious heights. Creativity and pleasure intertwine, urging you to unleash your innovative spirit. Venus’s conjunction with Pluto on the same day sparks a profound transformation in your love life. Traditional norms meet the avant-garde, paving the way for a redefined approach to relationships. The cosmos asks: will technology part or unite you?

February 22 brings a powerful Venus-Mars conjunction, marking the beginning of a cycle filled with creation, romance, and joy. Intimate desires intensify, making it an ideal time for both romance and creative pursuits. Let the cosmic energies guide you in making art, hosting celebrations, and embracing the pleasures of life.


As the Sun enters Pisces on February 19, a gentle breeze of intuition guides your day-to-day affairs. Pisces season invites softness and gentleness, allowing you to listen to your inner voice and go with the cosmic flow.

On February 24, a full moon in Virgo urges you to meditate and release perfection in your subconscious realm. Reflect on the tangible goals seeded during the Virgo new moon in September 2023, celebrating progress with humility and accountability.

As February wraps up, the cosmic trio—Sun, Mercury, and Saturn—converge in Pisces on February 28. This celestial alignment prompts you to take responsibility for your dreams, building a celestial structure for your aspirations. The month concludes on a positive note, promoting a happy mindset and gratitude.


Embrace the magic, dear Libra, for the future shines brightly, eagerly awaiting your unique views, creations, and love. As you revel in this cosmic extravaganza, remember: you are the tastemaker and creator of your destiny.

Name of artwork: Cosmos, year: 1980, artist name: Carl Sagan, source: Pinterest 



A cosmic metamorphosis awaits, dear Scorpio, as Mars joins Pluto in the sign of  Aquarius, stirring the depths of your home and foundations. Get ready to navigate the uncharted waters of your innermost sanctum with passion, intensity, and futuristic magic. The stars applaud your journey into the unknown, Scorpio—embrace the cosmic intrigue unfolding in the theatre of your soul.


As Mercury steps into Aquarius on February 5, family bonds take centre stage. Engage in beautiful conversations with those who feel like family, fostering connections that warm the heart. The cosmos urges you to explore futuristic tools like AI to enhance your living experience. A new moon on February 9 illuminates your home and family sector, setting the stage for a refreshing cycle. Embrace the clash of ideas with your partner, for innovation is the key to harmonising home and partnership.


Mars storms into Aquarius on February 13, intensifying your focus on family and home affairs. Dive into home projects, infusing your energy into rebuilding foundations. Valentine’s Day might get a bit intense as Mars conjuncts Pluto, sparking transformations in your family dynamics. If intensity arises, channel it into creative projects or seek professional support to clear unresolved issues.

Venus entering Aquarius on February 17 adds sweetness to the mix. Transformations in your roots and family situations take a profound turn, inviting you to view love through an innovative lens. The conjunction of Venus and Pluto on the same day initiates a cosmic rendezvous that challenges traditional relationship norms. Embrace the winds of change, allowing your love life to evolve with the times.


Pisces season on February 19 adds a touch of emotion and dreaminess. Feel the cosmic flow, allowing yourself to experience the full spectrum of emotions creatively and romantically. The energy softens the Aquarian intensity, creating a mysterious blend of feelings.

On February 22, a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius infuses joy into your home and family. Desire for intimate relations intensifies, making it an ideal time for both romance and creative pursuits. Express your authentic self and enjoy the pleasures of familial bonds.


As Mercury enters Pisces on February 23, communicate and share your creative projects with the world. Expressing your authentic self, even in a glimpse or a poem, resonates profoundly with others.

The full moon in Virgo on February 24 brings emotional tides to your friendship circle. Reflect on tangible goals and friendships, embracing imperfections and celebrating fulfilled dreams. Avoid immediate success in love and home matters. Embrace fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

The cosmic trio—Sun, Mercury, and Saturn—converges in Pisces on February 28, urging you to take responsibility for your dreams. Start building a celestial structure, no matter how small, with humility and maturity. Positivity is filling your love life and partnerships at month’s end.


As the celestial symphony plays on, remember that your foundations are being shaken not to crumble but to construct a more profound depth in your family and home life. Embrace the winds of change, for vulnerability is what makes us human. Navigate the cosmic dance with an open heart, and don’t shy away from being an active participant in the celestial design. Life’s beauty lies in the dance of darkness and light, and through change, you craft your cosmic masterpiece. Let the stars guide you, Scorpio, as you embark on this transformative journey. The universe is orchestrating cosmic renovations for a more harmonious future.

Name of artwork: Words Don’t Come Easy, year: 1982, artist name: F. R. David, source: YouTube



Your cosmic itinerary unfolds with health revamps and career crescendos. Brace yourself for a thrilling odyssey as you stand at the precipice of skilful transformation and professional pinnacles. The universe is orchestrating a symphony of cosmic upgrades just for you, blending futuristic vibes and earthly endeavours. Get ready to flex those adventurous muscles in the pursuit of wellness and career triumphs.


Open the channels of communication! Explore learn, and share your newfound wisdom. Also, embrace the joy of refreshing connections! A glorious new moon on Feb 9 illuminates your future path. Plant seeds of innovation, dive into futuristic tools like AI, and adapt to the cosmic rhythm. Whether enrolling in a course or investing in travel passes, let your intellect flow with the winds of change.


Ants in your pants? A surge of energy fuels your desire to learn and explore even more from February 13. Act on your inner freak, experiment, and contribute to the betterment of humanity. Inventiveness is your superpower!

Valentine’s Day intensifies with an obsessive energy. Transformation awaits, whether pursuing goals or forging profound connections. Technology plays cupid, introducing revolutionary changes in dating apps and online connections.

Love blossoms in learning and unconventional conversations February 17 when Venus moves into Aquarius. Embrace the weird and different. Venus and Pluto’s conjunction in Aquarius heralds a revolutionary era in love and relationships. Singles, explore the uncharted waters of technological connections.

The sun dives into Pisces, Feb 19, adding a layer of emotion to your family and home. Explore the mysterious release of emotions, nurturing growth in fertile atmospheres.


Mark February 22 as a five-star day! Your sensual side dominates, enhancing romance, creativity, and socialising. Engage in creative activities and host celebrations. New gadgets and inspiration abound.

Mercury enters Pisces February 24th. Communicate with visionary thoughts and delve into nostalgic creativity. Share your artistic side with family, combining intuition and words.

A career high or climax unfolds at the full moon in Virgo on February 24. Reflect on the fruits of past efforts and embrace emotional maturity. A clash with family may require your wisdom. Tangible goals from the Virgo new moon, that took place last August bear fruit.

Desire for success in your day-to-day life intensifies February 25th. Innovate without expecting immediate results. Technological tools hold the key.

Take responsibility for dreams related to home and family. Initiate structures for growth, embracing humility and maturity. Wrap up the month with positive mental psychology. Find happiness in day-to-day life and express gratitude.


Revel in the bounties of your journey. Your path has been adorned with health upgrades, career crescendos, and the transformative power of skilful evolution. As you step into the future, carry the lessons of this celestial journey, for the cosmos continues to unfold its wonders exclusively for you.

Name of artwork: Apollo Mission Images, year: 2015, artist name: Project Apollo Archive, source: film magazine 51/R – Orbital



Get ready to embark on a cosmic odyssey that transcends the realms of finance and self-worth. Your witty communication and innovative thinking takes centre stage. The cosmos invites you to create new money ventures and fling open the portals to a future where technology is your ally in amassing cosmic wealth.


As Mercury dances into Aquarius, your second house of self-worth and income, a techno-financial dance begins. Money becomes a muse, and your quest for increased income intertwines with boosting your overall self-worth. Think outside the traditional box – explore gadgets, apps, and innovative tools that elevate your financial prowess.

February 9, a powerful new moon in Aquarius becomes the catalyst for a financial jumpstart. Plant seeds of innovation, dive into futuristic tools like AI, and accelerate your journey toward financial abundance. The Aquarian age is ushering in new money-making abilities, and your adaptive spirit is key to flourishing in this cosmic landscape.


With Mars blazing a trail in Aquarius, your second house of finances, caution is advised not to get too hasty or overspend. Channel the fiery drive into motion, utilising this energy to your financial advantage. Valentine’s Day may bring an intense desire for goals or career transformations. Speak your desires into the universe, for silence isn’t professional, and you’re now evolving into a more detached, empowered version of yourself.

As Venus graces Aquarius, February 17 signals a time to invest in yourself. Embrace the pleasures of life with a fresh perspective on self-love as the ultimate love language. The Venus-Pluto conjunction on the same day heralds a transformative era in your finances and self-worth. The love and relationship dynamics are shifting, with technology playing a pivotal role. Embrace the financial revolution and explore new pathways to abundance.


February 22, a magical day in your calendar, marks a new cycle in boosting your finances and overall self-confidence. The cosmic forces are aligning to support your authenticity, as fitting in becomes a notion of the past. Your tender and sensual side takes the spotlight, increasing the chances of romance and attracting opportunities. Engage in creative activities, host celebrations, and relish the fruits of your financial and self-worth endeavours.

As February concludes, Mercury enters Pisces, infusing visionary thoughts and ethereal energies into your communication. The full moon in Virgo on February 24 encourages the completion of international journeys or higher education courses. Reflect on the tangible goals set during the Virgo new moon last August and embrace emotional maturity.


Capricorn, the cosmic landscape of February has seen a shifting financial terrain and an elevation of your self-worth. It’s time to claim what you deserve. Go forth, harness the cosmic coin bestowed upon you, and let the universe witness your worth. You are worth every blessing, and the future holds boundless opportunities for you to shine. May your journey ahead be paved with prosperity and cosmic abundance!

Name of artwork: Her (film), year: 2013, artist name: Spike Jonze, source: Pinterest 



Get ready to take centre stage as the cosmic maestro orchestrates a celestial symphony with an unrivalled focus on you! A cosmic party is underway, guiding the new era we find ourselves in. Brace yourself for a thrilling cosmic journey filled with surprises, transformations, and futuristic adventures!


As Mercury enters your sign on February 5, the universe hands you the microphone to broadcast your unique wisdom and truth. Dare to be different, think outside the box, and revel in open conversations that challenge the status quo.

February 9 marks a glorious New Moon in Aquarius, an official restart button for you. Coinciding with the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon, this lunar spectacle propels you into a magical year. Plant seeds of innovation, embrace your quirky self, and explore futuristic tools like AI. This is your cosmic invitation to adapt, accelerate, and facilitate your path to the future. Celebrate your new beginning and watch for the cosmic results at the corresponding full moon on August 19.


Mars enters your sign on February 13, supercharging your drive and excitement. Unleash your inner freak, experiment, and champion unconventional actions that contribute to the betterment of humanity. The energy is high, and it’s time to get inventive!

Valentine’s Day takes a transformative turn with Mars conjunct Pluto in your sign. The cosmic duo, now meeting in Aquarius, signifies a new era of intense desires and powerful ambitions. Whether pursuing goals or pursuing a person, harness this dominating energy to make positive transformations. Embrace the cyber-energies of the Aquarian age.

As Venus enters Aquarius on February 17, you become the charm alarm of the universe. Be original, be true to your funny self, and navigate this Venus transit with a flair for the unconventional. The Venus-Pluto conjunction on the same day intensifies love, bringing profound transformations to relationships. Embrace the shifts in love dynamics, whether it’s technology, polyamory, or communal living—Aquarius is ready for it all!


On February 22, Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius, creating a love bomb of positive energy. This personal power surge activates your romantic and passionate side. Be open to profound transformations in love, relationships, and even your creative pursuits. Embrace authenticity and celebrate the wonders of connection.

As Mercury enters Pisces on February 23, visionary thoughts and ethereal energies permeate your communication. Focus on creative and visionary financial strategies, blending intuition with practicality.

February 24 brings a Full Moon in Virgo, highlighting your house of shared resources and intimacies. Reflect on financial chapters or investments. While emotions may run high, the Virgo precision encourages mature actions and accountability.


Aquarius, what a powerful month of cosmic shifts and celestial celebrations! As you digest the cosmic wonders, remember, it’s your time to be the master of your universe. Even if financial growth is gradual, rest assured, you are the first to adapt to this incredible new era. Embrace the cosmic spotlight, for you are the guiding star of this futuristic journey. May your path ahead be filled with cosmic brilliance and boundless possibilities!

Name of artwork: Tinder Gameboy, year: unknown, artist name: unknown, source: Pinterest



Your season begins amidst a celestial spectacle. Pisces Season unfolds, casting a nebulous glow on your emotions and creativity. Open the chamber of gifts within, for this is your time to shine in the universe’s ethereal spotlight.


Mercury graces your 12th house from February 5 to 23, turning your subconscious into a genie’s bottle of brilliance. Let ideas bubble forth and carry a notepad, for the universe is about to share precious insights. On February 9, a New Moon in Aquarius triggers your 12th house, urging you to enter the dream world. Vision board your passions, let the freaky flag fly, and explore futuristic tools like AI. This is your cosmic invitation to adapt, accelerate, and facilitate your dreams.


Mars ventures into your 12th house from February 13 to March 23, stirring subconscious storms. Dive deep, embrace your inner freak, and seek professional guidance to uncover hidden barriers. Valentine’s Day intensifies as Mars conjuncts Pluto, unleashing dominating energies. You may not fully grasp it all, but emotions run high this month.

Venus graces your 12th house on February 17, illuminating your hidden world. Be original, embrace self-love, and let neglected parts receive Venus’s tender touch. The Venus-Pluto conjunction on the same day heralds a transformative era in love and relationships. Dive into profound transformations, be it technology, polyamory, or communal living. Love’s new language is written in the stars.


As Pisces Season begins on February 19, the sun warms your presence, spotlighting you in the cosmic dance. Embrace the dreamy, emotional, and artistic vibes of Pisces. Cry if you must, laugh freely, and let your tears nurture your growth.

February 22 brings a powerful Venus-Mars conjunction in your 12th house. Submerge into your subconscious, write down dreams, and explore the intimate beauty of your inner world. Romance and creative satisfaction abound. Mercury enters your sign on February 23, encouraging visionary thoughts and ethereal expression. Sing, be poetic, and let intuition guide your words.

On February 24, a Full Moon in Virgo spotlights your relationships. Whether celebrating milestones or parting ways, this emotionally charged full moon urges mature decisions. Reflect on goals planted during the Virgo New Moon last September and embrace imperfection.


What a month of cosmic depths, relationship climaxes, and the inception of your birthday season! Keep flowing, shining, and embracing the mystical journey ahead. As feelings surge from the cosmic ocean, dive into the beauty of your soul, celebrating the intricate dance of emotions. With relationship milestones, birthday blessings, and gratitude in your heart, ride the cosmic waves into a month of enchantment and self-discovery.

Written by Mi Gerer