RISE & GRIND – A Lot Can Happen In A Year.

As we step into the cosmic arena of 2024, lacing up our celestial sneakers, a portal of infinite possibilities unfolds. Drawing inspiration from the basketball legends—Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Phil Jackson—we’re poised to embrace the celestial choreography of the universe. Get ready to rise and grind.

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

— Michael Jordan


First off, January 1st, is a day to chill and sleep. Don’t rush into the new year; wait for January 2nd, Mercury’s direct motion gains momentum—a cosmic green light to commence a prosperous 2024. If you caught the horoscopes of the last weeks, you would know the struggle was real. Mercury retrograde (aka Murphy’s Law in planetary form) kicked off on December 13th, last year, throwing us into a vortex of chaos—delays, tech hiccups, and surprise encounters with ghosts of 2023. But guess what? We’ve survived, and now it’s all systems go! The cosmic crew, excluding the ever-eccentric Uranus, is on a direct motion spree. The next Mercury retrograde will only come at us in April. So, let’s rock this, leaving Mercury retrograde drama in the rearview mirror.


On January 4, the red planet, Mars, enters Capricorn, a cosmic power move. Mars in Capricorn is like a cosmic GPS, guiding us with precision toward our objectives. The energy becomes laser-focused, goal-oriented, and unapologetically ambitious. It’s as if the universe hands us a celestial compass, urging us to set our sights on the summit. It’s a time to structure our ambitions, embracing the power of organisation and disciplined effort. The celestial blueprint unfolds, and our goals take shape. Michael Jordan’s wisdom resonates:

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.” It’s not just about dreaming; it’s about the sweat, the late nights, and the dedication.”

The cosmos aligns with this ethos, promising that the work we invest will yield tangible results. January 7th brings echoes from the past, specifically the Gemini Full Moon on November 27, 2023. What happened then? Cue the cosmic drumroll! It’s like revisiting a blockbuster movie—details, surprises, and maybe a twist or two.

Leading up to the first new moon of 2024, the stars advise a conservative approach. Slow and steady guides us to victory. Embrace a mature, step-by-step strategy. The cosmic challenge: infusing realism into our goals. Innovation and ambition will go hand in hand.


On January 11, we have an ambitious new Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, embodies qualities of discipline, structure, and ambition. The New Moon signifies a cosmic reset—a time to plant seeds for the future. The celestial drama intensifies as the New Moon aligns with Pluto, the transformative powerhouse. This New Moon marks the end of an era—a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, a celestial alignment that won’t repeat for at least 260+ years. The cosmos opens a portal for profound change, a chance to shape destinies and lay foundations that transcend generations. If we diligently nurture the seeds we plant on January 11, the cosmos promises tangible results by the corresponding Full Moon on June 22nd. The cosmic directive echoes in the phrase “Keep hustling, baby.” It’s a call to action, a reminder that the celestial seeds we sow require dedication and hard work. The universe aligns with those who persevere, encouraging a disciplined pursuit of our ambitions. Let’s keep the hustle alive , with hard work, grand visions, and full planetary support. Mercury joins the Capricorn party on January 13th—time to channel your inner bosses!

Align your actions with thoughts, delve into business talks, and set things in motion.


January 20, 2024, emerges as a turning point in the cosmic narrative. It’s not merely a shift in seasons but a celestial saga that propels us toward the future. The cosmic symphony invites us to dance to the rhythms of innovation, independence, and the delicate balance between humanity and technology.

As the Sun enters the progressive and visionary sign of Aquarius, the air becomes charged with innovation, independence, and a collective desire for the unconventional. Aquarius season sets the stage for a cosmic revolution. The cosmic plot thickens as Pluto, the planet of transformation, joins into Aquarius.  Do you recall the Great Conjunction of 2020, where Jupiter and Saturn aligned at 0° Aquarius? Picture the cosmic gears turning, setting the stage for the shifts we are now experiencing. This cosmic echo emphasises continuity, as the energies initiated then continue to shape our present and future.As Pluto and the Sun converge in Aquarius, we become cosmic architects of the future. The celestial canvas is in our hands, and the call is to be bridges—bridges that honour the wisdom of the past while spanning the realms of the unknown, crafting a legacy that echoes through the ages.

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius underscores a transformative journey toward the future. It’s not just a shift in seasons; it’s a cosmic transition inviting us to explore the uncharted territories of technology, artificial intelligence, and societal evolution.

—how do we innovate while preserving our humanity? We need to paint a future that seamlessly merges technological advancements with the warmth of human connection. How can we be independent while respecting the needs of human beings in love and desire? The cosmic energies encourage us to redefine independence, emphasising interdependence and collective well-being.

Michael Jordan’s words echo: “I want to be the bridge to the next generation.” As we stand on the precipice of a new era, these words become a mantra. The cosmic invitation is to be bridges—connecting the wisdom of the past with the possibilities of the future.


Venus enters Capricorn, January 23, joining the Capricorn stellium with Mercury and Mars. A powerhouse trio! Time to get serious about pleasures, maintain the hustle, and infuse professionalism into both business and love. It’s a sexy planetary transit—get ready for cosmic sparks!


January 25th, a full Moon will be illuminating the night sky in the regal sign of Leo. Leo, ruled by the Sun, radiates with qualities of self-expression, creativity, and a flair for the dramatic. This lunation is urging us to balance grandiosity with groundedness.

 “I don’t play the game for money. I play the game because I love it.”

— Dennis Rodman

The Leo Full Moon resonates with the passion and authenticity inherent in these words. It’s an invitation to engage with life not solely for external gains but for the sheer love and joy of the experience. The Moon’s opposition with Pluto initiates a triggering a wave of ultimate transformation, urging us to navigate emotions and embrace change. Transformation may be challenging at first. The Full Moon in Leo invites us to walk on the dark side, acknowledging and embracing the shadows within. It’s a cosmic call to look at what holds us back—fixed opinions, routines, and ego—and initiate a transformative journey.  

If we reflect back on the August New Moon, last year coupled with Venus retrograde, it may highlight the metaphor of a broken heart as an open door for self-love and authenticity, urging us to recognise the heart’s lessons over the last six months. It’s a reminder that through heartbreak, light finds its way in. The Full Moon encourages openness, not just to external love but to self-love inside and out. It’s an embrace of authenticity and vulnerability. What have we learned about our hearts and authenticity? Embracing our true selves, wild and real, leads to a majestic and fulfilling existence.

“I may be a wild goose, but I’m real. Real in the sense that I’m not afraid to be myself.

— Dennis Rodman


Mercury and Mars join forces January 26, harmonising thoughts and actions. A celestial collaboration unfolds, where razor-sharp minds synchronise seamlessly with decisive actions, creating a brilliant day.

January 27th marks a pivotal moment as Uranus turns direct, unleashing its innovative and revolutionary energy. Now, all planets align in direct motion until April. Time becomes a thrilling blur, and the universe beckons us to ride the cosmic wave. Milestones unfold at “crazy speed,” prompting us to revel in the joy of growth and success. Embrace the exhilaration of accelerated momentum.


As we wrap up this cosmic odyssey through January 2024, channel your inner Michael Jordan—remember, the game isn’t over until you’ve given it your all. Let the rhythms of innovation be your game-winning strategy, the melody of authenticity be your signature move, and the harmony of cosmic acceleration be your secret weapon. Seize the momentum, execute those major moves, and ride the rocket toward success as if every cosmic moment is your championship game.

This is your time on the celestial court—so rise and grind. The universe eagerly anticipates your stellar performance. Until our next cosmic rendezvous, keep stargazing, keep pushing your boundaries, and always reach for the stars.

BONUS Numerology 2024 Insights: The year 2024 pulses with the energy of the number 8— ∞ symbolic of infinity and the eternal dance of possibilities. The cosmic stage is set for an ambitious journey. Much like an accelerator, the essence of 8 in Numerology invites us to transcend limitations and explore the cosmic mysteries ahead. Having resolved spiritual karma in the past year, we now stand at the threshold of transformative themes, ready for the unfolding of ambitious stories. (The last Universal 8 year was in 2015)


Eclipses & Cosmic Revelations: There will be major solar and lunar eclipses in Libra, Aries, and Pisces, (in the months of March, April, September, and October)—an otherworldly spectacle where past, present, and future collide. It’s not just a light show; it’s a VIP pass to a transformative revolution in relationships. As Phil Jackson wisely notes, “The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome. The ride is a lot more fun that way.”

Innovation Unleashed: The landscape of innovation undergoes a celestial metamorphosis, driven by technological and AI advancements as Pluto re-enters Aquarius January 20th – September 1st, with a last dip into Capricorn November through March 2025. Mars and Pluto collide in the futuristic realm of Aquarius, February 15th, igniting a collective urge for innovation, growth, and the emergence of groundbreaking technologies. The question echoes: How can we innovate while keeping our humanity intact?

Aries Warrior Energy: The North Node’s presence in Aries holds the potential for conflict, yet it also brings forth the positive force of warrior energy—a catalyst for resolving disputes. In navigating this new age, the question echoes: How can we adapt and find happiness amidst this evolving landscape?

Neptune’s Dreamy Culmination: Neptune’s journey in Pisces nears its culmination, urging us to explore the realms of dreams, delusions, and mystical escapades. The journey through the final degrees of Pisces extends until 2025, signalling a momentous shift as Neptune ventures into fiery Aries. The transition into fiery Aries signals a shift towards pioneering visions and decisive action, marking a significant phase in our collective journey.

Jupiter and Uranus Symphony: The grand conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on April 20th, amplifies the wave of progress and innovation. Brace for transformative advancements, particularly in food supplies, farming practices, and sustainable possessions. The celestial alignment heralds an era where progress propels us toward a future marked by innovation and sustainability.


In the cosmic overture of January 2024, Aries, you’re not merely a player; you’re the MVP, orchestrating moves with the finesse of Michael Jordan, the boldness of Dennis Rodman, and the strategic vision of Phil Jackson. The cosmic dance unfolds in five exhilarating acts, inspired by “The Last Dance” and the intergalactic choreography of planets.

As the cosmic curtains rise on January 1st, a cosmic pause advises you to chill and dream, allowing the energy to build for the exhilarating moments to come. The anticipation is tangible as Mercury, the planetary trickster, finally turns direct on January 2nd. The celestial traffic light switches to green, signalling the end of the chaotic Mercury retrograde. Now, your journey gains forward momentum, akin to a pivotal play on the court. This is the moment to shake off the Mercury retrograde woes and make your move. January 4th marks a significant transition as Mars, the cosmic powerhouse, enters Capricorn, initiating the most ambitious phase of the year. Channeling the wisdom of Michael Jordan—”I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come”—you are urged to embrace structure, discipline, and a relentless work ethic. This cosmic alignment becomes your celestial compass, guiding you towards building a legacy that echoes through time. January 7th brings echoes from the past, echoing the Gemini Full Moon of November 27, 2023. It’s like revisiting a blockbuster movie—details, surprises, and perhaps a twist or two. Reflect on the narrative that unfolded during that time, as it holds clues to your present cosmic storyline.

From January 8th to February 14th, the cosmos encourages a conservative approach.It’s vital to avoid getting too ahead of yourself. Take a mature, step-by-step strategy to navigate challenges. The subsequent days see Mars in Capricorn forming significant aspects, urging you to align your actions with thoughts. January 11th, in particular, marks a cosmic reset with a New Moon in Capricorn, signalling a profound transformation in your career and reputation. Embrace a disciplined pursuit of your ambitions—keep hustling, baby. As January progresses, Mars in Capricorn aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, providing major planetary support for your grand visions and hard work. The energy is charged for significant moves in your career, with promises of financial abundance. Mercury joins the Capricorn party on January 13th, emphasising the importance of aligning your actions with your thoughts. It’s time to delve into business talks and set things in motion.

January 20th emerges as a turning point in the cosmic narrative as the Sun enters Aquarius, setting the stage for a cosmic revolution. Pluto joins the Aquarius party, echoing the Great Conjunction of 2020. The cosmic gears turn, inviting you to be a bridge between the past and the future. How can you innovate while preserving your humanity? This celestial transition prompts profound reflections on societal evolution and technological advancements. On January 23rd, Venus enters Capricorn, joining the stellium with Mercury and Mars in your 10th house of career. This powerhouse trio signals a time to get serious about your pleasures, maintaining the hustle, and infusing professionalism into both business and love. It’s a sexy planetary transit, and you’re ready to radiate a VIP charm. The 25th of January brings the peak of pleasure but also possibly a chapter closing in your creative projects. Reflect on what you’ve worked towards. This emotional lunation, freshly opposite Pluto in the 11th House, triggers ultimate transformation. While it may be challenging at first, allow yourself to walk on the dark side. Look at what is holding you back from fixed opinions and routines—how can you authentically act from the heart and be true to yourself? This Full Moon invites you to embrace your truest self and make transformative changes. A brilliant day unfolds January 26th, where your mind is sharp, and actions are ready to move at full speed. Seize this moment for major moves, especially in your career and reputation. The conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Capricorn encourages you to make significant strides in your professional endeavours. Innovate and think outside the box for potential business ventures. Dare to be different, and money will follow.

As January reaches its conclusion, the celestial dance continues. The rhythms of the cosmos echo the beats of innovation, the melody of authenticity, and the harmony of cosmic acceleration. Embrace the momentum, make those major moves, and ride the rocket toward success. This is your time in the cosmic arena—so rise and grind, for the universe awaits your stellar performance. Until next time, keep stargazing and keep reaching for the stars.


Taurus, strap in for a January like no other! From exploring profound intimacy, to rearranging your finances, the cosmos beckons you to broaden your horizons. Whether it’s planning an overseas adventure, diving into teachings, or hitting the books for personal growth, the stars invite you to sip from the cup of knowledge. Embrace the thrill of expansion and development, and don’t forget to add a dash of wanderlust to your cosmic cocktail.

As the curtain rises on 2024, echoes of the October lunar eclipse linger, reminding you of the profound transformation you’ve undergone in the last two years. The journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, sculpting you into a cosmic champion.

Take a cosmic chill pill and, resist the FOMO of starting the year in a hurry. January 2nd is the day to kick off the grind. Let the world do its thing while you recharge. Mercury will be going direct January 2nd. The haze lifts, and you’re officially on the launchpad for a stellar 2024. Forget the messy retrograde mayhem of the past weeks as the cosmos is now your co-pilot.

Mars steps into Capricorn’s ring from January 4th to February 13th, fuelling your ambitions in travel and overseas ventures. Time to hustle hard! Teach, explore, and build a solid structure for success. The cosmic scoreboard favours those who grind now.

More news could echo the 7th from last November’s Gemini Full Moon. Reflect on financial shifts. It’s like a sports replay; what pivotal moments do you recall?

January 8th strategy calls for a conservative approach—no need to rush. Focus on your unique journey, comparisons are so last season. Channel your inner warrior on the 9th, ravaging goals step-by-step. Team up with hardworking colleagues, as inspiration awaits. Let ambition and innovation intertwine for a stellar day, the 10th especially on an international level. Mark January 11th in your calendar as a day of major vision boarding. The New Moon in Capricorn prompts you to map out the places you want to visit, and contemplate the knowledge you wish to acquire or share, especially with younger generations. This marks the last New Moon in Capricorn conjunct transformative Pluto for a significant period—over 260 years. Plant the seeds of your aspirations and diligently work toward your projects and goals. The corresponding Full Moon on June 22 promises tangible results if you hustle and remain open to building success on an international scale. The mountain is your pathway to triumph!


Experience synergy as your grand visions align with hard work, elevated by your network and friends reaching for the stars. Cosmic systemisation sets in, aligning dreams with collective forces for a wise path towards fulfilling your dream life. Think big, take leaps of faith, and embrace limitless possibilities on your journey.

Get ready for a career overhaul lasting the next couple of years, a period of ultra-transformation. The shift commences on January 20th, marking a powerful initiation to embrace your calling and redefine your reputation. Aquarius season at your chart’s zenith, coupled with Pluto’s entry and the Sun-Pluto conjunction, sparks a profound cosmic shift reminiscent of the December 21, 2020 great conjunction. Prepare for lasting changes. This marks a climax in the ongoing cosmic narrative, highlighting the shift toward the future. How can we innovate while preserving humanity? Strive for independence while respecting your needs in love and desire. Channel your inner Michael Jordan and be the bridge to the next cosmic generation.

January 23rd, signals a concentrated focus on higher learning, expansion, and adventure. Adopt a disciplined yet passionate approach to personal and professional pursuits. Take your pleasures seriously and maintain diligence in both business and love. Explore the potential for exciting journeys to add spice to your life. For singles, anticipate the prospect of meeting someone exotic to you. Brace for a delightful and sexy planetary transit!

On January 25th, a potent Full Moon in Leo lights up your 4th House, emphasising family and home matters. Consider a potential relocation tied to career shifts or partnership needs. Pluto sparks a profound emotional lunation, urging you to confront fixed routines hindering progress. Embrace the transformative journey, acknowledging challenges, and explore inner shadows. Reflect on changes initiated during last year’s August new moon, which was conjunct a tough Venus retrograde. Embrace authenticity, guided by your heart towards meaningful connections and self-love. As Dennis Rodman wisely puts it, “I may be a wild goose, but I’m real. Real in the sense that I’m not afraid to be myself.”

Sharpen your mind and make major moves globally. As Uranus goes direct in your sign the 27th, all planets will be officially moving forward, propelling you toward goals at crazy speed until April.

Love and commitment takes center stage the 28th—ideal for serious affection and generosity, especially in foreign affairs. Think outside the box and turn outliers into a business. Podcasts and books are your cosmic allies when feeling stuck.

COSMIC CELEBRATION You’ve navigated a cosmic rollercoaster in January 2024, from reflections to a career shift and passionate storms. As you wrap up the month, remember: your cosmic journey has just begun.

Keep grinding, rising, and shining—2024 is your cosmic stage!



Big celebrations kick off January for you, as Mercury, your planetary co-pilot, finally turns direct in your relationship house. Miscommunications and echoes of past relationships fade, making way for forward momentum. It’s time to focus on dynamic exchanges with partners in both business and love. Communication, much like a ball game, becomes an enriching exchange of ideas, banter, and mind-enriching conversations. Teamwork becomes the dreamwork, and as you open new doors for financial ventures and intimate transformations, consider starting therapy to harness and sharpen your active mind.


Chill on January 1st—sleep in, resist FOMO, and save your energy for the cosmic dance ahead. Attempting too much on this day, especially in business partnerships, might lead to frustration. Start fresh on January 2nd, as Mercury, your planetary ruler, turns direct, signalling the start of a prosperous 2024. The haze of retrograde lifts, and the messy vibes of the previous weeks fade away. It’s time to move forward, leaving behind the could-have, would-have, should-have moments.

Mars enters Capricorn, January 4th activating your 8th house until February 13th, ushering in a sexy mode focused on money, investments, and deeper intimacies. Channel the ambition and power of Michael Jordan as you embark on a journey of financial goals and private passion. Work hard and stick to a schedule, knowing that your efforts will set the pace for a fast-moving year.

Echoes from the past, especially the Gemini Full Moon of November 27, 2023, resurface January 7th. Reflect on pivotal moments and plot twists. It’s like revisiting a blockbuster movie—details, surprises, and the potential for a twist or two.


Be strategic in partnerships. Avoid rushing, whether in love or business. Embrace a step-by-step approach and work smart not hard. Meditate to sort your brilliant thoughts and ideas. This is your moment to align your strategic vision with groundbreaking insights, setting the stage for success.

On January 11th, the celestial stage sets for a powerful event—a New Moon in Capricorn graces your 8th House. It’s not just any New Moon, it’s a financial game-changer. Circle this date on your calendar because, with strategic moves, you’re on the brink of multiplying your wealth.

The key to success lies in acting wisely and making a mature plan. This isn’t a time for impulsive actions; it’s about laying a foundation for long-term prosperity. Patience is your cosmic ally—allow the seeds of your efforts to germinate and grow. Late June holds the promise of lucrative results if you commit to focused effort and grind now. Picture it as an investment; the more you put in, the greater the returns.

Mercury, your planetary ruler joins the Capricorn party, January 13th, emphasising financial conversations and deepening intimacies. Align actions with thoughts, dive into business talks, and set transformative processes in motion.


January 20th, Aquarius season begins, and Pluto enters Aquarius, sparking a cosmic shift reminiscent of the Great Conjunction of 2020. Be a bridge between the past and the future, pondering innovation while preserving humanity.

Venus joins the Capricorn stellium, the 23rd, intensifying focus on pleasures, finances, and professionalism. It’s a sexy planetary transit—time to radiate a VIP charm.

On January 25th, a celestial spectacle unfolds—the Full Moon graces Leo, casting its luminous glow across your 3rd House. As the moon illuminates the night sky, consider the skills you’ve been honing. Reflect on the journey since last August—what new abilities have you gained control of, and how have you expanded your skillset? The Full Moon challenges the status quo, signalling that things can no longer continue as they once did. In the realm of relationships with siblings, a major event may unfold, prompting transformation and evolution. This could be a turning point in your connection with a sibling, urging both of you to grow through a shared experience. Don’t shy away from the intensity; instead, embrace the opportunity to walk on the dark side. This isn’t just a surface-level change—it’s a profound metamorphosis. Embrace the wild goose within and be unapologetically real. For, as Dennis Rodman asserts, “I may be a wild goose, but I’m real. Real in the sense that I’m not afraid to be myself.” Let the authenticity within you shine brightly in the cosmic tapestry.

A celestial synergy unfolds on January 26th as Mercury and Mars align, creating a powerhouse conjunction. This day is your launchpad for major moves, especially in finances and transformative thinking. Seize the moment, work hard, and witness the universe’s magic amplifying your efforts. Uranus turns direct, January 27th propelling you toward goals at a crazy speed. With all planets officially moving forward, embrace the rocketing momentum until April. Think outside the box, turning outliers into business opportunities. Podcasts and books become cosmic allies when seeking inspiration.


As January wraps up, your cosmic journey has just begun. Keep grinding, rising, and shining—2024 is your cosmic stage! Ignite the authenticity within, for you are a cosmic gem! Keep celebrating, keep reaching for the stars, and keep shining bright!



Your cosmic journey in January 2024 unfolds with a focus on relationships, love, and business. As Pluto moves out of your relationship house and into Aquarius, a significant shift awaits. You’ve navigated lessons in love and business over the past 15 years, transforming through challenges. Expect a few more relationship lessons before the cosmic ease by January 20th. You’re a master of human connection, having seen it all. Get ready for a fresh start and embrace the wisdom gained from your cosmic journey.


The first day of 2024 advises a cosmic chill—sleep in and save your energy for the dance ahead. Mercury turns direct on January 2nd, signalling the start of a prosperous 2024. Leave the hazy retrograde vibes behind and focus on health and routines.

Get ready for a surge of energy in your relationships as Mars enters Capricorn, activating your 7th house of partnerships until February 13th. This cosmic shift intensifies your one-on-one encounters, adding a touch of steaminess to your connections. Whether in love or business, Mars fuels your ambition, pushing you to set concrete goals and establish a strong foundation for success in the coming year. For singles, it’s time to step into the spotlight. Don’t shy away; instead, proactively put yourself out there. After all, how can you expect to be pursued romantically if you remain a hidden gem? Channel your inner Michael Jordan spirit and make your presence known. This January, seize the opportunity to ignite passion, work hard, and set the stage for a year of meaningful connections and achievements.

Early January encourages a conservative daily strategy. Challenges are opportunities—embrace them for realistic goal achievement. On January 10th, innovation and ambition align in business relations—a stellar day for connections, especially online.

Circle January 11th on your calendar as the cosmic launchpad for a new chapter in your romantic and professional life. This date marks the last new moon coupled with transformative Pluto in Capricorn, gracing your 7th house of relationships. This rare alignment won’t repeat for at least 260 years, making it an ultra-powerful day to initiate significant changes in your one-on-one connections. Consider this day as the beginning of a new year for your relationship journey. Plant the seeds of intention, and with dedicated effort and hustle, tangible results are promised by late June, coinciding with the corresponding full moon. Step into the driver’s seat of your destiny and make things happen—keep hustling, baby.


Hard work aligns with grand visions, especially in overseas partnerships. Build a life with a trusted partner and embrace a limitless approach. January 19th warns against wanting it all at once—cooperate and recognise misaligned desires.

On January 20th, a new era begins as Aquarius season commences, and Pluto enters Aquarius. Embrace innovation, balancing technology and humanity. Be the bridge to the next generation, echoing Michael Jordan’s wisdom. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in your aquarian 8th house signifies the commencement of a new financial empire, unfolding behind the scenes. This era promises innovation, with your creative mind playing a key role. This isn’t just a momentary shift; it sets the tone for the coming years. Recall the great conjunction on December 21, 2020—the official climax of this week and possibly the year.


As January progresses, love takes center stage, especially with Venus entering Capricorn on the 23rd. A stellium of planets, including Mercury, Mars, and Venus, converges in your 7th house, intensifying your focus on relationships. It’s a time to get serious about your pleasures, deepen partnerships, and prioritise self-love amidst the hustle in both business and love.

The Full Moon in Leo on January 25th brings an emotional high to your finances and self-esteem. This impactful moon may signal a peak in financial matters related to your network and friends. Freshly opposite Pluto, this lunation triggers ultimate transformation, challenging you to break free from fixed opinions and routines. Embrace the journey to authenticity, acting from the heart, and becoming majestic. Reflect on changes since the new moon in August, and remember, a broken heart is an open heart for true love to find its way. Channel the wisdom of Dennis Rodman: “I may be a wild goose, but I’m real.”

January 26th, with the Mercury-Mars conjunction, is a date night for brilliant conversations and major moves. Uranus turning direct on January 27th propels you toward goals with crazy speed—embrace the momentum.


As January wraps up, all planets direct propel you toward success. Still you may be challenged to get out of your comfort zone—make space for new connections. January also sets the tone for serious yet rewarding relationships. The month wraps up beautifully with affection and generosity. As your cosmic journey continues, keep grinding, rising, and shining. Embrace the authenticity within, celebrate your victories, and reach for the stars. 2024 is your cosmic stage—keep shining bright.



Leo, brace yourself for a cosmic dance! The full moon in your sign, opposite Pluto, kicks off January with emotional intensity. The focus shifts from health to partnerships in love and business. Get ready for a celestial spectacle inspired by legends like Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman.


Take a chill day, don’t rush, the 2nd of January is your true New Year start.

Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius, emphasising creative projects and inner child rediscovery. Mars enters Capricorn, fuelling goal-oriented routines. Work hard, stick to a schedule, and unleash your inner champion. Embrace a conservative strategy, linking hard work and realistic goals for success. Mature step-by-step approaches lead to ambitious achievements. Innovation and ambition align, especially in your career.

A powerful New Moon graces your 6th House, January 11th, bringing transformative energies alongside Pluto. This cosmic alignment, won’t recur for 260 years. It’s a blend of Capricorn’s discipline and Pluto’s transformation. This lunation prompts a metamorphosis in your daily life, health, and work routines. It’s a catalyst for growth and evolution, setting the stage for a profound shift. The message is clear: sow the seeds of your aspirations during this New Moon and embark on a journey of dedicated effort. The universe aligns to support you, and by late June, you’ll witness the fruition of your projects. Keep hustling, stay dedicated, and let the cosmic dance guide you to success.


Hard work and grand visions align, especially with overseas partnerships. Systemise goals and dreams, taking wise steps toward your dream life. Embrace a limitless approach, leap into your network, and let friends introduce you to a new cycle of inspiration.

A monumental shift begins on January 20th, ushering in a new era of partnerships and transformative energies. This celestial event is nothing short of extraordinary, setting the stage for a significant transformation in your 7th House of relationships.

As ultra-transformer Pluto makes its entrance into Aquarius, your relationship sector, the universe signals the commencement of what can be aptly termed “Partnership Season.” This celestial move carries immense weight, and its effects will resonate not just for this weekend but for the years to come. A noteworthy alignment adds to the cosmic drama—a Sun-Pluto conjunction in your relationship sector. This cosmic conjunction acts as the climax of the week and possibly the entire year, triggering profound shifts in your approach to relationships. Cast your mind back to the Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020—recall the energies that stirred, the changes that unfolded. This weekend marks a continuation of that transformative journey, propelling you further into the realms of the future, technology, and the delicate balance between innovation and human connection. Your relationships, both in love and business, are on the brink of a complete overhaul. This shift prompts contemplation on how to navigate the new landscape of technology, artificial intelligence, and the evolving dynamics of human connection. This cosmic partnership shift is a call to redefine, reimagine, and reinvent your approach to relationships. Embrace the transformative energies, Leo, and let this celestial dance guide you toward a future where your connections are not just meaningful but resonate with the pulse of the ever-evolving universe.


Venus enters Capricorn, January 23rd creating a stellium for daily grind and health. Keep hustling, be professional in business and love.

January 26th heralds the peak of the month with a Full Moon in your own sign, Leo, a radiant illumination. As the lunar glow bathes you in its light, get ready for an emotional and transformative experience. The resonant words of Dennis Rodman, “I don’t play the game for money. I play the game because I love it,” echo through the celestial corridors, setting the stage for a lunar event that goes beyond material pursuits.

This Full Moon acts as a celestial spotlight, revealing profound truths and ushering in climaxes, closing chapters while simultaneously opening new doors. A dance of energies unfolds as the moon stands in opposition to the master transformer Pluto in your relationship house—the 7th House. The emotional intensity of this lunation is undeniable, prompting an ultimate transformation that may initially feel challenging. Embrace the shadows, allowing yourself to walk on the dark side, for therein lies the path to authentic evolution. Recall the echoes of the New Moon in August of the previous year, when it was conjunct heart-wrenching Venus retrograde. Consider the changes set in motion during that time, perhaps spurred by a broken heart, a canvas for the light of true love to find its way to you. Be open to self-love, both inside and out. Acknowledge the lessons your heart has learned, embracing authenticity as the guiding star. Your crown, Leo, is meant to be shared with the unfiltered essence of your true self. As Dennis Rodman aptly puts it, “I may be a wild goose, but I’m real. Real in the sense that I’m not afraid to be myself.” Embrace your authenticity, Leo, and let it shine under the celestial radiance of this transformative Full Moon.

On January 27th, a cosmic ignition takes place as Uranus, the harbinger of change and innovation, turns direct in your career house—the 10th House. This transformative event marks a pivotal moment, propelling you forward on a trajectory of unprecedented growth and success. The energy of Uranus is electric and unconventional, urging you to embrace change and break free from the shackles of the status quo.

EMBRACING INNOVATION AND SURPRISES Think outside the box, turn outliers into business gold. Plunge into crazy ideas, embrace surprises, especially in your career. Gear up, Leo! The cosmic arena awaits your grand performance in January 2024. Rise & Grind like the celestial royalty you are!



January brings a cosmic revelation of creativity and innovation. Mercury, your planetary guide, emerges from the shadow of retrograde in Sagittarius, smoothing over family communication and stabilising your foundations. The chaos of the past weeks gives way to a focus on life’s pleasures, romance, and the pursuit of creative dreams. Get ready for a month where your inner child dances with delight, and the cosmos invites you to paint your world with boundless imagination.


Take a gentle start. Don’t rush into the year; let the energy flow naturally. Mercury turns direct, January 2nd, signalling the start of a prosperous 2024. Family tensions ease, and basic needs come back into focus. Embrace the newfound clarity and leave the chaos behind.

Mars enters Capricorn, January 4th, igniting your 5th house of creativity. Your passion aligns with ambitious goals, urging you to structure and succeed. Remember, the results come to those who put in the work.

Be cautious in serious partnerships, it’s better to take conservative steps this month. In all areas, a mature, step-by-step approach accelerates creative goals. As innovation and ambition intertwine, let creativity flow, draw inspiration from the world. On January 7th, expect a revival of career or job-related developments from late November.

On January 11th, embark on a new creative journey with the New Moon, initiating projects with legacy potential. Align your goals with authenticity, work hard, and the universe promises tangible results by the Full Moon on June 22nd. This active co-creation of destiny invites continuous hustle and the nurturing of romance in your creative pursuits. Let passion fuel your projects, and witness them undergo a transformative evolution, leaving a lasting mark on your creative legacy. This isn’t just a fleeting moment; it’s a cosmic timeline that encourages you to keep hustling and, simultaneously, to keep the flame of romance alive in your heart. This isn’t a passive waiting game; it’s an active participation in the co-creation of your destiny. Let the joy of creation be a dance, a romance with your innermost desires and the cosmic energies surrounding you.Your creative projects hold the power to undergo a significant metamorphosis. It’s as if the universe is providing you with an infusion of transformative energy, urging you to not just create but to evolve, to transcend boundaries and leave an indelible mark on your creative legacy.

On the 13th, Mercury, the messenger of the cosmos, and your planetary ruler,  makes a grand entrance, and it’s time to celebrate – this is the flirt transit.This is your cue to get spicy with your words. Let your expressions flow freely, and don’t be afraid to add a dash of playfulness to your conversations. Whether you’re communicating with a romantic interest or expressing your creative ideas, let the energy of Mercury in Capricorn inspire you to be bold and eloquent.

To capture the brilliance that flows through your mind, make sure to carry around a notebook and pen. You never know when a creative idea or a witty line might strike. This isn’t just about taking notes; it’s about embracing the spontaneity of your thoughts and letting them flow onto the pages. The 5th House is often referred to as the heart center of the astrological chart, associated with creativity, self-expression, and matters of the heart. With a cluster of planets, including Mercury, in this passionate domain, the cosmic spotlight is firmly on your creative pursuits and romantic inclinations.


You have full planetary support for higher achievements in love relationships.

Systemise goals and dreams, especially in creative partnerships.Take a limitless approach, follow your passions, and stay alert for the next steps. Home expectations may need adjustment. Cooperation is key.

On January 20th, as the Sun enters Aquarius, prepare for a transformative wave in your daily life and well-being. Pluto’s shift into your 6th House, coupled with a Sun-Pluto conjunction, heralds profound, long-lasting changes. Reflect on the changes since the Great Conjunction in 2020. Embrace innovative approaches to make your daily life more efficient, possibly integrating technology. Channel Michael Jordan’s sentiment of being a bridge to the next generation. Embrace innovation while staying connected to core human values. Changes made now have the potential to shape your daily life for years to come.


Venus enters Capricorn, your pleasure zone, the 23rd forming a powerful stellium with Mercury and Mars. Embrace a serious yet sexy vibe in love and creativity.

The emotionally charged full moon in your subconscious 12th house, January 25th opposes Pluto, triggering profound transformation. Look back to August for insights into heart changes. Authenticity and self-love pave the way to majestic transformations. Dennis Rodman’s quote resonates: play for love, not just money.

January 26th is a brilliant day for sharp minds and swift actions in Capricorn’s 5th House. Seize the opportunity for major creative strides and ignite passion in love. Your energy is magnetic; others will be drawn to you.

As Uranus turns direct January — take a rocket launch toward goals and success. All planets will be direct until April. Time flies—act fast! Think outside the box, and impress globally with your creativity. Plunge into crazy ideas, expect the unexpected, but most importantly, listen to your inner creator.

RIDING THE WAVES OF CREATIVE DESTINY As January concludes, your creative spirit is ablaze. Embrace the unexpected, think outside the box, and ride the cosmic waves of innovation. The universe applauds your efforts—your journey toward success and self-discovery accelerates. Stay open, stay creative, and let the magic unfold. Until next time, shine on, cosmic creator.



As the cosmic overture of the year unfolds, anticipate exciting news in investments or money ventures. Therapy can offer fresh perspectives on family dynamics tied to intense lessons from your upbringing. Simultaneously,The magic is in the air for a residential update. Mercury retrograde ends post-January 2nd, marking a lift in celestial haze. Missed flights or trains are cosmic detours urging focus on fundamental life elements. Authentic moves, defiance of routine, and promises of enchantment compose a celestial symphony— harmonising family, home, and the framing of your foundations. Ground yourself for a transformative performance.


Chill on January 1st, and avoid FOMO. The planets advise against rushing. Delays in commuting are possible, and it’s the last day to not shop for electronics purchases.

Mercury goes direct on the 2nd, marking the end of the chaotic retrograde. Then it is the time to start the prosperous year of 2024, free from miscommunications and missed connections.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 4th,  signalling a period (until February 13) to remake your living situation. Use this time for moving, redecoration and addressing family conflicts. Embrace a goal-oriented, ambitious approach. More news regarding the Gemini Full Moon of late November last year could emerge January 7th. Reflect on events from that time, especially related to overseas trips or learning experiences.

Early this month the planets urge a conservative strategy—craft a plan without rushing. A mature, step-by-step approach to home and family affairs should be advocated. Embrace the challenge and dive into the work. Innovation and ambition, will be leveraging this energy to your advantage.

Under the magic of the new moon in Capricorn on the 11th, immerse yourself in a ritualistic experience dedicated to stabilising your home environment. Take this celestial opportunity to Feng Shui your space, inviting harmony and balance. Consider having family over, fostering connections and deepening bonds, or embark on a transformative journey to enhance your living situation overall. This particular new moon holds extraordinary significance as it aligns with powerful Pluto, marking the conclusion of a unique celestial occurrence. It’s the last new moon in Capricorn conjunct transformative Pluto for a considerable duration—over 260 years. This cosmic rendezvous signifies a profound energy for restructuring and renewing aspects of your home and family life.The corresponding full moon on June 22, promises tangible results if you diligently nurture the seeds of your aspirations. This lunar cycle serves as a cosmic guide, urging you to keep hustling and working towards your projects, goals, and the realisation of your destiny. Embrace the energy of the cosmos, and by late June, the fruits of your efforts shall manifest in concrete and fulfilling ways. Hard work and grand visions align well, particularly in family relations or family business. Mercury enters Capricorn January 13th. It is important to align actions with thoughts. Get into business talks and set things in motion regarding family matters.


Reach higher and fortify your foundations. Hard work and grand visions will be pushed with full planetary support. It’s about systemising your goals and dreams, guiding you to take wise and strategic steps toward manifesting your dream life. Embrace a limitless approach and courageously take leaps of faith, whether in your creative pursuits or nurturing your home life. This celestial synergy encourages boundless possibilities and bold moves toward your aspirations.

Your creative ventures undergo a monumental transformation from January 20th. Innovation takes centre stage, promising intense and life-altering creative projects. The celestial spotlight also shines on fertility and children, suggesting new beginnings on the familial front. As Aquarius season unfolds, Pluto enters your passionate 5th house, accompanied by a potent Sun-Pluto conjunction, creating a cinematic experience of excitement and change. This echoes the significant shift from the great conjunction on December 21, 2020. This climactic period emphasises a pivotal shift toward the future, exploring themes of technology, artificial intelligence, and the interplay between the new and the old. The cosmic inquiry challenges you to innovate while preserving your humanity, finding the balance between independence and the human connection, especially in matters of love and desire. As Michael Jordan’s spirit echoes, “I want to be the bridge to the next generation,” embrace this cosmic call to usher in a new era of creativity, innovation, and authentic connection.


On January 25th, a Full Moon in Leo illuminates your 11th house of friendships. This celestial event signals a test for your connections, challenging the authenticity and depth of your social bonds. Jupiter, adds an element of financial influence to these dynamics.

As you navigate the terrain of friendships, anticipate potential transformations. Some relationships may undergo significant shifts, leading to parting ways or creating space for deeper emotional connections. The fresh opposition of this full moon with Pluto in your 5th house intensifies the emotional resonance, signifying a powerful and transformative lunation. You might encounter initial difficulty, but embrace the journey into the depths of your emotions. Explore what holds you back—fixed opinions, routines, or ego-driven patterns. The cosmic call is to authentically act from the heart and break free from stagnant paradigms. Reflect on the echoes of the new moon in August of the previous year, particularly its conjunction with the heart-wrenching Venus retrograde on August 16th. Consider the changes you initiated, perhaps spurred by a heartbreak. Remember, a broken heart is an open gateway for true love and self-love to find their way into your life.

January 26th is a brilliant day for major moves in the home front. Seize the moment for significant strides in family matters. Uranus moves direct the 27th, making all planets officially moving forward, propelling you toward goals at crazy speed until April.

As January unfolds, if you cling to your comfort zone there can be challenges. Watch for overspending on enjoyable activities. Reward awaits those who engage in serious and mature expressions of love, ideal for family affection and generosity. Embrace innovative thinking, especially in real estate-related business ventures. Think outside the box for home and family transformations. Leap into unconventional ideas. Anticipate the unexpected in your family and home goals. Embrace surprises for transformative outcomes.


In this electrifying saga, fuelled by the spirit of sports legends and the magic of intergalactic wonders, let the cosmic beat inspire you. As we stride into 2024, allow this celestial overture to propel you to greatness. Embrace the unexpected, make every move iconic, and paint your existence on the grand canvas of the cosmos. The stage is set, the stars are your audience—brace yourself for a cosmic slam dunk into the realms of magic and transformation.



Moving from sparking financial ventures to actionable plans,

The cosmic script takes a dramatic turn as Pluto, the cosmic transformer, bids adieu to Capricorn and slides into Aquarius, your 4th house. Get ready for a rollercoaster of change in your family dynamics— a shift from light to dark, and back again. It’s the natural ebb and flow, mirroring the cosmic dance of nature on a macro scale, now applying to your microcosm and foundational structures. Late October last year left you in awe; it felt like turning the pages of a transformative chapter, with whispers of change echoing in your ears. News related to these cosmic shifts, especially in your relationships, continues to unfold like in love and business. Your learning journey has been no less than a cosmic adventure—discovering how you retain information and master new skills, defying the constraints of age.


Take a chill pill; rushing into the year might backfire. Avoid FOMO; wait until January 2nd to start your journey. Mercury goes direct, January 2nd ending the cosmic haze. Welcome a prosperous 2024, your finances will improve. Mars enters Capricorn, the 4th, fuelling goal-oriented, ambitious pursuits. Write down ideas, create a plan—hard work now ensures rapid progress. “Results come with work.” – Michael Jordan. News related to the Gemini Full Moon of late November, last year could resurface on the 7th. Recall money-related developments.

The cosmic maestro, Mars, makes a grand entrance, January 4th, setting the stage for a dynamic celestial performance until February 13. Mars, the fiery warrior, will be infusing your mind with goal-oriented fervour, sparking ambition, and infusing you with a powerful business mindset. Build a solid structure that propels you towards triumph in your goals for the year. It’s like you’re handed a cosmic blueprint, and now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

This is your chance to study something you are genuinely passionate about, allowing the cosmic currents to guide you toward mastery. It’s time to channel your inner champion, map out your cosmic game plan, and let the symphony of ambition and diligence lead you to victory!

A conservative step-by-step approach is strongly advised by the planets now. Don’t rush; focus on creative projects and romantic endeavours with a strategic mindset. Embrace the challenge, put in the work, and watch your goals and creative projects thrive. Be open for innovation and ambition, especially in your relationships. Surprise others with your thoughts and leverage this cosmic energy to your advantage.

On January 11th, the celestial spotlight unveils a dazzling New Moon in Capricorn, casting its luminous glow upon your 3rd House. Picture this celestial soirée as a cosmic workshop where the universe encourages you to embark on a journey of acquiring new skills. Whatever you set your mind to during this lunar spectacle has the power to be a game-changer—whether it’s mastering a new skill, delving into the realms of creativity, or penning down that innovative idea that’s been dancing in your mind. This New Moon is conjunct transformative powerhouse, Pluto. While they may be at a wide-angle of 9° difference, the energy is profound. This marks the final collaboration between the New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn for a staggering 260+ years. It’s a rare cosmic alignment, signalling a monumental shift in your personal power and the dynamics of your immediate surroundings. If you diligently sow the seeds of your aspirations, working persistently towards your projects, goals, and destiny, tangible results will bloom by late June.


Hard work and grand visions gain planetary support. Systemise goals, embrace a limitless approach, and take leaps of faith, especially in collaboration. Desire for it all faces challenges; cooperation may not always be the ultimate solution. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius heralds a transformative family shift. Balancing innovation and humanity becomes crucial.


Venus enters Capricorn, the 23rd. Get serious about pleasures, be professional in business and love—put yourself out there.

The full moon in Leo on the 25th,  tests career and reputation.Career heights and transformations may impact partnerships, prompting changes in both career and residence. Look at what holds you back; transform and act authentically from the heart. Dennis Rodman’s wisdom echoes, “I don’t play the game for money. I play the game because I love it.” This lunation throws a spotlight on your professional arena, prompting decisions about partnerships. A dynamic shift in your career may ripple into your living situation or vice versa, urging a transformative dance. This full moon urges you to break free from fixed opinions and routines. Transform, drop the ego, and act authentically from the heart. Recall the new moon last August, intertwined with Venus retrograde. Reflect on the changes sparked by heartbreak. A broken heart paves the way for true love, within and without. What lessons has your heart learned? Who shares the crown of authenticity with you? As Dennis Rodman declares, “I may be a wild goose, but I’m real.” Embrace your authenticity fearlessly.

January 26th heralds a powerhouse day with the Mercury-Mars conjunction. Sharp minds and swift actions create the perfect storm for major moves. Seize the moment, work hard, and catapult yourself into a head start.

Uranus turns Direct the 27th in your 7th house of partnerships. All planets are now direct—time to launch towards goals and success. Get ready for a rocket-speed journey especially in your one-on-one relationships until April!

If you stay within your comfort zone at home and in relationships you will experience tension. Choose to be serious and committed in love, even with someone unconventional, promising longevity. Multiply your joy in relationships, it’s an ideal time for affection and generosity—perfect for a beautiful date day and night, wrapping up an intense week. Think outside the box and turn outliers into a business venture, possibly wImageith the support of a business partner. Dive into unconventional ideas and embrace surprises. While pursuing your goals, be open to pleasant surprises and turnarounds in your relationships. Expect the unexpected in partnerships by avoiding strict adherence to one path.

OUTRO: EMBRACE THE COSMIC CRESCENDO Feel the cosmic beat urging you to seize the unexpected, boldly paint your existence on the grand canvas of the cosmos. The stage is illuminated, and the stars cheer in harmony— get ready for a majestic leap into realms where magic and transformation intertwine. Rise & Grind, Scorpio, as your cosmic saga unfolds!



The grand finale of your starring role in the Mercury retrograde drama is here as Mercury turns direct in your sign. Life might have felt like a chaotic stage, but fear not, the cosmic haze is lifting. Jupiter’s direct motion signals a shift from health focus to relationship blessings, especially from May. Rebuild your finances through new income sources and consider tweaking your routine for a healthier, wealthier you. As the stars align, prosperity awaits.


Chill and recharge. Resist the FOMO; the year begins on January 2nd. Rushing today might set a depressing tone. Mercury goes direct, January 2nd, marking the start of a prosperous 2024. Bid farewell to the messy Mercury retrograde phase. All planets are direct—except Uranus. Mars charges into Capricorn, the 4th fuelling ambition and a realistic approach to financial goals until February 13. Work hard, stick to a schedule, and follow the wisdom of Michael Jordan: “Results come with work.”

Revisit events from the end of November 2023. Relationships take the spotlight—any significant news or developments could resurface the 7th.

Early in the month you should proceed conservatively. A steady approach is your strategy. Embrace the challenge, work hard, and watch financial goals materialise.

Financial opportunities may unfold through creativity.

January 11th is a celestial soirée that holds financial transformative power with a gorgeous new moon in Capricorn. Aligned with the power transformer, Pluto, this marks a rare cosmic alignment not to be experienced for at least 260 years. As you bask in this profound moment, visualise it as the last dance between the New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn for centuries to come. The corresponding Full Moon in late June beckons, promising tangible results if you diligently sow the seeds of your aspirations. The advice is clear: keep hustling, work hard toward your projects, goals, and destiny, especially your money making ventures and witness the fruition of your efforts by late June. This celestial dance urges you to embrace the transformative energy and let it guide you towards a future brimming with possibilities.

Hard work and grand visions align, offering planetary support to make your efforts lucrative. Mercury enters Capricorn the 13th, bringing a sharp focus on financial endeavours especially with business partners. Your mind is primed for fortune.


By mid-January hard work harmonises with grand visions. Achieve financial heights with full planetary support. Systemise goals and take wise steps toward your dreams. Real estate may offer financial gains. A limitless approach and leaps of faith lead to success. Creativity becomes a source of income. Reassess home and family desires. Cooperation is essential, but it may not be the ultimate solution.

A cosmic shift unfolds as Aquarius season begins, marked by Pluto’s entry into Aquarius and a powerful Sun-Pluto conjunction in your 3rd House. This not only impacts the weekend but sets the tone for the years ahead. Reflecting on the monumental great conjunction of December 21, 2020, at 0° Aquarius, observe the shifts that have occurred since then. The climax of this week and possibly the entire year signifies a transformative shift toward the future—embracing technology, artificial intelligence, and the new while maintaining our humanity. As you navigate this celestial dance, ponder on how to innovate your skillset while respecting the human essence. Michael Jordan’s aspiration to be the bridge to the next generation echoes, urging you to consider your role in shaping the future landscape.


Venus enters Capricorn, joining Mercury and Mars in your 2nd house of money. A Capricorn stellium intensifies financial focus. Get serious about pleasures and wealth creation.

Embrace ultimate transformation, walk on the dark side, and act authentically from the heart, January 25th. The Full Moon in Leo, radiating transformative energy in your spiritual 9th house, prompts a journey or trip that has the potential to profoundly transform you. Some may find themselves completing a higher education course or taking on the role of a teacher. The game of life isn’t just about money but is driven by passion and love. Freshly opposite Pluto, this emotional lunation triggers ultimate transformation. Delve into introspection—what is holding you back? How can you authentically act from the heart? Reflect on the new moon in August last year, marked by a conjunction with heart-wrenching Venus retrograde. Consider the changes sparked by heartbreak and how a broken heart can pave the way for true love. Dennis Rodman’s authenticity resonates: “I may be a wild goose, but I’m real.”

A brilliant day unfolds with the Mercury-Mars conjunction on January 26th—a celestial synergy that sharpens the mind and propels actions at full speed. Especially potent in your money-making ventures, this day offers a golden opportunity to make major moves. Seize the moment, work hard, and catapult yourself into a head start as you navigate the cosmic currents propelling you toward financial success.

Uranus turns direct the 27th, meaning all planets are direct until April. Rocket-speed progress awaits. Expect extraordinary job opportunities. Challenge your comfort zone. Show affection and generosity at work for multiplied good vibes. Think outside the box for potential business ventures and dive into unconventional ideas for financial success. Expect pleasant surprises in goal pursuits.

COSMIC SYMPHONY As the curtain falls on this celestial spectacle, remember you are the lead in your own cosmic drama. Let the symphony of the stars be your guide, an overture that resonates with the spirits of sports legends and intergalactic wonders. Seize the moment to dance with the unexpected, transforming each step into an icon of your journey. The cosmic orchestra is playing your anthem, and the stars themselves are applauding your unique performance. Rise & Grind, Sagittarius, for the universe awaits your next act!



Embark on a journey of celestial proportions, as you step into the grand arena of January—a month that marks a milestone in the cosmic narrative. The powerhouse transformer, Pluto, swirls around your sign for the last time in this era, unleashing a cosmic party of energies in your honour. Get yourself ready for a surge of boss energy vibes—your very presence and energy set the tone for a powerful 2024.


As January unfolds, take a moment to chill and recharge. The cosmos advises a strategic approach to the new year—don’t rush, don’t misinterpret your dreams on the 1st, and don’t succumb to FOMO. The real kick-off happens on January 2nd as Mercury turns direct, signalling the end of a hazy and still phase. Mars, the cosmic go-getter, joins your sign, infusing you with boundless energy. Follow the wisdom of Michael Jordan: “Results come with work.” Your journey begins; pace yourself.

Navigate the celestial dance with caution early in the month. A conservative approach is your strategy, blending maturity with ambition. Embrace the challenge, jot down your goals, and progress steadily. A beautiful day unfolds on January 10, infusing innovation and ambition into your endeavours. But the real cosmic celebration awaits on January 11— a celestial event of profound significance unfolds as the New Moon graces your sign, marking the commencement of a personal reset button in your life. Forget the conventional New Year celebrations on January 1st; your official new year has arrived. This lunar event is a cosmic invitation to create magic and construct the life of your dreams. Give yourself the gift of time and embrace steady progress, recognising that this journey is as crucial as the destination. The influence of this New Moon extends beyond personal realms, signalling potential transformations in both your love and business relationships. Conjunct widely to Pluto, this New Moon represents a rare cosmic alignment. The power transformer, Pluto, has been dancing with Capricorn for over 15 years, and this conjunction signifies the grand finale of their cosmic tango for at least 260 years. The corresponding Full Moon in late June promises tangible results if you plant the seeds of your aspirations and work diligently towards your projects and destiny. The message is clear: keep hustling and witness the fruition of your efforts by late June.

On January 13th, Mercury, steps into your sign, infusing you with a powerful blend of mental brilliance and strategic thinking. This cosmic alignment urges you to embrace your inner boss, align your actions with your thoughts, and dive into business discussions with confidence. As you put your mind to work, the cosmic forces will harmonise, propelling everything else forward. You hold the speakerphone in the cosmic conversation—get moving, get talking, and make your influence felt.


As mid-January unfolds, hard work harmonies with grand visions. Your actions and thoughts align, offering full planetary support for personal dreams and goals.

A momentous cosmic shift occurs on January 20 as Pluto, the dark lord, bids farewell to Capricorn after a residency of over 15 years. This marks the initiation of a new era as Pluto moves into Aquarius, staying until late 2024. The weekend witnesses a profound Sun-Pluto conjunction, echoing the great conjunction of December 21, 2020. Reflect on the shifts since then and contemplate the trajectory toward the future. The cosmic spotlight is on the clash between the old and the new, the tech and the traditional, prompting questions on innovation while preserving humanity. Channel the spirit of Michael Jordan’s aspiration to be the bridge to the next generation, and navigate this transformative journey with grace.


Venus joins the cosmic party January, 23, entering your sign. Now, with a stellium of planets—Mercury, Mars, and Venus all in your sign —this sexy planetary transit amplifies your magnetism, urging you to get serious about your pleasures while maintaining professionalism in both business and love. You are a cosmic magnet; keep attracting what your heart truly desires.

The Full Moon on January 25th illuminates your 8th house, bringing a financial chapter to a close. As one money source may conclude, another opens, emphasising the power of your creativity to overcome challenges. This moon echoes Dennis Rodman’s philosophy: “I don’t play the game for money. I play the game because I love it.” Freshly opposite Pluto, this emotional lunation triggers ultimate transformation. Delve into introspection, challenge fixed opinions and routines, and authentically act from the heart. Reflect on the changes initiated during the new moon in August last year, fuelled by heart-wrenching Venus retrograde. Embrace self-love inside and out, allowing your broken heart to be an open door for true love to find its way.

January 26th brings a super lucky planetary day—a brilliant time where sharp minds and swift actions converge. A significant day to work hard and make major moves, propelling yourself into a head start. The cosmic currents are in your favour—seize the moment and navigate the path to success.

Uranus turns direct, signalling a time of rocket-speed progress. All planets direct until April promise extraordinary opportunities. Challenge your comfort zone, show affection, and think outside the box for potential business ventures. January’s finale invites you to make a business out of outliers—surprise yourself, Capricorn, and expect the unexpected.

CAPRICORN CRESCENDO As the cosmic symphony reaches its masterful conclusion, January unveils itself as your master month. Your journey is an electrifying saga inspired by sports legends, intergalactic wonders, and the rhythm of the cosmos. The stage is set, the stars are applauding—get yourself ready for a cosmic crescendo into the realms of magic and transformation. Rise & Grind, Capricorn, for your encore awaits.



Buckle up, Aquarius! January 2024 is hitting you with monumental shifts. Pluto is moving into your sign, offering a tantalising taste of the future. Brace yourself for a futuristic saga that kicks off a year-long adventure, with a brief pitstop in Capricorn. And hold on, because later in the month, a full moon in your relationship realm brings dynamics to the forefront—changes are on the horizon. Plus, the echoes of a matter at home might still be felt. Get ready to dance with the cosmic winds.


Chill vibes today. No need to jump into the New Year frenzy. Sleep in, avoid the FOMO, and let tomorrow handle the grand entrance. Trying to do too much January 1st, might just bring on the blues. Mercury is finally direct January 2nd! Shake off the misunderstandings with friends, and embrace the positives. Reconnect with pals you’ve missed and kickstart a prosperous 2024. Mercury retrograde mayhem is behind us; let the good times roll!

Mars enters Capricorn, the 4th, stoking your inner warrior. You are stealthily building something behind the scenes, keeping it private. Work hard, stick to your schedule, and brace yourself—things are about to zoom. As Michael Jordan wisely said, “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”

On the 7th, expect news about a creative project or a child-related matter linked to November 27 last year. What took flight then might come back around now. Any memorable moments? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Adopt a conservative approach, especially when dealing with friends or groups. Slow and steady wins this cosmic race. Challenges? Accept them. Put in the work with realism. Mediation is the secret sauce for success. January 10th, sparks innovation and ambition. Grab this stellar day to your advantage, especially in family relations or your living situation. Embrace the cosmic shake-up!

January 11th is not just any New Moon; it’s a cosmic rendezvous with the universe in your private subconscious space. The energy is potent in the 12th house, stirring the depths of your inner self. This is where your inner warrior resides, and right now, they’re whispering the answers you seek.The conjunction, though with transformative Pluto, adds a magnetic intensity to this lunar dance. It’s a rare celestial waltz, marking the last New Moon in Capricorn linked with Pluto for centuries. Embrace this profound moment, allowing the transformative power of Pluto to guide your intentions. This lunar cycle encourages you to hustle with intention, nurturing your projects and goals. You’re not merely planting seeds; you’re cultivating destiny. Keep the momentum going, and by late June, you’ll witness the fruits of your cosmic grind. As the echoes of the New Moon linger, the cosmic symphony urges you to listen to your dreams. They carry whispers of guidance, paving the way for your journey ahead. Every dream is a stepping stone, and as you follow the ethereal path they illuminate, you’re building the foundation of your future. It’s a celestial blueprint, and with each step, you solidify your aspirations. Mercury enters Capricorn, the 13th, urging a more silent and focused approach. Meditation becomes your secret weapon. Embrace the boss vibes.


The cosmic stage is set for you to reach new financial heights. Listen to your inner voice guiding you. Systemise your goals and dreams. What wise steps will bring you closer to your dream life? Listen to the whispers of your future visions. It’s time to burst that bubble in the friends department. Cooperation is key, but it might not be the ultimate solution. Acceptance is your cosmic ally.

A cosmic spectacle unfolds on January 20—a highlight not just of the month but the entire year. Aquarius season takes the stage, accompanied by the powerhouse Pluto entering your sign. A Sun-Pluto conjunction further amplifies the cosmic drama. You’re not just transforming; you’re becoming the catalyst for change.

Remember the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020? The echoes of that celestial alignment reverberate in this moment. The shift is palpable, propelling you into the future. The narrative unfolds in the dichotomy of new versus old, tech versus tradition. Be the bridge, much like Michael Jordan’s aspiration to connect generations. Navigate the realms of innovation while preserving the core of humanity. It’s a delicate dance, and you are at the forefront.


Venus enters Capricorn, the 23rd, completing the stellium in your 12th house. Mercury, Mars, and now Venus—all in Capricorn. Your subconscious is buzzing with insights. Dive into the labyrinth of your dreams and uncover treasures to power you through 2024.

The Full Moon in Leo, January 25th, is casting its luminous glow on your key partnerships. The cosmic spotlight reveals dynamics in your relationships. The trick, perhaps, is not just coexistence but embracing differences. Whether in personal or business partnerships, adaptability to the future becomes crucial. This moon, freshly opposite Pluto in your sign, sets the stage for a powerful emotional lunation. Transformation beckons, and while the journey may seem challenging initially, it’s an invitation to explore the uncharted, the dark side. Shed fixed opinions and routines; authentically act from the heart. This is your moment of majesty amidst the shifting cosmic landscape. Recall the New Moon in August last year, cloaked in the embrace of a heart-wrenching Venus retrograde. What changes did you initiate in the wake of heartbreak? A broken heart, is an open door for true love, both self-love inside and out. What have you learned about your heart, authenticity, and who deserves to share the crown with you?

Uranus turns direct, unleashing a rocket of direct motion. Time will fly—get on that rocket and launch toward goals and success! Continue building your dream home, whether it’s an idea or a physical place. Until April, all planets are direct—brace yourself for the warp speed ahead!


Think outside the box. Turn outliers into a business. Dive deep with your thoughts, and let your mind soar. Expect the unexpected and don’t strictly stick to one path. Aquarius, Your era is changing. You’re the leader of this new futuristic era, carrying the fire like an Olympian. Embrace the shifts, innovate, and lead the way into a cosmic tomorrow!



Dreams are on the brink of realisation, though it might feel like a slow burn. Since Saturn entered your sign last March, the call to mature and grow echoes. But fear not, Pisces! This month urges you to socialise, let loose, and tap into the energy of good company. Get ready to dance under the cosmic lights.


Chill on January 1st—sleep in. No need to kick off the year with a career frenzy. January 2nd is your day to begin when Mercury turns direct in your career house, breaking the fog. The haze in your career pursuit is lifting.  Move forward with clarity. Mercury retrograde mayhem brought delays and electronic mishaps, but also serendipitous reunions and tales from 2023. Mars enters Capricorn, the 4th sparking goal-oriented vibes through inspiration from friends. Work hard, stick to a schedule, and brace for a fast-paced January. Michael Jordan’s wisdom echoes: “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.Now is the time to move forward, make your statements, and pursue your professional ambitions. If you’ve been job hunting, now is the opportune moment to send out CVs and put yourself out there. The universe is aligning to support your career endeavours. Embrace the energy of progression, and don’t let the past weeks’ challenges hold you back. The next Mercury retrograde won’t cast its shadow until April, so seize the moment and charge full speed ahead into the opportunities that await. More news emerges on the 7th about a family situation from late November. Reflect on the details.

Don’t rush career-wise. A conservative, step-by-step approach will lead to faster goal achievement. Embrace challenges, put in the work, and infuse realism into your goals. Innovation and ambition, especially within your network, go hand in hand.

January 11th marks a celestial rendezvous as the new moon graces your 11th House of friendships, dreams, and aspirations. It’s not just any new moon; it’s a cosmic catalyst for manifesting your aspirations. Dreams have the potential to materialise, and the key lies in forging connections. Make new friends and immerse yourself in communities that ignite your passions, even if it starts online. Join groups aligned with your interests; this is the fertile ground for cultivating your dream job.The conjunction with Pluto, adds a magnetic intensity to this lunar dance. This marks the final embrace between the new moon in Capricorn and transformative Pluto for centuries. Plant the seeds of your projects and goals, and through hard work, witness tangible results by late June. When Mercury enters Capricorn, the 13th, you should get talking with friends, discuss business, align actions with thoughts, and get moving.


Hard work and grand visions, are supported by the cosmos. Systemise goals, and take a leap of faith in your creative pursuits.

January 20th a new era commences. Aquarius season begins. Pluto enters Aquarius activating your subconscious realms. The Sun-Pluto conjunction echoes the great conjunction of December 21, 2020. Shifts toward the future, tech, and AI are coming even more.


Venus enters Capricorn, the 23rd forming a stellium. Get serious about your pleasures, make VIP connections, and maintain professionalism in business and friendships.

The full moon in Leo graces your 6th House, on the 25th, highlighting routines, health matters, and dynamics with co-workers. This lunar event is more than a celestial spectacle; it’s an emotional journey. It challenges you to take charge of routines and health matters. The wisdom of Dennis Rodman echoes: “I don’t play the game for money. I play the game because I love it.”

Freshly opposite Pluto in your 12th House, this full moon triggers a powerful emotional lunation. It might seem challenging initially, but embrace the transformative energy. Walk on the dark side, shedding fixed opinions and routines. Authentically act from the heart, questioning how you can be true to yourself and become majestic in a changing landscape.

Reflect on the new moon in August last year, accompanied by a heart-wrenching Venus retrograde. What changes did you initiate post-heartbreak? Remember, a broken heart is an open door for true love, both self-love inside and out. Learn from your experiences and open yourself to the crown of authenticity.

“I may be a wild goose, but I’m real. Real in the sense that I’m not afraid to be myself.” – Dennis Rodman

January 26th is a day for sharp minds and swift actions. Make major moves,—head start guaranteed. A day later Uranus turns direct. Meaning all planets are direct, now—launch toward goals and success. Warp speed ahead until April. Mature love toward friends yields longevity. Show affection and generosity—multiply the good vibes. And never forget to think outside the box. Expect the unexpected and be open to surprises on your journey.


You’re a visionary, Pisces. Even if things seem slow, be proud. Great things take time. Embrace the journey into 2024, where dreams become reality under the cosmic symphony.

Written by Cosmic Mi