CREEPING IT REAL – The Eclipse Aftermath 

Blast off into the ethereal soundscape of the cosmos, dear stargazers, as we embark on another thrilling journey, powered by the enigmatic influence of Radiohead. With the ’90s nostalgia and the mystique of Halloween in the air, we are ready to unravel the cosmic riddles that await. In the lingering aftermath of the last two eclipses of 2023, one in Libra and another in Scorpio, we find ourselves navigating the celestial realm with the echoes of these transformative celestial events resonating in our lives. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a week filled with surprises, grand visions, and ethereal encounters. As Thom Yorke once sang, “I’m not afraid of computers taking over the world.” We’re not afraid of the unknown either; we’re here to embrace it.

On Tuesday, and Halloween, Venus and Uranus team up like old friends reuniting at a costume party – sparks fly, memories resurface, and we might even cross paths with a lover from the past. It’s a cosmic invitation to break free from the shackles of routine and embrace our inner weirdo.

“If you are being true to yourself and it isn’t enough for the people, change the people.”  – Ed O’Brien- Radiohead

We’re a peculiar bunch, and if we don’t fit in here, we’ll surely find our cosmic tribe elsewhere. With Scorpio Season in full swing, we’re primed for Halloween shenanigans. The Moon will be dancing through Gemini, inviting us to embrace our multiplicity. So, dust off your costumes and embrace the chaos, because it’s time to creep it real instead of creeping around. Feeling larger than life? Thursday + Friday, the combust opposition between the Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus inspires us to think big, dream grand, and believe in the extraordinary. It’s like having the Midas touch – everything you touch can turn to gold. So, take that leap of faith, go big or go home. Blessings are in the air, and the glass is not only half full, it’s overflowing with cosmic potential!

Let’s be cautious not to lose ourselves in a dream world. Friday paints the world with rose-colored glasses, making love, work, and life look enchanting. Creativity will soar to new heights, and everything we visualise will feel incredibly real. People might overlook our flaws and project idealised images onto us. It’s a day to impress, and be the star of our own dreamy movie.

“For a minute there, I lost myself.” – From “Karma Police” – Radiohead

Prepare for a wild ride, on Saturday! Surprises, changing thoughts, and electric insights are on the horizon. It’s a day to let your inner genius run free – write, communicate, and let your mind go wild. As Radiohead would say, “I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.” Embrace your quirks and let your eccentricity shine. Saturn, the cosmic teacher, is turning direct this Sunday, after its long retrograde journey. The lessons have been internalised, and it’s time to move forward. Remember, what goes around comes around, and the Karma Police never sleeps. For those born in 1993-1996, currently in their first Saturn Return,  and those experiencing their 2nd Saturn Return (born around 1964-1967), this is your time to face life’s responsibilities and grow into your own. Structure and order become paramount.

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Mars, your ruling planet, is Scorpio-bound in the 8th house, and it’s about to shake things up with its transformative energy.

The week opens with a cosmic love note from Venus and Uranus, inviting you to embrace the unexpected. The stars are in cahoots to bring you surprises that are nothing short of delicious. Good vibes permeate your daily grind, and if you’ve been itching to make money in new and innovative ways, the universe has your back. Collaborations with a business partner may lead to exciting breakthroughs.

In the depths of Scorpio Season, we find ourselves at the heart of Halloween. It’s time to trade in your creeping-around cape for a “creeping it real” attitude. Let the night surprise you as you bump into old and new friends.

Prepare for a dose of grandiosity, on Thursday & Friday. The Sun and Jupiter engage in an opposition that encourages thinking big, bold, and beautiful. Financial blessings are on the horizon, but remember, this cosmic duo has the power to make you feel like you have the Midas touch. Be careful not to overspend. Enjoy the largesse without breaking the cosmic bank. So, take a leap of faith, go big, or simply go home.

In the words of Radiohead, “For a minute there, I lost myself.” Keep your feet firmly on the ground. While love and work may appear rose-tinted, beware of the siren call of daydreams. Creativity soars to new heights, making you feel like you’re living in a dream. While you might overlook mistakes in others, meditation is your ally, helping you impress others in the waking world. But beware, your work may turn into a confusing labyrinth on this mystical Friday.

Your thoughts are set to shift this Saturday, as Mercury opposes Uranus. Expect big surprises and lightning-fast changes in your financial decisions. Electric insights strike like cosmic bolts, so embrace your inner genius, let your imagination run wild, and adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape. Saturn, the cosmic teacher, is ending its retrograde journey that began on June 17th. This period has been one of internalised lessons and introspection. Good karma awaits, and as Radiohead’s Karma Police remind us, “You will be caught.” The universe acknowledges your efforts, and you’ll reap what you’ve sown. Move forward, embracing your quirks, and boldly dancing through the cosmic symphony with style. As Radiohead once said, “Everything in its right place.” In this vast cosmos, everything indeed has its perfect, harmonious spot.

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Venus, your charming planetary ruler will dancing through your 5th house, bringing pleasurable moments and creative highs. Heartwarming connections with children should especially light up your days.

On Tuesday, Venus trines Uranus, sparking delightful surprises and tangible good vibes. Perhaps you’ll reconnect with past lovers or encounter someone who blows you away. Be creative and let your inner child play without pressure. Embrace your uniqueness and enjoy the ride.

As Scorpio Season envelops us in its mysterious aura, this Tuesday marks the start of spooky season. For you, it’s a partner season – someone’s got to handle the creeps, right? Let’s keep “creeping it real”!

Thursday and Friday, it’s a time for exaggeration and thinking big, especially in your one-on-one relationships. Blessings abound, whether in date nights, love declarations, or even marriage proposals. You might be on the receiving end of these Jupiterian blessings. Seize this fertile moment, as Jupiter will bid adieu later this year, only to return back to your sign in 12 years time.

Friday features a Venus-Neptune opposition, meaning there’s danger to get lost in the dream world romantically. Rose-colored glasses tint your love life, but it’s also a day for remarkable creativity and visualising the extraordinary. You might overlook mistakes in others or even find yourself falling for a friend. Love is in the air.

Saturday, Mercury opposing Uranus in your sign, is promising big surprises and lightning-fast changes in your relationships. Electric insights and sudden shifts will make you the talk of the town. Your words might shock or astound, even surprising yourself. On the Sunday, Saturn turns direct in your 11th house, concluding its retrograde journey. Lessons and karmic reckonings, related to friendships, come to the forefront. Some bonds may change or dissolve, but remember, paths can diverge only to cross again. Good karma awaits, and the “karma police” will address those who have behaved badly. It’s a time to let go of what no longer serves you in your social circle. Your cosmic symphony continues, with or without those who’ve left the stage.

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Anxiety and sleep don’t make the best bedfellows. Mercury’s got you locked in its Scorpio grip, and it’s all about the daily grind, work, work, work. Don’t overwhelm your brilliant mind with sensory overload; remember, you’re only human.

Come Tuesday, Venus aligns with Uranus, delivering a dose of delightful surprises and good vibes, especially on the home front and within the family. Embrace your inner weirdness – after all, we’re all a little peculiar. We’re the misfits who’d rather be weirdos than try to fit in where we don’t belong.

As Scorpio Season blends with Halloween, the stage is set for a spook-tacular show. With the moon in your sign, get ready to unleash your inner werewolf and howl with delight. It’s a stellar opportunity to out on your most haunting attire and “creep it real” rather than lurking in the shadows. Boo!

Thursday and Friday, it’s a time for exaggeration, thinking big, and receiving blessings in your daily life and partnerships, be it love or business. You might overdo things, but sometimes, that’s exactly what’s needed to turn grand visions into grand realities. With Jupiter’s Midas touch, your co-workers and relationships are lit up.

Friday presents an enigmatic Venus-Neptune. Avoid losing yourself between career and family life. Don’t blur the lines when it comes to your true career desires. You might be wearing some dangerously rose-tinted glasses in love, work, and life in general. It’s a day for heightened creativity stemming from your vibrant upbringing. Visualise and watch your ideas come to life. Others might be projecting ideal images onto you, so use it to your advantage and impress the boss.

Saturday is a Mercury-Uranus showdown, promising shockingly delightful surprises in your routine and workplace. Your thoughts might jump from topic to topic, sparking electric insights about what truly gets under your skin. Let your inner genius shine through in your words and deeds. Meditation can help harness your inner focus.

On the 5th, Saturn turns direct, marking the end of its retrograde journey. Lessons and karmic reckonings have been internalised, often subconsciously. Now, it’s time to make power moves in your career. You’ve learned a lot from your mistakes, and good karma awaits. The “karma police” are vigilant, ensuring you reap what you sow. No empty promises, build steadily and with endurance. By the end of this transit in 1 1/2 years, you’ll have built a robust legacy and unshakable authority.

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After the cosmic turmoil of the recent eclipses in October, you might still be riding the waves of change that washed over your life. It’s almost like the universe gave your home and family a makeover while also shaking up your friend circle and collective dreams. It’s an emotion ocean, but it’s also sparking creativity and a hint of romance in the air. And if your heart’s desire is a bit of baby-making, well, the universe seems to be on board with that too.

As we step into Scorpio Season, also known as Halloween season, it’s more than just an excuse to dress up. With the moon in Gemini, your multiple personalities get their chance to shine. Whether you’re Netflix and chilling with a date that goes from spooky to sizzling or attending a Halloween soiree, your eyes are on fire, and you’re ready to have a blast. The equivalent of mistletoe in the Halloween world? Who knows, but something’s bound to pop up, right?

Thursday and Friday it’s a time for going big and experiencing blessings in your creative life and friendship circles. Sure, you might overdo it, but that’s what happens when you believe in grand visions – you turn them into grand realities. Jupiter’s got the Midas touch, and your heart is on your sleeve, passions ablaze. It’s a “glass full” kind of mentality, so get out there, socialise, and if you dare staying in, let your creativity flow endlessly as you create your masterpieces.

On Friday, Venus and Neptune tango in a wild dance of creativity and idealism. You’ll be visualising like a pro, and people might see you as their ideal. Just watch out not to miss the bus amidst your creative haze, but hey, there’s always another one coming.

Saturday promises surprises in the company of friends, lovers, and intriguing strangers. Thoughts will bounce like never before, so let your inner genius run wild. You might even tap into what the collective craves in a decade and become a trendsetter. Think outside the box, or in your case, outside your shell.

Finally, on the 5th, Saturn turns direct, ending its retrograde odyssey. Lessons and karmic reckonings have settled in your subconscious, especially in the realm of relationships. It’s like the universe’s cosmic professor has graded your relationship lessons, and they’re now engraved into your soul. Good karma is on the horizon, but remember, the “karma police” never takes a break, they’re the ultimate cosmic watchdogs, making sure you get exactly what you’ve earned. No more empty promises. It’s time to construct your future with unwavering determination. You might even discover newfound support in far-off places or uncover a profound spiritual belief. And if that wasn’t enough, keep in mind that travel is not just an adventure, it’s an extraordinary teacher in the grand classroom of life. Embrace the lessons, embark on the journey, and let your cosmic path unfold with grace.

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Home sweet home. The cosmos is ready for cozy gatherings at your castle, featuring intimate dinners with your inner circle, and maybe a dash of “spook-chic” for ambiance.

Tuesday, it’s all about the money moves, honey! Expect delightful surprises in your moneymaking skills and innovative career ventures. Breakthroughs are on the horizon while you do what you love, adding a fresh perspective to your hustle. You’re not just a rebel; you’re a showstopper with a cause. Together with maybe a partner, you’re a dynamic duo, seamlessly running the show. Your performance is meticulous down to the last detail.

As Scorpio Season brings in Halloween, it’s time for some spirited mingling, illuminated by the moon in Gemini. Rather than lurking in the shadows, it’s your moment in the spotlight. Embrace the art of “creeping it real,” and let pleasant surprises, not shocks, fill the night.

Thursday and Friday, the Sun opposes grand Jupiter, stirring up some grandeur, dear Leo. You’re in for a time of exaggeration, big thinking, and blessings. The universe is serving up a hearty helping of good things, with your home and career as the main course. Your ambitions know no bounds, and you’re generously sharing your heart of gold. Even real estate deals may shine bright. It’s a golden touch showdown, where you’re encouraged to go big and head back home with a heart full of happiness.

Keep your feet on the ground, this Friday, and avoid getting lost in a dream world, especially when it comes to love and finances. While you’ll experience a surge of creativity, be cautious not to splurge on whimsical purchases. Perhaps it’s the perfect day for a little Netflix binge-watching session.

Saturday, Mercury opposes Uranus, bringing about unexpected surprises in your household, family dynamics, and career. Thoughts may hop from one topic to the next as electric insights spark revelations. Embrace your inner maverick by expressing your thoughts and ideas. Don’t take it personally if a family member offers a critique. The younger generation admires your unique qualities, and they’ve got big shoes to fill. By Sunday, Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, finally ends its retrograde journey in Pisces, providing clarity on matters related to death, shared finances, investments, debt, and taxes. You may have felt the weight of these issues subconsciously. Now, as Saturn moves forward, you’ll reap what you’ve sown. No need to rush. Building steadily and persistently is the key. Overnight success isn’t the goal, it’s all about enduring growth. The “karma police” are on duty, ensuring that your actions have their consequences. So, no empty promises, Leo, and remember that success is a journey, not just a destination.

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Get ready for deep and mysterious conversations. The cosmos is all about revealing groundbreaking truths and helping you take mature steps forward in your relationships, even as you heal those old caregiver-induced wounds.

Expect a celestial wake-up call this Tuesday! The universe has some pleasant surprises in store for you. This cosmic energy revolves around travel and personal spiritual development. You might even find yourself bumping into old flames or making exciting breakthroughs as you step into new horizons.

As Scorpio Season envelops us, Halloween awaits with a mysterious allure. The atmosphere is ideal for a little costume play. So, it’s time to “creep it real” instead of just lurking in the shadows. You are so enchanting right now, thanks to some Venusian magic happening in your sign. Your looks could “kill” in a good way!

Thursday and Friday are the days for making grand gestures, thinking beyond the horizon, and welcoming cosmic blessings. Don’t hesitate to vocalize your desires and jot them down for the universe to see. You’ve got the grand cosmic forces on your side, and whether it’s a dream trip or diving into a new subject, these days encourage you to seize the opportunity. Turn your big visions into even grander realities. With Jupiter’s Midas touch opposing the golden sun, your world gets an expansion and an energy boost. So, whether it’s exploring new horizons, traveling, or embarking on an online learning adventure, why not give it a go?

Friday delivers an extraordinary burst of creativity, especially when working within teams. You may find yourself being forgiving and overlooking others’ mistakes, making it an excellent day to rebuild trust in your relationships. This could be a day for significant forgiveness and moving forward in your partnerships, painting an ideal picture for both yourself and others.

Get ready for a surprise-packed Saturday. Thoughts will be bouncing around like they’ve had one too many espressos, and electric insights may come from faraway lands. It’s a day to let your inner genius shine, whether through writing or simply expressing your thoughts without inhibition. Conversations could be the spark for innovative ideas, so embrace the intellectual adventure.

Finally, on Sunday, Saturn wraps up its retrograde journey. Over the past few months, you’ve internalised numerous lessons, and it’s been a bit like reorganising your relationship landscape while dealing with old parental wounds. As Saturn turns direct, your relationships are poised to mature rapidly and move forward. Good karma is on the horizon, but remember, the “karma police” are always watching, ensuring that you receive what you’ve sown. So, skip the empty promises and take it slow, building your partnerships, be it in love or business, with enduring determination. Sometimes, it’s all about establishing a solid foundation for your shared endeavours.

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You’re on a journey into the depths of your subconscious, exploring the hidden tunnels of your inner world. It’s like rehearsing behind the scenes before your grand performance when your planetary ruler, Venus, moves into your sign.

Tuesday brings unexpected and positive financial surprises. You’ll feel tangible good vibes and have the potential to heal old wounds from past relationships. Embrace the weirdness within you because, as Radiohead says, “We are weirdos, and if we don’t belong here, we don’t – but we certainly belong somewhere else.”

As Scorpio Season unfolds, Halloween is upon us. The moon in Gemini encourages you to enhance your multi-personality, making it the perfect time for dress-up. So, let’s “creep it real” instead of just creeping around. It’s a joyous evening to have fun and be pleasantly surprised, thanks to the cosmic powers of Venus, Uranus, and the moon.

Thursday and Friday, is setting the stage for financial exaggerations and grand visions. While things may seem larger than life, don’t forget that Jupiter’s Midas touch is in play, magnifying and heating up the scene. Take that leap of faith and, if things get out of hand, search for the silver lining.

Friday also is inviting you to stay grounded. Avoid getting lost in the dream world or seeing everything through rose-colored glasses. It’s an ideal day for boosted creativity, but watch out for overlooking mistakes, especially in the workplace.

Saturday brings a Mercury-Uranus opposition, promising financial surprises and innovative insights. Let your inner genius shine by writing, communicating, and letting your mind roam freely. Finally, on the 5th, Saturn turns direct in your 6th house, encouraging you to take control of your health and daily routines. Perhaps you’ve considered joining the 5 am club? Good karma is on its way, and the “karma police” are on your side, ensuring you reap what you sow. Keep working hard, no empty promises, and build your daily life slowly and with endurance. Sometimes, a little structure can work wonders.

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Your words wield power, and your moves are nothing short of breathtaking. You might still be feeling the aftershocks of the recent eclipse, which was a major game-changer for your partnerships.

Surprises are brewing within your friendships and partnerships. Perhaps your respective circles are merging even further. The vibes are tangible, and singles might just encounter past flames or find themselves smitten by a friend. Embrace the weirdness because, after all, Scorpios are a unique bunch. No need for costumes, your natural intensity and gaze could slay anyone anyway.

Prepare for a couple of days marked by exaggeration, grand visions, and blessings, especially in your relationships. The grand powers of the universe are in play, and it’s a moment when going overboard might just be the right move. With Jupiter’s Midas touch opposing the golden sun, things are heating up in the partnership zone. If you’re single, keep your eyes open, for you might meet someone special. If you’re in an unsatisfying relationship, brace yourself – significant changes could be on the horizon.

Don’t lose yourself in the dreamy haze, this Friday. The day is perfect for tapping into your creative side. Visualisation feels incredibly vivid, and people might overlook your mistakes. You might even find yourself smitten with one of your friends. Just hold onto those feelings – they might be projections.

Get ready for a Saturday packed with surprises, particularly in your relationships. Expect to have conversations that lead to groundbreaking revelations, where you might change your stance from one moment to the next. Electric insights are on the menu, and it’s the perfect day to let your inner genius shine. Express yourself through writing and collaborate with others to make the most of this intellectual adventure. Wrapping up the week, on Sunday, Saturn, the wise old sage of the zodiac, is finally turning direct in your 5th house. If you’ve felt creative blockages or been handed some heavy romantic lessons, it’s time to move forward. Fun may have seemed elusive lately due to more profound themes occupying your mind and soul. You’ve internalised the lessons and karma, but now it’s time to embrace the good karma that awaits. The “karma police” are on duty, ensuring you reap what you’ve sown. Saturn continues its journey in Pisces, which began officially in March. Leave behind empty promises and build your creative projects and talents slowly and steadily. Sometimes, a solid foundation is all it takes to create a lasting legacy.


Opportunities are all around you, even in the disguise of a plan that didn’t quite work out. It’s all about finding those silver linings, baby.

On Tuesday yourself for good surprises in your day-to-day life, enhancing your career endeavours. There are tangible good vibes all around, so be open to new gigs and opportunities. Expect breakthroughs as you infuse fresh perspectives into your work. Embrace the weirdness, because let’s face it, we’re all a bit odd, and if we don’t quite fit in here, we certainly belong somewhere else.

As we plunge deeper into Scorpio Season, a.k.a. Halloween, with the Moon hanging out in Gemini, it’s the perfect energy for dressing up and diving into your relationship house. For singles, get ready to mingle – let’s “creep it real” instead of lurking in the shadows. The powerful conjunction of Venus, Uranus, and the Moon promises to pleasantly surprise you.

Thursday and Friday are all about exaggeration, thinking big, and attracting blessings from the cosmos. The grand powers of the universe surround you, and the key to unlocking it all might just be through meditation. While you might occasionally go overboard, sometimes that’s precisely what’s needed when you have grand visions. Jupiter, your planetary ruler, stands in direct opposition to the golden sun, expanding and heating up your zone. So go on, take that leap of faith, and remember to keep that glass not just half full but brimming with optimism.

Be cautious not to lose yourself in a dream world, this Friday, especially when it comes to home life and your career. This day bursts with creativity, making it a fantastic opportunity to kick-start a whole new venture right from the comfort of your home. Visualisation will be more vivid than ever, and you might find yourself overlooking mistakes in others. It’s the perfect day to ask for a raise from your boss.

On Saturday, electric insights will be plenty, especially when you take time to meditate and center your thoughts. This is your chance to let your inner genius run wild, whether you express it through writing or let your mind go on a thrilling adventure. Finally, Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, turns direct this Sunday, after a stint in retrograde since June 17th. If you’ve felt subconscious shifts in your family dynamics or home life, you’re not alone. You’ve been dealing with increased responsibilities and significant changes that demanded maturity and seriousness. Now, it’s time to reap the rewards of the good karma that awaits. Remember, the “karma police” are on patrol, ensuring that what you sow, you shall undoubtedly receive. So, leave behind those empty promises and focus on building steadily with endurance, for sometimes, a solid structure is the key to success.

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No more people-pleasing – it’s time to speak your truth. It’s all about handling your desires through honest communication.

From Tuesday, get ready for good surprises that come with travel and newfound inspiration from different cultures. There’s a vibe of tangible good vibes in the air, making it a prime time to potentially bump into lovers from the past, especially those from other countries. The universe is ripe for breakthroughs when you indulge in activities you love and approach things with a fresh perspective. It’s all about exploration and embracing your inner weirdo – after all, we’re all a bit peculiar. If you don’t fit in here, rest assured, you belong somewhere else.

As we find ourselves knee-deep in Scorpio Season, Halloween knocks on our doors. It’s a great planetary energy, not just for dressing up but for truly creeping it real instead of lurking in the shadows. With the celestial combination of Venus, Uranus, and the moon, expect a joyous evening that promises pleasant surprises – no shock therapy required!

Thursday and Friday, are all about exaggeration, thinking big, and attracting blessings, especially when it comes to your creativity and friendships. Consider collaborating on projects with groups – there’s a touch of Midas in the air. Yes, you might occasionally go overboard, but sometimes, it’s precisely what’s needed to manifest grand visions. With Jupiter in opposition to the golden sun, it’s time to take a leap of faith and think of that glass as not just half full but brimming with positivity. Just a word of caution, though: some of you might find yourselves in a (reproductive) situation you didn’t quite plan for, so be careful if that’s not part of your current agenda.

Guard against getting lost in a dream world, this Friday, whether in love or at work. It’s an insane day for unleashing your creativity, and visualising is almost surreal. Be prepared to overlook the blunders of others. It’s also an excellent day to impress just about anyone, as idealised perceptions flow freely. Watch out for missing a plane or train, punctuality is crucial.

Get ready this Saturday for significant surprises as thoughts bounce around like over-caffeinated kangaroos, especially within your friendships and creative ventures. When it comes to dating, dare to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the extraordinary. Expect electric insights and be open to letting your inner genius shine through writing, communicating, and letting your mind take a thrilling spin. Finally, Saturn, your planetary ruler, ends its retrograde journey, this Sunday having been reversing since June 17th. You may have felt subtle shifts subconsciously. Now, as it turns direct, good karma is on the horizon. The “karma police” are diligently patrolling, ensuring that your actions will yield their due results. Leave behind those empty promises and embark on building solid, enduring relationships with your siblings and those around you. Sometimes, all it takes is a little structure to create something fantastic.

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Make your dreams come true, even if it takes a little time to amass the wealth. Unleash your innovative spirit and create your dream abode for the future, your way.

This Tuesday, get ready for pleasant surprises, especially with the support of a family member. It’s a golden opportunity to consider applying for a loan if you’re looking to materialise that dream home. Transformation is in the cards when it comes to matters of money, family, and home. Embrace the peculiar and remember, we’re all a bit odd. If you don’t belong here, you most certainly belong somewhere else.

As we dive into Scorpio Season, Halloween festivities are upon us. This Tuesday offers the ideal cosmic backdrop for enjoying the eeriness of the season. Get ready to “creep it real” instead of lurking in the shadows. You’re in for an evening filled with fun and pleasant surprises, no shock therapy required. Whether it’s through trick-or-treating or horror movie marathons.

Thursday and Friday, call for exaggeration, thinking big, and attracting blessings, especially in your career and home life. Stretch your vision to make grand things happen, especially in your immediate environment. Jupiter, with its Midas touch, stands in direct opposition to the golden sun, heating up the zone. Time to take that leap of faith, thinking your glass as not just half full but brimming with opportunities.

Don’t get lost in a financial dream world or become oversensitive, this Friday. Rose-colored glasses are charming, but it’s vital to maintain clarity in all aspects of your life. While this day’s creativity boost is off the charts, watch out for potential overspending on unnecessary things.

And on Saturday, prepare for significant surprises concerning your reputation and your cozy abode. Your thoughts could change faster than the weather, so be prepared for electric insights. It’s the perfect day to unleash your inner genius through writing and communication – and don’t hold back when making a striking statement in your outer world. Finally, on Sunday, Saturn, the planet of karma, ends its retrograde journey, which began on June 17th. You may have been internalising life lessons on money-making and wealth building. As it turns direct, anticipate good karma rolling your way, but remember the “karma police” are always watching. Reap what you sow, but don’t forget to be patient, persistent, and trust the process. Leave behind empty promises and build your financial future slowly and steadily. Sometimes, a solid structure is precisely what’s needed to create your dream legacy.

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It’s time to embrace your uniqueness. You’re not a creep or a weirdo; you’re a beautifully unique being. Don’t change, Pisces, because you are something truly special.

On Tuesday, be prepared for pleasant surprises, especially through breakthrough conversations within your partnerships, whether in love or business. Tangible good vibes are in the air, and you might even bump into lovers from the past. Expect breakthroughs while doing what you love with the people you love. Celebrate your weirdness, for it’s your unique brand that makes you belong somewhere special, among fellow weirdos.

Halloween has arrived. This Tuesday, you’ll find yourself in the midst of spooky season with the moon in Gemini, illuminating your multi-faceted personality. It’s the perfect energy for dressing up and getting into the Halloween spirit. Instead of lurking in the shadows, “creep it real” with joy and surprise. Allow the cosmic powers of Venus, Uranus, and the moon to guide you to a fun-filled evening.

Thursday and Friday are all about exaggeration, thinking big, and receiving blessings, particularly related to travel and learning. The grand powers of the universe are at your disposal, so don’t be afraid to go overboard. Jupiter, with its Midas touch, stands in direct opposition to the golden sun, expanding and heating up the zone. It’s the perfect time to take a leap of faith. If there’s a country you’ve always wanted to visit, start planning now. If there’s a course or study that’s piqued your interest, why not dive in with intensive classes or night courses?

Don’t lose yourself in the dream world, this Friday, especially in matters of love and work. While it’s a day of insane creativity, visualisations feeling incredibly real, and people projecting ideal images onto you, tread lightly. You may feel like proposing to someone or that everyone is just perfect. Remember, there’s no such thing as perfection, and it’s essential to differentiate between reality and illusion.

On Saturday, get ready for significant surprises and thought transformations. Whether you’re traveling, on the move, or delving into a mind-bending, horizon-opening book, it’s a day to unleash your inner genius. Express yourself through writing, communication, and the delightful chaos of your creative mind. Finally, Saturn, the planet of karma, concludes its retrograde journey, which began on June 17th. You may have been internalising lessons subconsciously. Now, with Saturn currently in your sign since March this year, you’ll likely feel the weight of increased responsibilities. Good karma is on the horizon, but always remember the “karma police” are watching. Reap what you sow, but do so with patience, persistence, and trust. Leave behind empty promises and build your path slowly and steadily. Sometimes, a solid structure is exactly what’s needed to guide you to your unique destiny.

Words by Cosmic Mi