Frieze London: The Ideal Home Show

The notion of the ideal home is explored by many artists at Frieze this year. In doing so, the dysfunctionalities of the home are plundered too.



Notions of the ideal home and lifestyle are apparent in Anna Uddenberg’s Cuddle Clamp at Kraupa Tuskany-Zeidler, possessing a fetishistic sense of luxury. A similar fleshy fetishism can be found in the crumpled latex kitchen surfaces of Hannah Levy’s sculptural works at Mother’s Tankstation, complete with latex food scraps, fur and asparagus sprigs attached with chains. At Sadie Coles, Michele Abeles’s Rubber evokes life at the poolside, though perhaps only for Sims characters, with its saturated digital aesthetic. Utopian dreams are given space at Esther Schipper’s sky blue and grass green booth, whilst the home is seen in a much more dysfunctional light in Birgit Jürgenssen’s DEMENSTRATION at Galerie Hubert Winter.