Journey to an Imagined Universe When You Buy This Print

Let the swirling colours and strange shapes of Cynthia Pareja Dubin’s work transport you far away from the everyday world

“I cut organic shapes to create my compositions, all layered over an intricately blended background, to create their own universe,” is Cynthia Pareja Dubin’s description of her artistic process. “Abstraction and collages are my main type of work, mixing shapes with photography and pieces from unfinished paintings.”

“It is like manifesting a being from my own imagined universe”

The results are undeniably striking and definitely otherworldly. The Peruvian-born artist may argue that her work reflects her heritage and formative years in Lima and Buenos Aires, but there’s also something undeniably engrossing and alien in the swirl of shapes and colours in this print. “I assemble my recycled textures and patterns to compose a unique structure,” she says. “It is like manifesting a being from my own imagined universe.”

Now living in New Jersey, Dubin was awarded the Liquitex, Just Imagine Residency in 2021.  It saw her supported with a studio, as well as professional development and materials. During my residency, I was able to develop a series of collages and create dimensional layered pieces and experiment with acrylics,” she says. “I explored the concept of revitalising old paintings to create something new in large scale pieces, taking fragments of the past, like memories, errors, things you dislike about yourself, and use them for a good purpose.”


Elephant Kiosk

This signed giclée print is exclusively available in a limited-edition of 50