Social structures, unwritten rules and identity form my subject, inspired directly from my personal surroundings in London and my Dutch homeland. I zoom in on social behaviour, pop culture, T.V. shows and in recent work, food products. The residency will focus on pre-cooked sausages – with their over saturated colours and perfect shapes as they lay in supermarkets, I want to explore the social status of food.

Sausages, Amstel beer and ‘chicken tonight’ pots are synonymous with the working class in the Netherlands, the implication being that they are something to be ashamed of and made fun of; that we should justify ketchup. Key to my investigation is creating a colour chart based on the different hues and colour tones of these beautiful stiff pink pre-cooked sausages. This will dictate my palette for the paintings I will make during my residency period. I am searching for the ‘ultimate sausage colour’


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