Sasha Frolova, Fontes Amoris, 2020

Looking to spark joy instead of fear with your Halloween costume this year? Well, inflatables are the way to go. In the new issue of Elephant, writer Eloise Hendy takes a deep dive into the blow-up art scene, which really is blowing up right now. “Part Y2K nostalgia, part escapism from a chaotic and unstable political era, the current trend for inflatables is a bubble that constantly feels ready to burst,” she notes. For sculptor and performance artist Sasha Frolova—pictured here in a hot pink, tentacled look made of air-filled latex—it’s more about the latter. “The viewer is increasingly in need of childishly simple and understandable art,” she tells Hendy, “causing vivid emotions and joy.” Purchase Elephant 48 here.