Shona McAndrew, Asia, 2019

Shona McAndrew’s paintings are gorgeous. Modelled by real women, the images are enormously eye-catching with their colours, contrasts and framing. Most of her models are themselves artists, however Asia (2019) is inspired by a woman (@pettycheavy) who got in touch via Instagram, inviting McAndrews to “use her body as a canvas”—an invitation she could not resist. While the women stand proudly in the spotlight, obviously the focus of the pieces, we find ourselves equally fascinated by the intricate background details of the paintings; beautiful floral wallpapers, pot plants, and open fridge doors overflowing with condiments. These details indicate the lives of the women; brimming over and quietly complex. McAndrews’ current exhibition, Muse, is being shown at CHART Gallery, New York until 2 November 2019.

Copyright the artist; courtesy of CHART. Photo by Dan Bradica