The Cosmos Is Predicting an Absolutely Fabulous Week Ahead

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“What the hell is the difference between a painting done by a person who wishes to paint like a child and a child’s painting?'”

Universal – Get ready for an absolutely fabulous week infused with delightful retro energy. Not only is Venus in retrograde, but Mercury will be turning retrograde too. In fact, by next Monday, we will have six planetary bodies in retrograde. Actually, it’s all just a cosmic spectacle, and retrograde is merely an optical illusion which gives us the impression that the planets are doing a little backwards dance from our view here on Earth. Now, what does this glitch-tastic retro energy bring? Retrogrades spin the energy inward. Time slows down, and some things may feel a little whimsical. Expect to have less energy, feel a little playful confusion, and embrace the whimsy as we go with the cosmic flow. Each planet’s retrograde motion has its own significance, Venus Rx reviews matters of the heart, Mercury brings a touch of cosmic mischief with miscommunication and delays, Pluto Rx invites us to dive deep into the secrets of our souls, and Saturn Rx nudges us to reconsider our responsibilities with a newfound maturity. 

Welcome this cosmic parade with open arms. It’s a glittering opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and a fabulous dance through the cosmos. So, let’s raise our glasses, sip some champagne, and embrace this retro fusion of cosmic flair. 

With Venus still in retrograde mode during week five, matters of the heart take on the allure of a mesmerising theatrical performance. Drama, darling, drama! And when Venus clashes with Jupiter on Tuesday, it’s like a flamboyant clash of extravagance and sensuality. Problems in the romance department may seem bigger than they actually are. While emotions may run wild, remember to look at the bigger picture and avoid getting too carried away with the theatrics! Continuing on Tuesday, it’s still a fabulous day to let your creativity flow. Mars opposing Neptune ignites our passion for perfection, making it the perfect time to channel your creative muse without limits. Neptune in Pisces, the foggy planet, may add a touch of confusion to practical matters and relationships. Embrace the romanticism, but don’t get lost in the fog, darling! Wednesday is when Virgo season bursts onto the scene, bringing its meticulous perfectionism to the forefront. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, clean up our acts, and embrace the art of getting things done with flair and precision. 

Get your to-do lists ready, darlings, and dive into the world of details and organisation. But hold on to your hats, as Mercury decides to join the retrograde party on the same day! With six planets dancing in retrograde, life may slow down to a snail’s pace, and communication mishaps might be as common as bad fashion choices at a vintage sale. Even in the midst of all the retrograde haze, there’s power to be harnessed! Mars training Pluto brings transformation and determination to the cosmic catwalk. Embrace your inner warrior and fearlessly tackle any challenge that comes your way. With a touch of glamour and resilience, you’ll conquer the retrograde dance floor! As the Sun faces off with Saturn on Saturday, authority figures and responsibilities take centre stage. Embrace the wisdom that comes from confronting obstacles, and remember, every diva needs a little drama! 

Finally, on Sunday, the action planet Mars takes a twirl into Libra’s justice-loving arms. It’s time to find balance and approach situations diplomatically. Unite as a dream team, and use your charm and wit to get things done. So, my darlings, embrace the silly, and the chaotic, as life slows down and we are encouraged to reflect and reassess. Let’s keep our sense of humour intact, rest, and recharge, and remember that even in the most absurd cosmic moments, we can find a touch of magic and inspiration. Stay fabulous, and remember darlings, it’s all part of the cosmic adventure! Until next time, sweetie darlings! 

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Retrograde energies are swirling around you, with Venus pirouetting in Leo through your 5th house, bringing in love, romance & exes and Mercury twirling in Virgo through your 6th house. Oh, the cosmic drama! On the bright side, you may be more creative than ever. On Tuesday, watch out for a cosmic shopping spree as Venus Retrograde squares Jupiter in your house of finances. You might be tempted to overspend to impress your date, but don’t worry, sweetie darling, live in the moment and have a little fun! 

Tuesday continues with your ruler, Mars, engaging in a dance with mystical Neptune. Act on your subconscious desires! Be bold, embrace the magic, and let your inner mystic shine. Wednesday brings the start of Virgo season! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get organised. Get those to-do lists ready. Alert: Mercury Retrograde will be joining the party. Communication may take a cosmic detour, causing a bit of chaos, but remember; laughter is the best accessory! Don’t let the communication hiccups dampen your fabulous spirit! On Friday, Mars and Pluto are bringing transformation and career opportunities. Embrace your inner warrior and fearlessly tackle any challenge that comes your way. Your career is poised for a cosmic glow-up! 

Saturday, authority figures and responsibilities take the stage. You may feel the need to mature and get things done efficiently. Sunday brings your planetary ruler Mars into your 7th house of relationships, darling. It’s time to focus on partnerships, unite as dream teams, and get diplomatic with others’ perspectives. Venus will be moving direct soon, bringing sweeter times ahead! Keep shining like the star you are, sweetie darling, and the cosmic catwalk will be your runway to success! 


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Retro-energies are swirling around you, with Venus voguing in Leo through your 4th house and Mercury cha-cha-ing in Virgo through your passionate 5th house. The cosmic dance floor is calling for family revision time, sweetie darling! You’re re-establishing and re-understanding your

past, just like a retro fashion trend making a comeback. Mercury Retrograde is bringing lovers from the past, and with Venus and Mercury teaming up, creative pleasures and forgotten activities are back on the table. What brought you joy as a child? Time to dust off those treasures! 

On Tuesday, Venus Retrograde squares Jupiter, and emotions could be running wild! You’re feeling larger than life, wanting to experience every pleasure, romantic amour, and creative freedom you felt as a child. No family history is going to hold you back, dear. Look at the bigger picture, make peace, and embark on your own fabulous path! Tuesday continues with Mars opposing Neptune. A friend or acquaintance may ignite a collective creative vision. Let that fire burn, darling! Wednesday brings Virgo season, spotlighting your creativity and romantic pleasures. The Sun’s shining its rays on you, urging you to light up your life and create like there’s no tomorrow! 

However, watch out for Mercury Retrograde sneaking in on the same day. If exes haven’t resurfaced yet since we’re in week five of Venus Retrograde, get ready, sweetie darling; they’re on their way. It might be you reaching out to resolve, review, and close chapters. Dive into creative projects that got lost in the shuffle, as Mercury will be retrograde until mid-September. Expect communication haze but also stimulation through conversations and revisiting the past. 

Friday’s cosmic cocktail serves you a Mars trine Pluto, a powerful transformational mix! Think global and outside the box. Explore creative pursuits with an international flair, and if single, exotic lovers might sweep you off your feet. On the weekend, the Sun faces off with Saturn, testing friendships and group dynamics. If something doesn’t feel authentic anymore, it’s time for a review. Your spirit may dampen, but fear not darling, authenticity is your cosmic fashion statement! Sunday, Mars twirls into Libra’s arms, encouraging balance and diplomacy in your day-to-day affairs. How can you juggle your passions, responsibilities, and personal goals while staying persistent and fabulous? This cosmic dance is yours to lead. Keep sparkling and strutting that cosmic runway! 


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Darling Gemini, get ready for a cosmic whirlwind! Retro-energies are swirling around you, with Venus striking a pose in Leo and Mercury doing its retro shuffle in Virgo. Family and romance reparations are in the cosmic spotlight, sweetie darling. Have your familiar foundations painted the canvas of your romantic life and creative pursuits? What’s your communication style, and where does it originate? With Mercury, your ruling planet, joining the retro dance, you’re rewinding through your life’s tapestry. Are you living in your parents’ realities? Reflect on your triggers and whether you’ve channelled your parents’ energy. What to keep, what to let go? We’re all creators of our realities, but sometimes those subconscious patterns need a bit of cleaning up!

On Tuesday, expect divine downloads from your subconscious. Write them down or chat them out with someone. Childhood memories might’ve been blocking your self-expression, but fear not! Forgotten happenings might resurface now, ready to be acknowledged. 

Family resistance might crop up against your career dreams and goals. Silence that inner critic, dear, and let your visionary self shine. Family opinions? Pfft, let’s focus on laser-sharp dreams and dedication. You’re a cosmic dreamer, and nothing’s impossible when you believe. Wednesday brings Virgo season and Mercury Retrograde to your 4th house of foundations. Chaos alert! With six retrograde bodies dancing, life’s taking it slow. Communication’s a wild ride, especially with family. Don’t buy electronics; arrive early to the train, plane or bus terminal, and embrace the cosmic chaos. Mercury is in retro mode until mid-September. You don’t need all the answers, sweetie darling; just go with the flow. Friday’s got a cosmic cocktail mix for you. Mars trines Pluto, inviting you to conquer retro confusion and transform your life. Dive into the depths, dear, and let Pluto work its magic! 

Saturday’s spotlight shines on authority figures and responsibilities as the Sun faces off with Saturn. Don’t let bitterness take over, darling. Embrace the wisdom from clashes, and look for that shiny silver lining. Sunday brings Mars into Libra, balancing communication in your romantic relations. The action planet gets diplomatic, pushing you to unite as a dream team. We’re all in this adventure together, sweetie darling, and remember; it’s all part of the cosmic comedy! 


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The cosmic waters are in motion, sweetie darling! Retro-energies are swirling around you, with Venus Retrograde in week five, striking a pose in Leo and Mercury doing its retro shuffle in Virgo. Unexpected dynamics in friendships? Liberating urges? People-pleasing tendencies? It’s all part of the cosmic comedy, my dear. You’re discovering that your interests might not always align with your peers, and guess what? That’s okay! Exploring different lanes and embracing “no” can be liberating. Mercury Retrograde may twist heart-to-heart convos into confusion, but don’t worry! Remember, you’re not a cosmic preacher, just a fellow traveller on this mystic journey! On Tuesday, financial disputes with a friend might pop up, but darling, don’t let differences crush your dreams. Problems might seem grander than they are, so take a step back and embrace the big picture. Tuesday also brings an overseas opportunity that might knock on your door, expanding your horizons and potentially boosting your career. Pack your bags, darling, and let your dreams take flight! 

Wednesday unveils Virgo season and Mercury Retrograde in your 3rd house. The meticulous perfectionist’s energy merges with cosmic chaos. Write those to-do lists and dive into details, but prepare yourself for communication glitches. Don’t buy electronics, get to the airport early, and don’t stress the small stuff. It’s the perfect time to dive into language studies and writing projects you’ve been putting off. Friday presents a cosmic cocktail mix with Mars trining Pluto. This retro energy can’t stop you, dear! Transform your one-on-one relationships, even in the midst of the cosmic whirlwind.

Saturday, there could be clashes with authority figures as the Sun faces off with Saturn. Wisdom blooms from confrontations, so don’t let bitterness take over. Someone mature on your travels might light up your path, so keep your cosmic eyes open! 

And on Sunday, Mars sashays into Libra, encouraging diplomacy. Unite as a team with roommates or family members, and seek peace and balance on the domestic front. You may also be working more from home now to make your hustles become successful ventures. The cosmic comedy continues, darling, so keep your wit sharp and your spirit light as you navigate this fabulous adventure. 


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Darling, it’s time to light up the cosmic runway with your fabulousness! Retro-energies are swirling around you, with Venus sashaying in retrograde mode in week five through your sign and Mercury giving its mischievous wink in Virgo through your 2nd house of money and worth. 

It’s a cosmic extravaganza, sweetie darling! Venus, in retrograde, is still turning matters of the heart, career, and communication into a mesmerising theatrical spectacle. Drama, drama, drama! And darling, with six bodies in retrograde, life might feel like it’s moving in slow motion. Beware of communication hiccups, financial glitches, and payment delays. Steer clear of buying electronics, and embrace the cosmic chaos with a touch of humour. Old friends might waltz back into your life, making it a fabulously nostalgic experience. On Tuesday, Venus Retrograde squares Jupiter. Career concerns might feel larger than life, but remember to keep your cosmic perspective. No need to obsess over others’ opinions of you— everyone’s too wrapped up in their own fabulous worlds! As Mars opposes Neptune on the same 

day, financial waves might rock your boat. Prepare for fluctuations—spending and incoming cash might feel like the tide is ebbing and flowing. Ride those financial waves like a pro, darling! 

Virgo season kicks off on Wednesday, aligning with Mercury Retrograde. Until September 16th, it’s time for a money makeover! Cut costs, collect owed funds, and clean up your financial act. Create those to-do lists and dive into details, but remember that Virgo season’s chaos dances alongside Mercury’s retrograde mischief. On Friday, tweaking your routines and self-worth can transform your finances in the most fabulous way. Whether it’s hitting the gym for mental health or boosting your self-worth, expect your daily rhythms to sync with your moolah-making magic! 

Saturday presents a clash of authority figures as the Sun faces off with Saturn. Wisdom blooms from these confrontations, so don’t let bitterness rule the day. Karma’s on stage, dear Leo, playing its cosmic part. And on Sunday, Mars struts into Libra. Balance is the name of the game! Approach situations diplomatically, unite with others, and seek harmony in your communication. The cosmic dance continues, so keep your wit sparkling and your fabulousness shining as you navigate this utterly delightful adventure. 


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Get ready to strut through a cosmic carnival of retrograde fabulousness! The stars are swirling in a delightful dance as Venus takes a retrograde twirl in your mystical 12th house, and your ruler Mercury decides to join the retrograde party in your sign. 

By next Monday, we’ll have six planets retrograding in total, darling. It’s a dazzling spectacle, though remember, retrogrades are just a cosmic illusion, making planets look like they’re doing a little backward cha-cha from our earthly viewpoint. Now, what’s this glitchtastic retro energy bringing? It’s like the energy is doing the tango with itself, drawing you inward. Time slows down, and things might get a bit whimsical. Expect a sprinkle of playful confusion, and let’s embrace the cosmic whimsy as we glide through this retrograde ballroom. 

Virgo season kicks off on Wednesday, illuminating you even amidst the cosmic chaos. Clean up, organise, and set those goals, my meticulous darling! Just remember, Mercury’s retrograde mischief adds a glitter of chaos, making us twirl in cosmic confusion. Communication might do a little wobble, so don’t fret about delays or electronic misadventures, sweetie. Embrace the Virgo energy, even if it waltzes with Mercury’s mischief. Tuesday, love matters might seem like a dramatic opera. Take a step back and look at the grand cosmic stage. The answers are in the stars, my dear! As Mars in your sign opposes Neptune, Tuesday turns into a romantic whirlwind. Creative inspiration flows like champagne at a fabulous soirée. There might be a touch of confusion in relationships, but oh, the romantic fog is so divinely alluring! 

On Friday, Mars trines Pluto, handing you the reins to romance and creative expression. Even in the midst of retrograde waters, transformation is your power play, sweetie. Saturday might feel like a cosmic wall as the Sun opposes Saturn. Partnerships face maturity checks, but fear not, darling. These conversations are gems that elevate your relationships. Sunday, Mars dances into Libra, embracing the justice-loving vibes. Diplomacy is your key, and teamwork brings cosmic harmony. In this cosmic carnival, you’re the star, so shine on with that fabulous flair of yours! 


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Gather your cosmic confetti because an absolutely fabulous week is unfolding, draped in the shimmering embrace of retro energy. It’s a retro extravaganza as not only Venus but also Mercury sashays into retrograde mode. By next Monday, the cosmic dance floor will be graced by six planets shimmying in retrograde style. Now, what’s the tea with this glitchtastic retro energy? Time slows down, and a touch of whimsy sweeps in. You might feel a bit low, with a sprinkle of playful confusion. Embrace it all, for it’s a cosmic ballet we’re dancing. Each planet’s retrograde has its own flavour – Venus in retrograde reviews matters of the heart, while Mercury adds a hint of cosmic mischief with miscommunication and delays. 

This cosmic parade is a glittering moment for self-reflection and growth. We’re twirling through the stars, so raise your glass, sip some cosmic champagne, and let’s revel in this retro fusion.

With Venus retrograding through your 11th house, friendships and matters of the heart transform into mesmerising theatre. Drama, oh darling, drama! And when Venus tangles with Jupiter on Tuesday, love and friendship troubles may loom large, but remember to step back and view the cosmic canvas. Don’t get swept away by the theatrics, sweetie! Tuesday’s cosmic choreography continues as Mars opposes Neptune. A whirlwind of creativity sweeps in like a cosmic muse igniting your passion. Though practical matters might be tangled in Neptune’s fog, there’s a touch of romanticism that shimmers through. 

Virgo season steps into the spotlight on Wednesday, urging you to tidy up your closet. Dive into the neglected corners of life, sweetie, and bring order to your world. Mercury Retrograde is joining the party on the same day, adding a sprinkle of chaos to the mix. Communication blips, delays, and electronic mishaps are bound to be in the air. Have patience and enjoy the retrograde ride. Friday’s dance sees Mars trine Pluto, casting a transformative spell on your family dynamics and unhealed wounds. Even amid retrograde chaos, lessons become gems that help you metamorphose, sweetie. 

Saturday, the Sun opposes Saturn. Authority figures or responsibilities might play a role, but darling, let the silver lining guide you. There’s wisdom in every twist and turn. And as Sunday arrives, Mars struts into your sign, the justice-loving Libra. Your actions speak of unity and diplomacy, weaving cosmic harmony in every step. So, darling Libra, let your fabulousness shine, for the cosmic runway is yours to own! 


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Sweetie darling, get ready to dive into a retro whirlwind this week. It’s like a cosmic rerun of events, but fear not, for you’re working up a storm! With career evaluations and social circle reflections, this retro energy is like a fabulous backstage tour before the grand cosmic performance of next month. 

On Tuesday, Venus is still doing a retro tango, so watch out for clashes in love or business partnerships. Oh, the drama! Love woes might feel larger than life, but darling, take a step back and look at the cosmic canvas. You’re the director of your own show, after all! Meanwhile, Mars dances opposite Neptune, igniting your creative sparks. It’s a day to ride the cosmic muse, darling. Creative visions and collaborations with friends are a go but watch out for a fog of confusion in practical matters. Neptune’s enchanting haze might make you swoon romantically, too – be prepared to get infatuated! 

Wednesday kicks in Virgo season, highlighting your friendships and group connections. With a little help from your cosmic companions, order and harmony can be yours. But beware, sweetie, as Mercury Retrograde joins the party, adding a dash of chaos to the mix. Reconnecting with old friends will bring a smile to your soul, but do watch out for communication hiccups. 

As Mars trines Pluto on Friday, even amidst cosmic confusion, conversations with friends hold transformational power. Your perspectives might just take a fabulous turn. Saturday, potential

clashes with friends or romantic partners may occur. Don’t let bitterness cloud your cosmic sparkle. Seek the silver lining, and you’ll find a treasure trove of wisdom. 

Sunday struts in with Mars moving into Libra’s embrace, igniting your 12th house. The actions you take will resonate with justice and diplomacy. Follow your gut instincts, and let your cosmic light guide you. Embrace the drama, the confusion, and the cosmic twists – for amidst it all, your fabulous journey continues! 


Source: Absolutely Fabulous Edina Monsoon



Well, well, well, darling, get ready for a cosmic escapade that’s more fabulous than a whirlwind shopping spree! With retro energies swirling around, you’re jet-setting to familiar places and rekindling connections with international pals. Mercury Retrograde is here to give your career and public image a sassy shuffle – hold off on those big contracts, sweetie darling, until mid-September! 

On Tuesday, Venus in Retrograde might bring a clash of opinions with a friend. But don’t, darling – this cosmic tiff is just a blip in the grand tapestry of life. Remember, there’s always a bigger picture to look at! 

Tuesday, your creativity and reputation take centre stage. It’s a perfect time to create a masterpiece that’s infused with your upbringing. Romantically, Neptune’s cosmic fog might cast a bewitching spell – perhaps an enchanting connection will leave you starry-eyed! Virgo season bursts onto the scene, putting the spotlight on your career aspirations. Clean up your professional act, and use your meticulous charm to perfect your public image. But beware – with Mercury Retrograde joining the party, expect a bit of chaos. Cosmic confusion alert! Take this time to reflect on what worked and who you’d like to reconnect with in the business realm. 

Even amidst the retro mayhem, if you stay focused on your career, you’ll watch your finances transform like magic. It’s all about working that cosmic wand and manifesting your desires. Saturday’s cosmic clash involves the Sun opposing Saturn, possibly sparking a family or roommate tiff. But don’t let bitterness sour your cosmic cocktail! Seek wisdom, have a mature chat, and remember, respect goes a long way. 

Sunday brings a dynamic shift as Mars twirls into Libra’s embrace. Your actions with friends take centre stage, and unity becomes your cosmic anthem. Diplomacy and group spirit are your secret weapons – let’s keep the cosmic camaraderie alive and thriving! Embrace the whirlwind, the cosmic chaos, and the serendipitous surprises. 

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Darling, get ready to strut through a retrograde spectacle that’s more fabulous than a catwalk at Fashion Week! Money, transformation, and Venus Retrograde in week five – it’s like a cosmic makeover, sweetie darling! But hold onto your hats because Mercury is joining the retro parade

too. By next Monday, we’ll have more planets going backwards than a fashion trend from the ’80s! 

Now, let’s talk about this retro energy, shall we? It’s like a cosmic twist, slowing things down and adding a sprinkle of whimsy to life. Think of it as a cosmic dance – the planets are just taking a little twirl backwards. Each retrograde has its own sass – Mercury’s might whisk you off on travels or reunite you with old souls. Just remember, the airport may be a cosmic vortex of confusion, so make sure you’re there on time! 

On Tuesday, Venus Retrograde and Jupiter might throw a little drama into the mix. Problems in the love and finance departments might seem larger than life. But don’t let that fabulous hair get all ruffled – take a step back and see the bigger picture. As Mars opposes Neptune on Tuesday, 

creativity takes centre stage, especially through travel and learning. It’s a day to let your imagination run wild but remember – cosmic confusion might make errands a bit foggy. Neptune is turning things romantic and dreamy. 

Virgo season sweeps in on Wednesday, bringing a meticulous vibe to life. Time to organise, plan, and polish up your routines. But wait – Mercury Retrograde’s gatecrashing the party, bringing chaos. Expect a mess, darling! Speaking of mess, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on Wednesday could turn your plans into a comedy of errors. Communication issues and delays might pop up like unexpected guests at a soirée. 

Friday’s cosmic combo features Mars trine Pluto, giving you the power to transform perspectives. Even with all the retrograde fuzziness, open your mind and watch your world change like a fabulous makeover montage. Saturday’s cosmic clash involves the Sun opposing Saturn – an authority figure or responsibilities might ruffle your feathers. Seek wisdom, and keep your fabulous head held high. Sunday brings Mars into Libra’s embrace, focusing your actions on your career. Diplomacy and unity are your cosmic accessories. It’s time to be a peacekeeping, team-building superstar! So, there you have it – your retro-rific cosmic ride. Embrace the chaos, the drama, and the fabulous transformation. After all, every twirl on this cosmic runway is a step closer to the fabulous version of you! 


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Get ready for a retro-rhapsody. Relationships are up for a cosmic evaluation – think about possible breakups, dramatic reunions, and unfinished business. And hold onto your cosmic helmets because Mercury’s joining the retro brigade! Get ready for talks about deep intimacies, shared funds, and sweetie, even discussions about future offspring.On Tuesday, Venus Retrograde squares off with Jupiter. It’s a tango of dramatic proportions! Love troubles and domestic situations might look larger than life. But step back, sweetie darling, and see the grand picture – not every disagreement requires drama!

Mars opposite Neptune on Tuesday is like a cosmic creativity cocktail. Your imagination will be firing on all cylinders! But watch out for cosmic confusion. Also, keep an eye on those credit cards – Neptune’s known for turning shopping sprees into a mythical financial mess! 

Virgo season breezes in on Wednesday, bringing a meticulous vibe to life. Darling, it’s time to clean up your act and tackle those details that make life a fabulous masterpiece. Alert: Mercury Retrograde’s crashing the party, too, bringing chaos. Prepare for a fabulous mess, sweetie! 

And speaking of mess, Mercury Retrograde kicking in on Wednesday might make communication a bit like an outrageous sitcom script. Expect delays, mix-ups, and payment troubles. Just remember, darling, don’t let Mercury’s mischief get under your skin. Friday’s cosmic cocktail involves Mars trine Pluto – a transformative combination that can turn retrograde chaos into fabulous clarity. Even in cosmic confusion, you can shape your finances and life. 

Saturday’s cosmic clash sees the Sun opposing Saturn, bringing a potential face-off over shared finances and responsibilities. But darling, don’t let it turn into a melodrama! Seek the silver lining and embrace the wisdom that comes with it. 

Sunday brings Mars into Libra’s embrace, turning your actions toward exploration and study. Darling, it’s time to channel your inner adventurer – travel, explore, and take the world by storm! So, there you have it – your retro-chic cosmic escapade. Embrace the drama, transform the chaos, and dance through this cosmic party like the star you are. 



Sweetie darling, get ready to dive into a retro-fabulous whirlpool! It’s all about re-establishing your cosmic groove – transforming routines, tweaking schedules, and sashaying through each day like a runway model. But hold onto your cosmic tiara because Mercury’s joining the retro rampage! Get ready for exes making comebacks and unresolved business stirring the retro pot. Relationships – both love and business – are on the cosmic catwalk for reevaluation. 

Tuesday’s clash between Venus Retrograde and Jupiter is like a glam showdown, darling. Your day-to-day routine and potential indulgences might clash. But remember, it’s all about finding the balance between grandeur and practicality! 

Mars opposite Neptune on Tuesday is a creative cocktail of cosmic proportions. With a partner by your side, you’ll be oozing inspiration and creating endlessly! But watch out for cosmic confusion. And if you find yourself lost in a shopping spree, blame it on Neptune’s foggy allure! Virgo season struts in on Wednesday, turning your focus to relationships. It’s partner season, darling, and time to work those partnership dynamics. Alert: Mercury Retrograde is sashaying into the mix, too, creating chaos. Expect a fabulous mess! 

And speaking of mess, Mercury Retrograde kicking in on Wednesday might turn communication into a comedic spectacle. Expect delays, mix-ups, and drama – especially in your relationships!

Just remember, darling, don’t let Mercury’s mischief ruin your cosmic glam. Friday’s cosmic rendezvous between Mars and Pluto is like a transformative makeover for your relationships. Even in the midst of retro confusion, friendships can turn into power alliances. And who knows, you might just reconnect with a certain special someone through your friend circle! 

Saturday’s cosmic showdown sees the Sun opposite Saturn, bringing potential clashes with partners. Don’t let it turn into a melodramatic diva tantrum! Seek the silver lining and embrace the wisdom that comes from cosmic catfights. Sunday brings Mars into Libra’s embrace, turning your cosmic attention toward intimacy and shared resources. It’s time to channel your inner diplomat – seek harmony, work as a team, and bring sexy back! Dive into the chaos, transform your routines, and dance through this cosmic parade with style and flair. 

Words by Cosmic Mi