This Week Fate Has Shuffled the Cards and Karma Is in the Air

Universal- Let’s dive into the mystical realm of the stars, where the celestial energies have been swirling since last week. Venus Retrograde in Leo takes the spotlight, inviting us to embark on a heartfelt journey of self-reflection and self-love. Which sweetest taboos do we allow ourselves and others to indulge in? And why are we deeply attracted to certain taboos? It’s time to embrace our true values and desires, even if it means prioritising self-care and taking a little “me time.” Remember, when we honour our authentic needs, love has a sneaky way of returning even stronger.

Ex-lovers may re-enter the scene… “Is it a crime?… that I still want you,… and I want you to want me, too?” Let’s try to understand why certain people come back into our lives. Have we watched too much dramatic TV and normalised that life-imitating-art cinematic experience that makes us feel alive in our love encounters, or do we have to actually work on issues we are projecting onto others and vice-versa? We are soldiers of love and love is stronger than pride.

Last week, the cosmic nodes took a daring leap into Aries and Libra, igniting a cosmic dance between individuality and partnership. The North Node in Aries urges us to unleash our inner uniqueness and shine as radiant individuals. Embrace your passions, follow your dreams, and let your spirit soar! Meanwhile, the South Node in Libra whispers a gentle reminder to seek balance within relationships and avoid falling into codependency.

We’ve still got some celestial turbulence heading our way! Pretty much the whole week, Pluto squares off with the dragon’s head aka. the North Node in Aries. Gear yourselves up for a cosmic transformation in your life’s path. It might feel like you’re being swirled around, pushed, and pulled. Fear not, for fate has shuffled the cards, and karma is in the air. Even if it seems a tad extreme and dark, trust that you’re being nudged onto the right track. Embrace the whirlwind and let it guide you to your smooth operator.

On Thursday, get ready for a surge in conversations about relationships as Venus Retrograde meets Mercury in a passionate embrace (Cazimi) in the golden heart constellation of Leo. Whether you’re sharing your heart’s desires, discussing patterns from the past, or diving deep into the realms of self-love, the cosmos wants you to engage in these soul-stirring discussions. ‘…If I tell you how I feel, will you keep bringing out the best in me…?’ We have all certainly experienced love that is everything but ordinary. If you find yourself without a cosmic confidant, don’t worry! Grab a pen and paper, pour your heart onto the page, and create an outline of your self-love journey. Explore how you’ve grown, how you’re navigating the themes of love, and envision the magnificent being you are becoming.

As we approach Friday, Mercury bids Leo farewell and gracefully glides into the realm of Virgo joining action planet Mars. Communication may become a little more (self)critical. Remember that perfection is an illusion, yet chasing it can propel us forward. It’s time to pay attention to the tiny details and perfect our processes. Mercury and Mars in the sign of the little helper, Virgo, encourages us to create meticulous to-do lists and organise our schedules. Let the magic of order and efficiency guide you to cosmic success. So, cherish theses days, embrace the transformative energy of Venus Retrograde, dance between individuality and partnership, and surrender to the cosmic whirlwind. Engage in heartfelt conversations about love, both with others and with yourself. And remember, perfection may elude us, but the pursuit of perfection can lead us on extraordinary journeys, as you navigate the cosmic seas of destiny.

May the stars illuminate your path on this diamond life and let’s move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy. May you find yourself, and always remember: your love is king


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The cosmos has a thrilling adventure in store for you, packed with heartfelt transformations, unexpected reunions, and a cosmic quest for perfection. Let the cosmic winds guide you through the mysterious realms of destiny!
This week, destiny comes knocking at your door, urging you to transform your career, public image, and most importantly, becoming more your authentic self. It might feel like you’re being swirled around, pushed, and pulled, but fear not, for extreme transformations aren’t meant to be taken lightly or rushed. This powerful cycle will be your companion for the next 18 months, challenging you to step into your true power and embrace your destiny. Embrace the whirlwind, my dear, for greatness awaits.

Thursday brings a celestial collaboration that could ignite a creative explosion from the depths of your past. Prepare for a magical influx of inspiration as Venus, the cosmic enchantress of love, joins forces with Mercury, the quick-witted messenger, in the fiery realm of Leo. This cosmic encounter may gift you with the opportunity to finally wrap up a forgotten project or encounter an unexpected reunion with an ex-lover. Explore the connection if you feel there was unfinished business, but tread cautiously, as Venus Retrograde may be testing your true values and desires. Embrace the flirty and hot vibes, but be mindful not to get burned.

As we approach Friday, Mercury bids Leo farewell and ventures into the meticulous realms of Virgo, joining forces with your planetary ruler, Mars. This cosmic duo aims to bring order to your days, urging you to check every detail and strive for perfection. While perfection may be elusive, the pursuit of it can lead you to extraordinary heights. Embrace the power of routine, organise your schedule with finesse, and let your golden routine guide you to success.


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The cosmos has a unique adventure planned for you, infused with heartfelt moments, healing revelations, and bursts of creative energy. So, hold on tight and let the cosmic tides guide you through the enigmatic realms of destiny!
Venus, your celestial ruler, is currently taking a retrograde stroll through the vibrant domain of Leo, nestled in your 4th house. This cosmic love backspin prompts you to dive deep into the waters of self-love and reestablish your boundaries and values. It’s time to heal your inner child and embrace a new way of nurturing yourself. Fate is whispering its secrets, urging you to blaze a new trail, whether it be in a faraway land, an international platform, or the realms of teaching and spiritual growth. Though the path may seem challenging, trust that it will lead you to a perfect future aligned with the desires of your heart. Stay strong and believe, for the cosmos has extraordinary plans in store for you.

On Thursday, a celestial rendezvous occurs as Venus Retrograde and Mercury join forces in the passionate realm of Leo, igniting sparks of epiphany and self-reflection. Take a stroll down memory lane and explore your past patterns and upbringing. Engage in heartfelt conversations with a professional or a trusted friend, for through talking therapy, you can become more aware and break free from any thinking patterns that may have been blocking your path. Pour your heart out on paper, as writing can be a powerful tool for healing. And perhaps, use your creative prowess to craft some healing art, letting your emotions flow onto the canvas.

As we step into Friday, Mercury bids Leo farewell and gracefully transitions into the meticulous realms of Virgo, joining forces with Mars in your passionate 5th house. Creativity reaches its peak! Get your schedule in order and make time to receive those precious downloads of inspiration. Resist the urge to be overly critical of yourself and others. Instead, allow your creativity to flow

freely, unencumbered by self-doubt. Let your unique voice be heard, your artistic expressions be unleashed, and watch as the cosmic magic unfolds.


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The cosmic stage is set, and it’s time for you to shine amidst a whirlwind of transformation, unexpected reunions, and a cosmic quest for decluttering. Let the cosmic winds guide you as you delve into the enigmatic themes of fate, connection, and finding your place in the world.

Venus, in her retrograde glory, dances through the radiant realm of Leo, nestled in your 3rd house. This celestial love backspin prompts you to reflect on your communication style, social circle, and the collective at large. Fate whispers in your ear, urging you to transform not just financially, but also in the depths of your soul. Prepare to level up, in ways that may seem new and even ruthless. Embrace the winds of change, for they will carry you in exciting directions, possibly under the wing of new friends and companions. Trust the cosmic flow, and let your soul evolve.

On Thursday, a cosmic convergence occurs as Venus Retrograde and Mercury unite their cosmic forces. Unexpected reunions may be on the horizon. An ex-lover or someone from your past may make an unexpected appearance, stirring up memories and emotions. Creatively, you may also find yourself revisiting an idea that you had set aside. The next two months hold a promise of serendipitous encounters. Trust that each person you bump into has a message to deliver, or perhaps, you have a message for them. Embrace the unexpected, and let the universe guide you to meaningful connections. On the weekends, let the jumpy energy guide you to revisit familiar locations, where new experiences and connections await.

As we step into Friday, Mercury bids Leo farewell and gracefully transitions into the meticulous realms of Virgo, joining forces with Mars. It’s time to bring order to your home base. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your physical space and your life. As you create a harmonious environment, watch as your mind becomes clearer and more focused. Take time for family reunions and sweet summer soirées.


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The cosmos is ready to embark on a transformative journey with you, filled with karmic lessons, creative sparks, and a cosmic quest for self-worth. Let the cosmic tides guide you through the enigmatic themes of relationships, self-love, and stepping into the spotlight.

Venus, in her retrograde glory, dances through the luxurious realm of Leo, nestled in your 2nd house. This celestial love backspin prompts you to reassess your worth, particularly in your one- on-one relationships, both in love and business. As you let go of family karma and heal from past traumas, you may find yourself contemplating a change of scenery. How can you rev up your income? How can you solidify the way you love yourself without seeking external validation? These are the questions that may swirl in your mind. Embrace your authentic self, for it is through your originality that you will shine brightest in the spotlight, especially in the next 18 months. Last week’s intense New Moon in your sign served as a rebirth, emerging from a dark cocoon into a world of infinite possibilities, waiting for you to create your own reality.

On Thursday, a cosmic union occurs as Venus Retrograde and Mercury join forces in a Cazimi, in the radiant realm of Leo, nestled in your 2nd house of self-worth and resources. Listen closely to the whispers of your intuition, for within lies a brilliant idea. It may be one that you have toyed with in the past, but now, it holds the key to a new source of abundance. Tap into the well of your creativity and passionate thoughts, and let them flow like an infinite fountain of inspiration.

As we step into Friday, Mercury bids Leo farewell and gracefully transitions into the meticulous realms of Virgo, joining forces with Mars in your expressive 3rd house. Grab a pen, and pour out the depths of your soul onto the page. Brilliant ideas will flow from your creative well, and anything related to communication will pave the way for success. Take a stroll through your neighbourhood, explore new spots, and let your mind be stimulated by fresh surroundings. On this quest for inspiration, you may even stumble upon an ex-lover, igniting the fire of connection that may not have fizzled out entirely. Remember, Venus Retrograde calls for reassessing self-love, self-worth, values, and resolving romantic connections. Act not from your ego, but from the depths of your golden heart, filled with a glow of compassion.


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The cosmos has a grand adventure in store for you, filled with transformative self-love, authenticity, and a cosmic quest to explore the world within and around you. Let the cosmic currents guide you as you navigate the realms of love, self-discovery, and embracing your true essence.

Venus, in her retrograde glory, graces you, nestling in your 1st house. This celestial love backspin invites you to embark on a profound transformation, where the summer becomes a season of finding love within yourself, without seeking it solely from external sources. Allow yourself to travel, study, and delve into foreign belief systems, for they hold keys to your personal growth and healing. In this journey, you will discover the strength within you and emerge even more radiant than before.

The whole week, a powerful cosmic encounter occurs as Pluto squares the North Node. This cosmic clash prompts you to revamp your rituals and prioritise your health, creating space for new belief systems and the opportunity to embark on transformative travels. Time flies, my dear, and it is essential to nurture both your physical and spiritual well-being to fully embrace the wonders of our beautiful planet. Broaden your horizons.

On Thursday, a celestial embrace occurs as Venus Retrograde and Mercury come together in a passionate kiss in your sign. This magical alignment ignites a light bulb moment, and your charm becomes a powerful tool. Speak from your heart, share your wisdom, and watch as friends rally behind your creative projects. Your past experiences have shaped you into the extraordinary being you are today, and through authenticity, you become a beacon of inspiration. Alternatively, you may find yourself popping into people’s minds, reminding them of the connection you shared. Stay true to yourself, and let your heart desires flow from a place of pure intention.

As we step into Friday, Mercury leaves your sign, and gracefully transitions into the meticulous realms of Virgo, focusing your mind on matters of money. It’s time to be resourceful and productive. Examine your expenses, cut unnecessary costs, and delve into the details of your financial landscape. Cancel forgotten subscriptions that no longer serve you. By embracing this attention to detail, you will create a solid foundation for financial growth and success.