This Week We’re Looking to the Indomitable Tennis Player Shuzo Matsuoka for Cosmic Guidance


Universal- Infused with Shuzo Matsuoka’s Inspiring Wisdom. Shuzo Matsuoka is the indomitable tennis player who never backs down. He radiates a fiery energy that could rival Tokyo’s heat island effect. Some even claim he’s the secret cause of global warming, but launching him into space might just break the laws of physics with an icy chill. That’s the power of Matsuoka’s determination.


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In the words of Shuzo Matsuoka himself: “Do your best, do your best, you can do it, you can do it, you absolutely can do it, do your best, do your best, right here!”

This week holds a cosmic calling for all of us, as we draw inspiration from the legendary Shuzo Matsuoka, the former tennis player who embodies unwavering determination. As Mars enters Virgo on Monday, it’s time to dive into the details, infusing perfection into our endeavours. Let’s leave behind the drama and embrace a practical approach, considering how we can serve those around us and enhance our daily routines. Its about creating an ace system for our days and months.

If you can schedule a session with a shrink, Monday would be the ideal day. Dark thoughts may intensify our day, urging us to change our minds and change our worlds. Beware of the thoughts and people that occupy your cerebrum rent-free. What consumes your mind will inevitably control your life.

Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (at a critical degree 29°), offering an opportunity to delve into the darkness and transform yourself. This rare transit won’t occur again in our lifetime until the year 2269 unless we master AI and time travel, living beyond our usual life expectancy. Even if this day may feel emotionally painful, allow yourself to experience all the feels.

Embrace your emotions, take a plunge into the ocean if possible (or a metaphorical ocean), and wash away the energies that hinder your authentic feelings.Some of us may be brooding and unable to pinpoint why we feel so profoundly and intensely. Others may have an epiphany and ultimately change their thoughts, realizing the power of the mind and our ability to shift our thoughts and perspectives. Seeking guidance from a therapist can assist you in navigating this introspective journey, leading to newfound realisations and truths.

As Tuesday arrives, Mercury moves into Leo, igniting the flames of creativity within each of us. It’s a reminder to embrace our inner child and allow our artistic expression to flow effortlessly. Just like the sun rises every day, providing warmth and inspiration, we have an infinite creative source waiting to burst forth from our hearts. This is a time to declare our love boldly, casting aside the need to play it cool. Shuzo Matsuoka’s philosophy echoes in our souls:

“You are the sun. The sun will sink, but it will come back, with a new fresh determination…”

On the same Tuesday, Mercury in Leo activates the karmic lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, fuelling our motivation and urging us to reflect on our true goals and aspirations. What truly motivates you? As Shuzo Matsuoka encourages: “Don’t give up and think about all the people around you cheering you on. You are almost there.”

You are closer to your dreams than you may think. Harness that motivation, align your actions with your heartfelt desires, and pave your path to success. As we navigate the cosmic energies of this week, let’s carry the spirit of Shuzo Matsuoka within us—a spirit of relentless passion, unwavering determination, and a burning desire to conquer any challenge that comes our way. With attention to detail, practicality, transformation, creativity, and motivation, we can embrace our own journeys and shine as bright as the sun.


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Get ready to rock this week with some cosmic inspiration. With Mars energising you, it’s time to shift your focus to your health routine. Plan your days, create a schedule, and make the most out of every moment. Why not add a brand-new fitness schedule to your repertoire? It’ll help you kick anxiety to the curb and bulk up those goodies. Remember, Mars will be in your health sector until August 27th, so it’s your chance to work on that summer body. And don’t forget, taking care of your mental health = mental wealth. Get ready to take charge of your health and wellness like a true warrior. Plan your days, follow a routine, and watch yourself glow with vitality.

The clash of Mercury and Pluto might make the start of your week a bit intense, especially when it comes to career decisions versus home and family matters. Take a breath, it all comes down to communication. Find a way to align your personal goals with those involving your loved ones. Remember, effective communication is the key to harmony.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts into Leo, landing in your 5th House. Drama can become a catalyst for creativity. This is your time to shine and unleash your artistic side. Have you always wanted to write a book, a short story, or a script? Well, the stars are aligned, and the universe is cheering you on! Grab that pen, let your imagination run wild, and see what marvellous creations you can bring to life. Also, texting your crush? It’s a spicy time indeed! Your natural flirtatiousness is supported by the cosmos, so go ahead and let your charming side take the stage.

Now, let’s talk about Tuesday’s other celestial dance. You might feel a tad bit of pressure to create something valuable that not only lasts but potentially brings you some moolah and boosts your self- confidence. But here’s the secret, Aries: don’t take it too seriously. Putting too much pressure on yourself can block your creativity. Instead, tap into your inner child, listen to that playful voice within, and create from your pure source. Remember, editing and refining can always come later. So let loose, have fun, and let your creative fire burn bright!





Get ready to groove to the cosmic rhythm this week while staying true to your grounded nature. Venus is still shining bright in Leo, nestled in your 4th House, keeping the focus on your home and roots.
Let’s kick off Monday with a blast of energy as Mars, struts into Virgo, specifically your 5th House. It’s time to activate your adventurous spirit and dive into pleasure and pure bliss. Say hello to romantic connections, flirting, and all those exciting dating shenanigans. It’s your turn to have fun! Creatively, this is a highly fertile period. The fire within you will be burning bright, igniting the spark of new projects. So go ahead, enjoy yourself and relish in the process.

But hold on, Monday has more in store for you. A travel-related matter may make the beginning of your week a tad intense. Honest communication is your secret weapon here. Be open, admit your true emotional feelings, and let that guide your conversations. By expressing yourself authentically, you can navigate any turbulence with grace.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury steps into Leo, gracing your 4th House. Your thoughts are still centered around home and family matters. It’s time to brainstorm ways to improve your living situation, to inject innovation into your daily rhythms. How can you create a harmonious and supportive space that nurtures your well-being? Let your mind wander and explore the endless possibilities.

Take a deep dive into your thoughts, even if it triggers you or leads to moments of frustration. Trust that this is part of your journey toward improvement. Healing your foundations and personal space will create room for the right relationships to flourish in your life. And remember, as you delve deep into your thoughts, it’s all part of your path to growth and healing. Your foundations are being strengthened, setting the stage for the beautiful connections that await you.Trust in your innate strength and embrace the cosmic journey that lies ahead.


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Get ready for a whirlwind of cosmic energy that perfectly aligns with your dynamic and curious nature. As Mercury makes its move from Cancer in your 2nd House to Leo in your 3rd House, it’s time to shift your focus from money and finances to communication, learning new skills, and connecting with your immediate neighbourhood. Oh, and did we mention weekend getaways? Get ready to explore and expand your horizons!

Let’s kick off Monday with a burst of motivation as Mars, struts into you sister sign Virgo. It’s time to tackle that spring cleaning you may have missed. Get your house in order, declutter your space, and free your mind from the chaos. Living in a clutter-free environment will bring you a sense of peace and clarity.
Your light ruler Mercury opposes lord of darkness Pluto just before entering a new sign. This alignment might bring a transformative financial matter to the forefront early in the week. It could go either way, but fear not! Use this time to reflect on how you can improve your income sources, explore new avenues like learning or investing in stocks, or even address any outstanding debts. Remember, everything can be fixed; it just takes a proper plan and a little determination.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury dances its way into Leo, landing in your 3rd House. It’s time to pack your bags and embark on some fabulous weekend getaways! The joy and excitement that these trips will bring you are simply priceless. You don’t have to venture far; explore the hidden gems and nearby areas that have been waiting to be discovered.

There’s more happening on Tuesday! As you embark on these explorations, you may uncover valuable insights into how to improve your daily routines and heal any wounds lurking in your subconscious. Remember, everyone carries some form of trauma within them. Allow yourself to go deep, confront the wounds, and embark on a journey of healing and growth. The path to a better you starts by acknowledging and addressing what needs to be healed. Don’t forget to plan those epic weekend getaways that will bring you immense joy. And most importantly, confront the wounds of your past, heal, and create a brighter future.


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Get ready for a cosmic journey that perfectly aligns with your intuitive and cyclical nature. Just like the moon, your life happens in cycles, with each month bringing its own phases. Embrace this natural rhythm of renewal. The only trick is to let go of things that no longer serve you. Release what doesn’t align with your growth, just as you replenish yourself each day, like a refreshing shower. Create space for newness to enter your life, whether it’s in your career, friendships, or the exciting beginnings of new cycles.
Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic delights. Mars makes its move into Virgo, your 3rd House. If you’re into creative writing, let your imagination run wild, pour your heart out onto the page, and watch as your words become a powerful tool for advancement in your career. Keep up the great work and stick to your routines, for they will provide the structure you need to bring your creative endeavours to life.
Monday holds more excitement for you! Prepare yourself for intense conversations with a partner. These transformative discussions have the potential to deeply impact both of you. Believe in the power of words and the true intentions that surge from your emotions. Whether in matters of love or business, this alignment marks the final time Mercury and Pluto will directly oppose each other in your sign and your opposite sign. Oh, the lessons you’ve learned in relationships since 2008! You could even write an expert book titled “Been There, Done That, Ouch… I Survived.” Embrace the growth and wisdom gained through these experiences.
Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury sways its way into Leo, landing in your 2nd House. Your focus will shift towards improving your finances, especially through your abundant creative talents. You may have

to open yourself up to new connections, that can support and elevate your immensely powerful creative outlets. Don’t be shy. Your career is about to take a grand shift in the coming months. Be prepared to embrace your destiny and make the most of the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.
Strike a balance between self-expression and the support of your community. Embrace your creative spirit, and let it flourish. As you do, you’ll find yourself attracting like-minded souls who appreciate your unique gifts. Trust that your artistic endeavours will bring you immense joy and fulfilment. Embrace the cycles of life and release what no longer serves you. The universe is ready to witness your magnificent journey. Your cosmic style is all about embracing the depths of emotions and channeling them into creative masterpieces.





Get ready to embrace a cosmic journey that perfectly aligns with your radiant nature. As the Sun shines in Cancer in your 12th House, it’s time to take a step back, relax, and indulge in some introspection. Before your birthday season kicks off and you become the center of everyone’s universe, make sure to recharge and nurture your inner self.

Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic extravaganza. Mars, struts into Virgo, your 2nd House. This and the following month may have you spending some money on things that bring joy and splendour to your palace. Your desire to enjoy life to the fullest is at its peak. But here’s the exciting part: new sources of income are also on the horizon. Keep an eye out for opportunities, particularly those involving international affairs. Now is the perfect time to consider starting therapy. Take this opportunity to address any past familial trauma or anything that hinders your true happiness and bliss. Mercury, the great communicator, is gracing your sign, empowering you to speak up and let your voice be heard. Open up! If you’re not ready to talk to a professional just yet, why not use a diary to jot down your private thoughts and feelings? Allow the catharsis to unfold and release any pent-up emotions.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury, the communication planet struts its way into your sign. Your words will carry power and impact, so make sure to use them wisely. Express yourself boldly and authentically, and watch as your radiant energy captivates those around you.

Dive deep into your thoughts, and allow yourself to explore vulnerability. It’s in these moments that you may discover the next steps on your divine path. Embrace the challenges and pains that may arise, for they hold the keys to your growth and transformation. Trust in your calling, and follow it fearlessly.
You are a beacon of light, Leo, and the universe eagerly awaits your majestic journey. Trust in your power, and the world will bow to your greatness.


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With Mercury gracing your sign, you are the talk of the town. As the master communicator, now is the time to make your voice heard and put out messages and statements as the tastemaker that you are. Your words have power, so let them flow and inspire those around you.

Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic extravaganza. Mars, struts into your sign. It’s time to take action! Let the warrior spirit of Mars ignite your passion and propel you forward. Commence those projects that have been brewing within you. Get wild, be yourself, and watch as you inspire others simply by embracing your authentic self. Enough with the self-criticism, my dears. It’s time to take the lead in all areas of your life. You have the power within you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

But wait, Monday has more excitement in store for you! A romantic connection may intensify, especially if it involves your friend circle. This connection can be ultra-hot and magical, but it may also require honest communication to navigate the intensity. On the other hand, a friendship may undergo a much-needed transformation. Embrace openness and authenticity as you navigate these experiences.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 12th House. It would be beneficial for you to take some time for yourself. Find moments of solitude and embrace meditation. Reflect on all that has been happening and contemplate the next steps, particularly in relation to travel or the possibility of moving to a foreign country. While you may not have all the answers just yet, trust in the guidance of the universe. Know that you will end up in the right place at the right time. Trust the journey, and let the universe guide you to the destination that awaits you.

Embrace deep thoughts and allow yourself to explore the realms of vulnerability. The cosmos is calling for a harmonious balance between communication and expanding your horizons. Trust that the universe will guide you in crystallising your thoughts and decisions. You don’t have to have all the answers at once. Have faith that you will be led to the right path in due time.





With Venus in Leo gracing your 11th House, your social circle is on fire! Love, good vibes, and close friendships fill your life, leaving you feeling full of life. Embrace the power of connections as you navigate the cosmic dance. Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic extravaganza. Mars struts into Virgo, your 12th House. You may find yourself going undercover with your partner or even your finances. If you’re single, a love affair behind the scenes may be quietly building. If you feel any anxiety, turn to the uplifting practice of meditation to find peace and balance within.
A clash between a career matter and your home or family may arise. The key to finding harmony is honest and open communication. Respectfully connect your family and career desires, understanding that some intensity may arise. Embrace open dialogue to find solutions that honour both aspects of your life.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 11th House. It’s time to seek advice and guidance from your friends and social circles. They are happy to assist you in becoming your best version. Pay attention to an occurrence with a friend, as it may have an influence on your future income sources. Engage in detailed conversations to ensure you have a clear understanding of any financial arrangements. Transparency is key when it comes to money matters, especially among friends.

Try to find a balance between your personal values and shared resources. Seek harmony in your financial matters, ensuring that your decisions align with your truest desires. Embrace open discussions and negotiation to navigate the intersections of money and trust.

Seek guidance from your friends and social circles, allowing their support to shape your journey. Trust in your ability to navigate the complexities of relationships and find harmony in all aspects of your life.


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You have the opportunity to experience profound transformations through weekend getaways to familiar places. Prepare to be amazed by the power of familiar surroundings to spark personal growth and evolution. Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic extravaganza. Mars struts into Virgo, your 11th House. Your friends and VIP contacts will play a pivotal role in propelling you to new heights. Keep circling around and engaging in give-and-take dynamics. What you get is what you’ll give, creating a powerful cycle of support and growth. An international matter may present itself to you, offering a transformative opportunity. If the chance to travel arises, embrace it. Explore new territories and allow the experiences to shape your growth and evolution.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 10th House. You currently have a large audience waiting to hear your ideals, goals, and dreams. Use your passion and determination to convince people to support you in your endeavours. Your radiant energy shines bright, and you deserve all the help and support to reach greater heights. Embrace your role as a charismatic leader, and let your voice be heard.
Your goals may not fully align with your current relationship. Some of you may feel a disconnect, as your visions and aspirations differ. Communication becomes vital in navigating these differences and finding a harmonious balance. Open up and express your true desires, while also seeking to understand the perspectives of your partner. Honest and open dialogue will be the key to finding common ground.

Let your intense and transformative nature shine. You have the power to create profound changes in your life and the lives of those around you. Trust in your inner strength and tap into the depth of your emotions. As you embrace the transformative energy of the cosmos, watch as you rise to new levels of growth and evolution.





Opportunities arise to enhance your routine and bring exciting new gigs and jobs into your life. Get ready to infuse your everyday life with a touch of adventure and growth.

Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic extravaganza. Mars struts into Virgo, your 10th House. Get ready to make bold moves in your career. Your attention to detail and professionalism set you apart from the rest. You have a keen sense of what the public wants, and you effortlessly connect with your audience, bringing creativity and lightness to your work. Embrace your unique talents and watch as your career takes flight.

A relationship issue related to money may add a hint of intensity to your week. It’s crucial to communicate honestly and openly to resolve these matters. Clear and heartfelt conversations will lead to a harmonious resolution and strengthen your bonds.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 9th House. It’s a beautiful time to embark on a trip or holiday with your significant other. Let your adventurous spirit guide you as you explore new horizons and create lasting memories. On the business front, keep an open mind and consider opportunities that may arise on international waters. Expansion awaits, so be ready to seize the moment.

A deal with a business partner may prove to be vital in fulfilling your destiny in the coming months. Stay open to offers and opportunities, and don’t let frustration get the best of you. If challenges arise, remember that frustration is a sign to think more creatively and come up with better alternative ways. Trust in your ability to find solutions and navigate the twists and turns of the cosmos. You are a true seeker of knowledge and experiences, and the universe eagerly awaits your next grand adventure.





Weekend trips become opportunities to gain new perspectives and expand your horizons. Embrace the power of exploration to nourish your soul and inspire fresh ideas.

Now, let’s dive into Monday’s cosmic extravaganza. Mars struts into Virgo, your 9th House. Long-distance journeys, educational pursuits, and expanding your horizons take center stage. Embrace the thirst for knowledge and immerse yourself in new cultures. Consider joining group travels, even if you’ve only recently met the people involved. Open yourself to the enriching experiences that await.

A serious conversation in your relationship has the potential to bring about transformative change. While it may not be the lightest of conversations, it holds immense importance. Approach the dialogue with love and sincerity, communicating openly and honestly. Explore if your values still align and discover new depths of understanding.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 8th House. The conversations in your life are becoming more intimate day by day. Dive deeper into self-reflection, recognising your patterns and those of your partner. Understand the reasons why you attracted each other into your lives. For singles, examine what you project to the outer world and whether it aligns with what you truly seek. Allow your mind to brew with introspection as you align with your destiny, particularly in the realms of friendships and creativity. Some of you may find yourselves contemplating the idea of offspring, adding a new dimension to your aspirations.

The cosmic dance of Mercury and the lunar nodes invites you to embrace profound transformations and align with your true path. Let go of outdated beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Trust in the process of evolution and navigate the intersections of friendship, and self-expression with wisdom and authenticity. Take those weekend trips to gain new perspectives and expand your horizons. Dive deeper into self-reflection and recognise the patterns that shape your connections. Embrace transformative change and align with your destiny, guided by your innate wisdom and practicality. The universe supports your ambitious endeavours, and with every step, you move closer to your true path.


Rebel from your roots and embrace mental freedom. It’s time to break free and discover new ways of expressing yourself. Embrace the wisdom of handling your finances one day at a time, finding stability and security in your financial pursuits.

Mars dances its way into Virgo and lands in your 8th House. Transformation is knocking on your bedroom door, my dear. You may find yourself focused on long-term financial growth and seeking outlets for intimate connections behind closed doors. Embrace this transformative energy and explore new ways to increase your wealth and fulfilment. The cosmic dance of Mercury and Pluto urges you to cut out a habit from your daily routine that no longer serves you. By doing so, you can alleviate anxiety and create space for growth. Listen to your intuition, trust your inner guidance, and move forward with confidence.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 7th House. From midweek onwards, the communicator planet graces your relationships, whether in love or business. It’s time to engage in open and honest conversations with your loved ones and partners. Together, you can find solutions that align with your home and career calling. Verbalise your wants and desires, for your true destiny awaits when you authentically express yourself.

Try to navigate the intersections of your career aspirations and your personal roots. Embrace the challenge and seek balance, for within it lies the key to unlocking your true potential. Embrace the challenges of balancing your career aspirations and personal roots, knowing that your authentic expression holds the power to unlock your true destiny. Trust in your visionary nature and tap into the cosmic energy that supports your journey. The universe applauds your authenticity and encourages you to embrace the beauty of being YOU.





The cosmic energy is flowing in your favour, urging you to trust your intuitive feelings. Embrace your inner wisdom and let it guide you along your path. Jupiter is here to sprinkle some joy into your life through weekend trips and adventures, particularly when shared with a partner. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a joyful journey together.

Now, let’s dive into the cosmic dance of Monday. Mars steps into Virgo and lands in your 7th House. There might be some heat and tension in your one-on-one connections. Still, where there is an argument, there also lies an opportunity to make up. Get active, engage in open communication, and mend any conflicts that arise.

A romantic connection may have an impact on your friendships, as emotions may not be evenly reciprocated. This calls for vulnerability and honest, open communication. Trust that this transformative experience will ultimately benefit both parties involved.

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury struts its way into Leo, landing in your 6th House. It’s time to bring order to your schedule and daily routine. Let Mercury assist you in making lists and creating a golden routine that allows your creative essence to shine. Make time for the things you truly enjoy and allow your inner child to create without any self-criticism.

Be open to learning new skills and expanding your knowledge. Every thought that arises within you has a purpose, so trust in the universe’s guidance as you follow the path that leads you to your true destiny. Let your imagination and intuition guide you. Trust in the cosmic energy that supports your dreams and aspirations. As you navigate the realms of emotions, relationships, and personal growth, remember that you possess the power to create your own reality. The universe celebrates your dreamy nature and encourages you to embrace the magic within you.


Words by Cosmic Mi