Elephant’s Top 10 Archive Titles from Denim Tears Much Lauded African Diaspora Goods

On March 15th, 2024 Denim Tears announced the opening of its first-ever ‘African Diaspora Goods’ flagship store in New York City.

Now, on the corner of Spring and Thompson St. in SoHo, you can find a cultural hub expanding on the Black Diaspora narrative through products and goods. The store’s design is a collaborative effort between Denim Tears’ founder, Tremaine Emory, and Theaster Gates, multidisciplinary American artist whose work translates the intricacies of Blackness through space theory, land development, sculpture, and performance.

Denim Tears invites fans and newcomers to not only shop the brand’s latest wares but also to enrich themselves with this robust selection of books curated by Lee and Whitney Kaplan, owners of the Culver City-based art book store Arcana: Books on the Arts

African Diaspora Goods’ will double as a comprehensive research library of books, exhibition catalogs, and periodicals published in Africa, Europe, The Americas, and Asia, documenting the visual and performative cultures of the Indigenous peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

We’ve spent the past month at Elephant sorting through the extensive selection and picked the top 10 gems you should check out during your visit. 

African Aesthetics by Susan Mullin Vogel

Tribes and Forma in African Art by William Fagg

Djenné-Jeno: 1000 Years of Terracotta Statuary in Mali

The Art of Africa: NEGRO ART by Dmitry Olderogge

Crafts and the Arts of Living in the Cameroon by Jocelyne Etienne-Nugue

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.43.47 PM

L’Art De L’Afrique Noire by Waclaw Korabiewicz

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.44.00 PM

Visions of Africa: Yaka by Arthur P. Bourgeois

African Images: Essays in African Iconology edited by Daniel F. McCall and Edna G. Bay

Art in East Africa by Judith von D. Miller

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.43.12 PM

Introduction to African Art by Boris de Rachewiltz

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.43.23 PM


All images by Sergio Gutierrez