Unapologetic Grace: Retrograde Revelations in a Cosmic Cocktail Finale

As we start to bid adieu to the year 2023, let’s do it with flair and extravagance. Buckle up for the final Mercury retrograde of 2023, a bombastic new moon in  Sagittarius, aka. a cosmic escapade dripping with the essence of Grace Jones— the epitome of fearless individuality. Get ready for a week infused with the audacious spirit of Sagittarius, featuring a new moon coupled with warrior-like Mars. But first, a word of wisdom from the wild child herself:

“I don’t really care what people think of me. I’ve always been a bit of a wild child.”

Thoughts align, and feelings harmonise as Mercury dances with Venus, this Monday. Follow your heart, embrace what you love, and navigate the professional waters with finesse.

Midweek, Sagittarius, the truth speaker, hosts a new moon extravaganza. It’s time to be outspoken and manifest your wildest dreams. With Mars as a cosmic companion, channel your inner warrior and shoot for the moon; if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Jupiter, the planetary ruler of this new moon, opposite Venus, adds a Midas touch to love, pleasure, and unseen depths. But beware of Neptune — stay high on life, not substances. The divine aspect to the North Node encourages bold leaps. Plant that magic seed; the corresponding full moon in May 2024 promises golden results.

On the same day as the new moon, Mercury goes retrograde, adding a dash of confusion to our cosmic cocktail. Embrace the chaos; it may reconnect you with unfinished business and unexpected reunions. From Capricorn reversing into Sagittarius until January 2nd, this retrograde spices up the end of the year, making Christmas encounters a tad more exciting. Hold onto your receipts, especially if electronics are on your holiday shopping list. Remember, Murphy’s law reigns supreme, so relax, let loose, and maybe find yourself on Santa’s naughty list.

As the week concludes, the Sun crashes with Neptune, creating a clash between ego and dreams. Don’t be blinded by unrealistic visions; life is a journey, not an overnight sensation. Like a wave in the ocean, savour the highs and lows of life’s beautiful journey.

Embrace the cosmic dance of the last weeks of 2023 with the spirit of Grace Jones, where chaos meets manifestation, and dreams intertwine with reality. Stay bold, speak your truth, and plant those magic seeds—your journey among the stars has just begun. Until next time, let the cosmic rhythms guide you with the unapologetic grace of a wild child.


Aries, get ready to ignite the cosmic flames as Mars, your planetary ruler is throwing an electrifying party with the new moon. Picture this: Grace Jones strutting through the cosmos, empowering you to refresh your belief system, tickling your sense of adventure, and urging you to unravel the world or dive into a new university subject. Ever thought of getting a master’s to master your game? Financially, it’s time to plant seeds—perhaps teaching or launching a business overseas. New ideas swirl around your career and reputation, this Monday, sparking a desire for transformation. Maybe it’s time to make extra moolah to acquire some fabulous possessions. Be outspoken during the master manifestor new moon in Sagittarius this Wednesday. It’s a fresh restart, expanding your horizons and aligning with your cosmic calling. Plant those seeds and watch your income grow. Meditate away negative thoughts. The moon’s warrior dance with Mars fuels your journey. Stay clear of unrealistic illusions, but dream big. The corresponding full moon in May 2024 full promises love and blessings.

The same day as the glorious new moon, Mercury retrograde joins the cosmic circus. Expect bumps, delays, and exciting Christmas reunions. Keep receipts if you’re shopping for electronics. Bump into old colleagues or revisit a past position. Get ready for a career review and a reputation update. Think of it as transformation mode. Watch those travel plans as flights may play tricks. Remember to relax, and embrace the chaos, and maybe land on Santa’s naughty list.

As the week closes, ego and dreams may clash. But fear not, Aries! Channel Grace Jones’s resilience. Meditate, listen to your inner voice, and navigate the clash with grace. Dreams may alter, but remember, like a phoenix, you rise from the ashes, empowered and iconic.


Get ready to groove to the cosmic rhythm with Venus, painting the stars with shades of love and partnership. It’s teamwork season, and as Grace Jones vibes through the constellations, collaboration is your cosmic key. Brace yourself for an electrifying new moon that doesn’t just bring possibilities, it’s a powerhouse for making money together, crafting legacies, and drawing in funds from investors or family members. Crowdfunding? That’s just the tip of your connection iceberg. Thoughts and feelings align like a celestial symphony, this Monday. Follow your heart, embrace love and togetherness, and act grandly. Your values sync with others, creating a divine alignment in morals and belief systems.

As the new moon swirls into Sagittarius, this Wednesday, Grace Jones encourages you to be outspoken—this is the master manifestor, and your dreams are on the cosmic stage. Communicate, seek help from superiors, and let a partner pump up your projects. Prepare a dazzling presentation to win hearts. Don’t let a friend’s skepticism dim your dreams, they’re more reachable than you think. Meditation wipes out negativity, and together with your partner in crime, you’ll see tangible results at the corresponding full moon in May next year.

Hold on tight, because the same day as the wonder new moon, the infamous Mercury retrograde is crashing the end-of-year party. Keep those receipts handy for electronics post-Christmas. Murphy’s law is in play, so relax, embrace the chaos, and maybe make it onto Santa’s naughty list. Retrograde may start in Capricorn, but it moonwalks back to Sagittarius. Double-check travel times, be extra early at the airport—basically, Mercury’s mischief-proof your plans.

As the week concludes, ego and dreams may tango with a friend. Don’t take every word to heart. Someone’s realism might just be a cosmic bluff. Grace Jones whispers resilience—let your dreams soar, and if there’s a clash, dance through it. After all, even in the cosmic disco, not every step is in sync.


Buckle up for a cosmic rendezvous inspired by the one and only Grace Jones. Mercury, your cosmic maestro, is taking center stage, spinning tales of retrograde mischief and intimate revelations. Get ready for a big, bold week, where relationships take the spotlight, and the universe beckons you to dance to the rhythm of truth and love. Let’s kick things off this Monday, with a celestial tango. Your thoughts align with feelings as Mercury and Venus create a cosmic connection. Follow your heart, dive deep into your passions, and sprinkle a dash of professionalism. The key to building both wealth and soul intimacy? It’s hidden in your daily routine.

Wednesday brings an ultra-positive new moon, lighting up your relationship house. Grace Jones whispers, “Be outspoken, darling.” Mars ignites the fire within, turning you into a cosmic warrior. Energy surges as you pursue goals or captivate the heart of someone special. Your social network becomes a cosmic ally. Join hands with your partner in crime. Together, you’ll walk the path, warrior-style. The May 2024 corresponding full moon promises tangible results. Hold on, as on the same day Mercury turns retrograde, prompting reflections on the past. It’s time to sift through desires—pursue what truly matters. Bumping into exes or past connections? It’s the retrograde dance, adding a spicy twist to your end-of-year festivities. Keep those receipts, embrace the chaos, and who knows, maybe Santa puts you on the naughty list for a wild reunion. As the week concludes, ego and dreams may engage in a cosmic clash. Career versus love, business versus partnership—it’s a dance of illusions. Don’t be disheartened. Doubts are normal when the cosmic symphony reaches a crescendo. You are a cosmic force. Embrace the doubts, dance through the illusions, and let your truth shine.


Get ready to groove to the cosmic beats as Grace Jones whispers through the stars, infusing your world with energy and allure. This week, it’s all about bada-boom health routines and cosmic reunions. Pump up your energy, dodge the tempting naughties, and brace yourself for a dance with exes and the ones that got away. For coupled crabs, miscommunications may swirl, but fear not, date nights and rediscovery are the secret ingredients to keeping the romance sizzling.

Kickstarting the week, thoughts align with feelings in love, romance, and partnership. Follow your heart, share your passions, and watch the right people gravitate toward your contagious energy. Embrace the refreshing new moon in Sagittarius, this Wednesday! Be outspoken, for it’s a master manifestor kind of lunation. Your success secrets hide in the daily routine. Set the right timetable, dream big, and put in the work. By the May 2024 full moon, your career will bloom. VIP contacts and friends inspire. Write a letter to the universe, outlining your career goals. Trust your instincts, and let your projects bring love and blessings.

The same day of the glorious new moon, Mercury retrograde joins the cosmic party. Bump into people from the past, keep those receipts, and embrace the holiday chaos. Exes may pop back into your life, perhaps through your phone or dreams. Seek closure but focus on what you truly want. Dance the fine line between the past and the present. As the week concludes, ego and dreams may clash. Travel plans and healthy diets might tango, but fear not. Pack healthy snacks, detox water, and supplements for your holiday journey. Let your dreams soar, and your ego dance with the stars.

This week is your cosmic playground. Embrace the dance of health, love, and the unexpected. Let Grace Jones guide you as you navigate the rhythms of the universe. Until next time, let your cosmic calling shine bright, and may your journey be as enchanting as the moonlit waves.

 Grace Jones at Studio 54 photographed by Adrian Boot


Get ready to unleash your cosmic roar as Grace Jones’ vibes guide you through a week of creative sparks, passionate beginnings, and a menu filled with romance, fun, and pleasure. Your cosmic stage is set, it’s time to shine. Feel the cosmic alignment as thoughts and feelings sync perfectly. Follow your heart, and pour that energy into creating the perfect routine in your home base. Act professionally and embrace a healthy lifestyle for that extra energy boost.

Are you ready for passionate beginnings? Wednesday gifts you a super juicy new moon. Let your romantic life sizzle, dive into creative pursuits, and embark on projects that bring pleasure. Plant optimistic seeds and kickstart that master creative project, perhaps in a new and exciting location. For singles, it’s a chance for a Christmas fling or the beginning of something serious. Be outspoken, this master manifestor lunation propels you forward. Channel that warrior energy, and watch your impact grow. Funds will follow your passion. Think big, go big, and let your inner child create. As the glorious new moon shines, Mercury retrograde joins the cosmic dance. Embrace the chaos, keep those receipts handy, and don’t be too strict with yourself. Bump into exes, embrace mistletoe reunions, and perhaps make it onto Santa’s naughty list. Health is wealth. Watch your well-being during the festive season.

As the week concludes, ego and dreams may clash. In the realm of intimacy, disagreements may arise—remember, everyone ticks a little differently. Be mindful of spending on life’s pleasures. Keep those receipts as Mercury retrograde may lead to more tax than you bargained for. Embrace the creative energies, dive into passion, and dance through the challenges. As Grace Jones says, “Be iconic, be authentic, and let your cosmic roar echo through the universe.” Until next time, let your cosmic calling shine bright, and may your journey be as glamorous as a star-studded night.

Grace Jones at Studio 54 photographed by Adrian Boot


Get ready to weave through the cosmic tides with Grace Jones’ iconic energy as your guide. This week is a retro mistletoe magic, inviting lovers from the past. Will you lean in for a retro embrace, or have you already found closure? Embrace the dance of love and transformation, and turn your focus toward creating a home that nurtures your growth. Feel the alignment as thoughts and feelings sync perfectly, this Monday. Follow your heart, act professionally, and communicate your joys and pleasures. For the creative souls, it’s the perfect time for storytelling, whether through words or on social platforms.

Under the glorious new moon, this Wednesday, plant optimistic seeds. Consider updating your living situation or renting a home in a foreign place for winter work. This might clash with a partner initially but could benefit your finances and transformation goals. Conflict may stir at home due to Mars, but remember, perspective is key. Think big, learn, travel, and study for a fulfilling transformation. Tangible results await at the May 2024 full moon, showering love and blessings. As the uplifting new moon shines, Mercury retrograde adds its flavour to the cosmic mix. Oh dear, the infamous Mercury retrograde is here to spice up the year-end chaos. Keep those receipts, embrace the fun, and don’t be too strict with yourself. Bump into exes, welcome mistletoe reunions, and maybe, just maybe, land on Santa’s naughty list.

As the week concludes, ego and dreams may clash, especially regarding home and a partner. Don’t take it too personally, everyone is undergoing a personal transformation. Navigate the waves with grace and remember, home is where your heart expands, and transformations blossom. Let the retro mistletoe magic and cosmic energies guide you. Embrace the dance of love, transformation, and creating a nurturing home. As Grace Jones says, “Be fearless, be authentic, and let your cosmic journey unfold.” Until next time, may your cosmic calling be as harmonious as a well-played melody.

Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren by Helmut Newton


Get ready to embrace the extravagant vibes of Grace Jones as you navigate the cosmic dance this week. With Venus in your 2nd house and a celestial lineup, your urge to splurge and manifest your desires takes center stage. It’s a week of big dreams, bold ideas, and maybe a touch of retro mischief. Feel the alignment, this Monday! Thoughts and feelings sync perfectly when you follow your heart, embracing a professional touch. Consider family healing and the possibility of expanding into a new home, whether with a boo or solo if you’re flying solo.

Wednesday’s glorious new moon invites you to plant optimistic seeds in communication and short-distance travel. Be outspoken, exchange ideas, and jot down your wildest thoughts. It’s a master manifestor lunation! Dive into learning a new skill now. The drive to pursue your goals over the next six months is strong. Don’t be discouraged by daily routines; make space for your passions. The skills you acquire could boost your income, especially if you team up with a partner in crime. Teamwork, after all, is the dreamwork. Watch for tangible results during the May 2024 full moon, showering love and blessings.

As the magical new moon sparkles, brace yourself for the infamous Mercury retrograde. Oh dear, it’s here to spice up the year-end chaos. Keep those receipts, embrace the fun, and don’t be too strict. Bump into exes, welcome mistletoe reunions, and maybe land on Santa’s naughty list. The retrograde may be causing delays and mishaps in travel and electronics. But fear not, you’ll be meeting plenty of familiar faces.
As the week concludes, ego and dreams may clash in organising your routine or exchanging ideas with workmates. Don’t take things too personally, it’s all part of the cosmic dance. Remember, as Grace Jones would say, “Be fearless, be authentic, and let the rhythm of the universe guide you.


Get ready for a week that’s a cash-filled cosmic extravaganza, a dance of power and charm. With Mars shaking hands with the new moon, your financial realm takes center stage. It’s time to make it rain, Scorpio style, and let the world envy the magnetic charm you carry. As Grace Jones would say, “Pull up to the bumper, baby.” Align your thoughts, this Monday, for your personal agenda reigns supreme. Communicate your desires with the finesse of a charmer. Whether confessing to another or penning mantras in your diary, make your words count.

Wednesday’s glorious new moon is your cue to plant seeds of optimism creatively. Be the outspoken money manifestor, a financial warrior. Sniff out the trends before they trend, update your routine, and unlock your potential. Consider business alliances or even tying the knot. The benefits will unfold in the coming months, culminating in a love-filled harvest at the May 2024 full moon.

As the new moon dazzles, Mercury retrograde joins the cosmic party. Embrace the chaos; keep receipts, avoid signing long-term commitments during the retrograde cycle, and ensure travel plans are foolproof. Exes might slide into your DMs, but beware of long-term entanglements. Use the retrograde to collect owed debts and get to the airport on time. As the week closes, ego and dreams may dance in a tango of pursuit. Scorpio, don’t let clashes deter you; find the rhythm between your passion and making money. Remember, as Grace Jones once crooned, “I’m the kind of person who likes to roam around. I’m never in one place. I roam from town to town.” Keep roaming, Scorpio, and let the cosmic dance lead you to your treasure trove. Until next time, may your journey be as mysterious and exciting as a Scorpio soirée.

Grace Jones wearing Issey Miyake


It’s your time to shine as the cosmic curtain lifts on a new year for your sign. Get ready to pop the champagne, celebrate your essence, and kickstart a six-month adventure, even if Mercury Retrograde insists on joining the party. As Grace Jones once said, “I am a marvel, and I must be treated as such.” Align your thoughts, this Monday, and let your heart’s desires dance in tandem with professionalism. Your charisma, coupled with profound feelings, is a recipe for cosmic success.

Now let’s talk about the new moon highlight of this year. Pop those champagne bottles and let the universe applaud your existence, this Wednesday! Be outspoken during this master manifestor of a new moon in your sign. Coupled with the fiery energy of Mars, it’s time to chase your wildest dreams. Success lies in your daily routine — health is wealth. Seize the limitless opportunities with boundless power. Take a leap of faith, explore the world, and watch as your creations inspire others. Results will blossom by the May 2024 full moon, showering love and blessings.

As you celebrate, Mercury retrograde weaves its mischief. Keep receipts, avoid overspending, and brace for the unexpected. Embrace the chaos with grace, and you might find yourself in unexpected places and lives—a jolly Sagittarian adventure. As the week closes, ego and dreams may tango, especially concerning traditions and family. Don’t take it personally; remember, the eggs were there before the chickens. Keep dancing to your rhythm, Sagittarius, and let your cosmic journey continue to unfold. Until next time, may your adventures be as legendary as a soiree with Grace Jones herself.

Grace Jones by wcialists.com


Your cosmic tale unfolds as the year reaches its climax, blending Saturn-Pluto power with the enigmatic spirit of Bruce Wayne. As Grace Jones once said, “I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you.” Embrace your hidden world, navigate Mercury Retrograde, and let the universe dance to your unique rhythm. Align your thoughts and feelings, this Monday, following the heartbeat of your desires. Connect with friends and alliances, and let the symphony of your social circle bring deep fulfilment. You’re the architect of your connections.

Secrets shall be unveiled in moonlit chambers, midweek. In the mystical realm of your 12th house, the new moon whispers secrets. Plant optimistic seeds privately and be outspoken within the silent echoes of your heart. Embrace the master manifestor’s energy—explore desires, start a creative project, or embark on a journey toward parenthood. This moon paves the path for a more fulfilling, secure home. Results bloom at the May 2024 full moon, showering love and blessings. Open your eyes to new friendships that shall enrich your cosmic journey.

The same day, oh dear, Capricorn, Mercury retrogrades in your sign, stirring up the year-end chaos. Keep receipts, and let the retrograde bless you with encounters—new and old, faces and places. Embrace the holiday mess, you might just land on Santa’s naughty list, bringing joy to all you touch. As the week concludes, ego and dreams may dance in discord. Capture the whispers of the universe in dream messages, meditate to decode the cosmic riddles. Your dreams hold the keys to navigate the clash, ensuring your journey through the mystical 12th house is a graceful dance. May your private world be as captivating as a mystery novel, leaving everyone wanting more. As Grace Jones would say, “Liberty is a bitch who must be bedded on a mattress of corpses.” Bed your dreams on the cosmic whispers, and let your spirit soar.

Grace Jones by Victoria & Albert


Let the cosmic dance begin—your week beckons social revelry and spirited connections. As Grace Jones once said, “I’m a slave to the rhythm.” Release your inner rhythm, mingle with spirits, and let the energy of the town fuel your unique aura. It’s time to be jolly and spread the joy! Kick off Monday with a meditation session. Align your thoughts and feelings by following your heart and maintaining professionalism. Let the cosmic melody guide you as you embark on a week of connection and creativity.

Wednesday brings a cosmic opportunity to plant optimistic seeds in your social network sector. Mars fuels your adventurous spirit; be the pursuer of inspiration. The master manifestor new moon commands your wishes—connect, exchange ideas, learn, and explore. Leave financial worries aside, connection doesn’t demand a fortune. Your passions will bear fruit at the May 2024 full moon, showering love and blessings.

Mercury retrogrades on the same day. Embrace the chaos—it spices up the year-end, making Christmas time more exciting. Keep receipts and ride the wave of unexpected encounters. Friends from the past may reappear, turning train cancellations into laughter-filled reunions at the taxi stand. Embrace the coincidences that make life wonderfully unpredictable.

Ego and dreams may tango, especially when it comes to money matters. Money doesn’t rule you. Realign your focus on the joy of connection and creative exploration. Let the clash be a reminder that the rhythm of life is a dance of balance. May your social adventures be as iconic as Grace’s stage presence. As you connect and create, remember, you’re not just a participant; you’re the maestro of your cosmic symphony.

Grace Jones by Richard Bernstein


The cosmic stage is set, and the stars are aligning to bless your career journey. As Grace Jones once sang, “Pull up to the bumper, baby, in your long black limousine.” Dream big, Pisces, for your career and reputation are about to sparkle like stars in the night sky. Start the week with a leap of faith. Thoughts and feelings align seamlessly when you follow your heart, especially while hanging out with friends or embarking on a journey with your dearest pals. Dive deep, act professionally, and embrace the adventure.

Wednesday marks your moment to make a bold statement and climb higher on your ladder of success. Plant those optimistic seeds, be outspoken— the cosmos is listening. This master manifestor lunation, coupled with warrior-like Mars energy, ignites a blaze within you. Pursue your passions, speak your truth, and don’t hold back. Imagine your name shining on the cosmic billboard, for you are ready to pursue the light and blessings. On the same day, the mischievous Mercury retrograde arrives, making your year-end messier yet more exciting. Keep those receipts and ride the wave of unexpected encounters, from exes to friends. Embrace the chaos and see it as a cosmic blessing, bringing joy and laughter into your life. Ego and dreams may waltz, Pisces, especially in the realms of career versus personal goals. Reflect on what you truly desire, beyond expectations. As Grace would say, “Be as bold as your lipstick,” and let your aspirations shine, navigating the dance between your dreams and public expectations.

Until next time, Pisces, may your dreams be as boundless as the ocean, and may the cosmic symphony guide you to success and infinite blessings. Remember, the spotlight is yours—own it with the grace of a cosmic dancer.

Words by Cosmic Mi