Capturing Cosmic Moments: Developing from the Negatives

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)

Welcome to another week of Cosmic Calling. This week, our celestial dance is choreographed by the art of photography and the enigmatic vibes of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up.” In a world coloured by ambiguity and open-ended narratives, where Mercury Retrograde swirls, and Jupiter reactivates the echoes of the Taurus lunar eclipse, we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, adding a sprinkle of magic to our cosmic journey.

As the curtain rises on Monday, let’s rewind our mental film reels. Reflect on the mosaic of moments that shaped the last months. Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and channel your inner photographer. Scroll through the photo library of your mind; flip through memories. Remember, the negativity effect might linger, but in photography and life, negatives are opportunities to develop a new, positive perspective.

Thursday sparks memories of early November 2022, as Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. Love takes centre stage with shocking reveals. Embrace the unconventional, let your freak flag fly, and be open to unexpected, refreshing experiences that might not be long-term but will certainly broaden your horizons. On the same day, let’s rethink our strategies. Mercury retrograde joins forces with Saturn, urging us to revisit our past, learn from our mistakes, and build smarter pathways for our dreams. Wisdom arises from reflection and experience.

Friday emerges with the Sun joining Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn — called a Cazimi — a cosmic cauldron for boss-level ideas and mature discussions. It’s a day for a reality check, understanding our resources, and practical considerations. Also on Friday, Capricorn season kicks off. Associated with the goat and the mountains, this season whispers to our ambitions. Climbing the hill requires dedication, training, persistence, and patience, much like aging fine wine becomes more precious with time. Every experience shapes us, and once we reach the top, let’s not forget to enjoy the view.

On Saturday, Mercury takes a retrograde detour back into Sagittarius, infusing our minds with outspoken, fiery, and adventurous energy. Despite the foot-in-mouth risks, embrace the truth. Sometimes, letting the unfiltered truth shine is better than silence, for the truth ultimately sets us free.

Sunday echoes Thursday’s cosmic whispers, urging us to trust our visions and develop mature strategies for our dreams. Learn from past mistakes, but more importantly, trust the visions that dance in your mind. Put in the work, and let inspiration flow through you.

Life is like a photograph. Focus on the essence, capture the joyous moments, and develop from the negatives. If things don’t unfold as planned, fear not; the cosmic darkroom always offers another shot. Keep shooting for the stars. (If you want to know more about Mercury Retrograde, check last week’s Cosmic Calling)

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


Get ready for a week that’s a visual masterpiece, where the cosmic camera is focused on the adventurous spirit within you, guided by the enigmatic vibes of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up.” As Mars dances through Sagittarius, wanderlust knocks on your cosmic door, inviting you to follow the call of the wild.

Monday unveils a career rewind, an exploration of past victories and the blessings woven into your professional tapestry. As Mercury retrogrades in your public 10th house, financial prosperity may come knocking, echoing your wise investments from the past. History revisits, but this time, it’s draped in positivity.

Thursday sparks memories of November 2022, as Venus opposes Uranus. Financial surprises shimmer on the horizon. Break free from the ordinary, embrace the unconventional, and let the freaky side of life lead. Whether it’s a fleeting financial affair or unexpected tech revelations, stay open and detached. Unpredictability is your ally. Rethink your career strategies on Thursday. Mercury retrograde, syncing with Saturn in Pisces, guides you in building smarter pathways for your dreams. Meditation becomes a cosmic tool, enhancing your insights and wisdom.

Friday spotlights boss-level ideas. The Sun and Mercury retrograde join forces, offering a reality check on your career resources. Reflect on past conversations, for a former collaborator may re-enter your orbit. It’s time to be practical with your brilliant ideas and let the cosmos illuminate your career path. The same day, Capricorn season kicks off, urging you to shine in the realm of career and reputation. Work hard, play hard — the universe applauds your dedication.

Saturday sees Mercury sliding back into Sagittarius, your spiritual 9th house. Amid career focus, travel beckons. Revisit inspiring locations or reconnect with overseas friends. Watch for Mercury’s retrograde mischief in travel plans; delays and cancellations might add a twist to your cosmic adventure. As the week concludes, tune into your inner support and maturity cultivated over the years. Boost yourself in career endeavours with insights from experienced minds or psychic revelations. Feel the cosmic alignment guiding you towards your purpose. Capture this week’s adventurous essence, develop from the challenges, and remember: life’s a photograph, and your career journey is a masterpiece in the making. Keep shooting for the stars.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


Get ready for a week bathed in the mysterious hues of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up,” where the cosmic lens focuses on relationships in love and business, blending the realms of perception and reality. With Venus in Scorpio adding a touch of allure, prepare for a week that’s iconic, empowering, and enigmatic.

Monday kicks off with a nostalgia tour. Reflect on personal transformations, travels, and moments of gratitude. Dive into your photo library, reminiscing about the blessings of the year. Share those memories with friends—it’s a heartwarming gesture that will create cosmic connections.

Thursday, a love deja vu from November 2022. Venus opposes Uranus, igniting unconventional revelations. Break free, embrace the unexpected, and let the freaky side of love captivate you. This encounter might not be long-term, but it promises a mind-opening, refreshing experience. Stay open to love’s unpredictable dance. Thursday also prompts a rethink of your international dreams. Mercury retrograde meets Saturn, urging a reconsideration of global ventures and friendships. Learn from past mistakes and seek support from real friends. Let your visions take tangible form with a little help from your cosmic companions.

Friday brings a cosmic spotlight on boss ideas and mature conversations. Reflect on spiritual lessons, alternative beliefs, and travel adventures. A reality check beckons—understand your resources and invest wisely. Capricorn season kicks off, emphasising a global focus in your projects and personal image. As Mercury slides into Sagittarius, on Saturday, delve into therapeutic talks. Re-examine finances and think bigger for the upcoming year. It’s a cosmic journey to reshape your money mindset. Embrace the therapeutic magic as you chart a course for financial abundance.

Sunday invites mature ideas for building pathways to your dreams. Tune into podcasts or inspirational videos. Learn from past mistakes and move forward wiser. Trust friends from overseas, let inspiration flow, and put in the work to make your dreams a tangible reality. In the cosmic dance of perception and reality, relationships take center stage. Embrace the unconventional, break free from the past, and let the mysterious magic of ‘Blow-Up’ guide your love and business ventures. Trust the cosmic connection, and let the week unfold like an iconic love story in the making.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


Get ready for a captivating week, as the cosmic lens zooms in on your relationships, both in the love and business realms. With Mercury on a retrograde dance through Capricorn and Sagittarius, be prepared for exes and past partners to make a grand entrance, creating a storyline that’s both mysterious and empowering.

Monday invites you to a solo journey. Meditate, reflect on desires, and count your blessings. Dive into your mental photo library; let the negativity effect be the canvas for positive transformation. In photography, a negative develops the positive—apply the same to life’s challenges, and find the answers within you.

Thursday sparks memories of November 2022. Venus opposes Uranus, unveiling shocking revelations in love, work, or health. Break free from attachments, embrace the unconventional, and let the freaky side rule. Stay open to refreshing experiences that might not be long-term but promise mind-opening adventures. Technological advances may spice up your routine. Thursday prompts you to rethink your next career steps. Mercury retrograde syncs with Saturn, urging strategies for making dreams tangible and lucrative. Embrace the transformation mode—learn from past mistakes and pave a more prosperous professional road.

Friday unfolds with a cosmic spotlight on boss ideas and mature conversations. Multiply your money by revisiting past investments. Reality check time—understand your resources, invest practically, and take time for research. Capricorn season kicks off, ushering in ambition and business-minded energy.

As the weekend dawns, nostalgia and missed connections take center stage. Mercury slides back into Sagittarius, stirring up unfinished business in relationships. Exes may resurface in your mind or inbox; business partners from the past could be seeking collaboration. ‘Tis the season for reconnecting.

Sunday beckons with mature ideas for building pathways to career dreams. Trust your visions, let inspiration flow, and put in daily work towards your dreams. Learn from past mistakes and move forward wiser, carrying the wisdom of every experience.

This week’s cosmic narrative, connections take center stage. Embrace the mysterious dance of exes and partners from the past, letting ‘Blow-Up’ guide you through a storyline that’s both empowering and enigmatic. Trust the cosmic connections, and let the week unfold like a cinematic masterpiece in the making.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


December invites you into a dance of partnerships, love confessions, and the unveiling of cosmic connections. As partner season commences, Mercury’s retrograde journey brings exes back into the scene. Unfinished business seeks closure, opening doors to friendships or collaborations in both love and business.

Encounters with past lovers blend seamlessly with time spent with old friends. Reflect on the mosaic of 2023, writing down moments of gratitude. Despite the brain’s tilt towards negativity, remember, just like in photography, negatives can develop into positives with the right perspective.

Thursday echoes memories of November 2022, as Venus opposes Uranus, bringing shocking revelations in love and creative realms. Embrace the unconventional, whether in love or through creative endeavours. Singles, explore dating apps for a refreshing experience, welcoming the unpredictable with open arms. Also on Thursday, a past business partner or overseas lover may reappear. Embrace the opportunity, rethink global strategies for your dreams, and accept the magic. Reflect on past mistakes to make your visions tangible and globally significant.

Partner season officially begins on Friday. Dedicate time to love, or if single, open the door to potential connections. Friday is also a day when the Sun kisses Mercury retrograde, turning it into a day for relationship resets and mature discussions. Teamwork flourishes, providing a reality check on your resources and practical steps to amplify your brilliant ideas. Consider giving unresolved connections another shot, adding a touch of Christmas magic.

Saturday directs focus to health, daily routines, and expanding your portfolio. Opportunities abound for those who step into the cosmic spotlight. Maintain a workout routine for both physical and mental wealth.

Sunday brings mature ideas for building pathways in partnerships. Trust your visions, listen to your partner’s advice, and let inspiration guide you. Put in daily work towards your dreams and savour the beauty of partnerships.

As the cosmic curtain falls on this week’s celestial performance, partnerships take center stage. Embrace the mysterious dance inspired by “Blow-Up,” where the lines between perception and reality blur. Trust the cosmic connections, listen to the whispers of inspiration, and let your journey unfold like a timeless masterpiece in the cosmic gallery of love and partnerships.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


Leo, this week, the cosmic stage transitions you from the vibrant hues of creativity to the structured rhythm of daily life as the Sun shifts from Sagittarius to Capricorn. With Mercury’s retrograde in your 5th house, the spotlight is on revisiting past flames and creative endeavours.

Begin the week with gratitude. Reflect on career milestones and moments of success.Just as in photography, negatives can develop into positives, offering a unique perspective on challenges and difficulties.

As Venus opposes Uranus, this Thursday, prepare for shocking reveals in love, home, and family. Embrace the unconventional, welcoming surprises that might sweep you off your feet. Stay open and flexible, as unconventional experiences unfold, even in business partnerships.

Thursday also calls for a strategic rethink, blending your dreams with the practicality of daily life. Reflect on past mistakes, adapting your routine to create tangible pathways for your visions. Your golden routine awaits redefinition.

Friday marks the beginning of Capricorn season, urging ambition and business focus. The journey to the top demands time, training, and persistence, reminiscent of a fine wine maturing with time. Set goals, don’t expect anything until Mercury turns direct January 2nd, next year. Friday is a glorious day for mature discussions and boss ideas. Reflect on your past health routines. Ground yourself even during the holidays. Mental health becomes mental wealth, reminding you that health is the truest form of wealth.

Mercury’s retrograde returns to your 5th house on Saturday, reigniting passion. Revisit neglected projects and brace for the return of past flames. Some might grapple with foot-in-mouth disease, but remember, truth can set you free.

Sunday invites mature strategies for financial dreams, echoing lessons from past mistakes. Trust your visions, let inspiration guide you, and invest the work. Your cosmic portfolio awaits its masterpiece. Embrace the enigmatic tale of the cosmos. Your story, a captivating frame in the celestial gallery, continues its timeless exhibition. Shine on, for the stars applaud your every move.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


The cosmic lens zooms in on your journey from creative reflections to the roots of family connections as Mercury, in retrograde dance, transitions from Capricorn’s creativity to Sagittarius’ familial embrace. Kickstart the week by reconnecting with the warmth of past loves or overseas connections. Reflect on the year’s blessings, flipping through the photo library of memories. In life, negatives can develop into positives, just as in photography.

Thursday, a cosmic déjà vu to November 2022, Venus opposes Uranus, jolting your love life and travel outlook. Welcome the unconventional, let surprises sweep you into new realms. Stay open to fresh experiences, even in the digital tapestry of online connections. Thursday also prompts a strategic rethink, particularly in relationships and situationships. Learn from past mistakes, attracting more serious romantic and professional partners. Rethink your vision’s path for a wiser, more experienced approach.

Mistletoe season begins on Friday, ushering in Capricorn’s influence to revitalise your 5th house of joy and creativity. Embrace ambition and a business mindset. Set goals and dedicate time, but for full focus, wait until January 2nd. Create from the depths of your heart. Friday dawns with brilliant ideas, creative resurgence, and mature discussions. Restart projects, reflect on past romantic conversations, and ground your brilliant ideas practically. Let your inner child guide your creative process.

And on Saturday, Mercury’s retrograde slips back into Sagittarius, steering your focus toward family. Heal, reflect, and resolve familial issues. Take this time to understand the roots of your being and appreciate the influence of your upbringing.

Sunday invites mature strategies for creative dreams, especially in collaboration. Learn from past mistakes and elevate teamwork for tangible results. Trust your visions, soak in inspiration, and put dedicated work into your dreams. As the cosmic snapshot captures your transition from creative exploration to familial roots, the narrative unfolds. You stand at the intersection of past infatuations and the allure of what might have been. The cosmic shutter clicks, capturing your essence in a timeless frame. Reconnect with exes, revel in creative reawakening, and embrace the ties that bind with family. As the stars orchestrate your narrative, trust in the unfolding mystery of your cosmic journey. Keep thriving, for the universe applauds your every step.


Get ready for a personal odyssey on the cosmic stage! With Venus twirling through Scorpio, surprises blend caution and celebration. Detach and dance, for the cosmic ballet reveals sweet, unexpected revelations just for you.

Monday, focus on gratitude and be thankful for memories of home, family, and transformation. In the photographic journey of life, negatives are the shadows that shape our positives, urging you to develop a nuanced perspective. Remember anything memorable happening in November 2022? On Thursday Venus, your planetary ruler, and Uranus engage again in a cosmic tango, shaking foundations in love and finance. Embrace the unconventional, relish surprises, and stay open to the unpredictable, even in the digital realm of online connections.

Thursday’s symphony calls for a strategic review of your daily life, harmonising dreams with practicality. Reflect on past missteps, forging a golden routine, and charting tangible pathways for your cherished visions. Ambitions unfold in Capricorn season. Dedicate time to aspirations, mindful of Mercury’s retrograde until January 2nd. Peaks of success demand persistence.

Friday’s stage is set for boss-level ideas and mature discussions, especially concerning family and real estate. It’s a reality-check moment—assess resources, consider practicalities, and infuse brilliance with pragmatism. As Mercury retreats into Sagittarius, your mind becomes outspoken and adventurous. Embrace the exchange of knowledge, reconnect with neglected skills, and get ready for for encounters with figures from your past.

Sunday unveils mature strategies for domestic dreams. Reflect on past mistakes, infusing your visions with experience. Trust your inspiration, put in the work, and let your dreams manifest within the comforting walls of home. As the cosmic narrative unfolds, your financial tapestry weaves between surprises and the wisdom of detachment. In the spirit of “Blow-Up,” where perception transcends reality, your story dances in the ambiguity of the cosmic gallery. Rejoice in the unpredictable, for your journey adds unique hues to the universal canvas. Keep thriving, and let the stars applaud your every step.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


Your finances take the spotlight. Ideas are brewing, surprises are on the horizon, and in the spirit of “Blow-Up,” where reality meets perception, your cosmic narrative is about to get intriguing.

Monday is a stroll down memory lane, especially in relationships. Flip through your mental photo album, embrace challenges as photographic negatives turning positive.

November 2022 could be revisited this Thursday. Venus and Uranus create a love dance. Break free, embrace the unexpected, and be open to unconventional twists. The cosmic dance floor awaits your Scorpio groove. Thursday also is urging you to rethink learning approaches and creative paths. Reflect on past mistakes, let wisdom guide visions, and explore ways to make dreams tangible.

Capricorn season is your call to ambition. Jot down your daily creative bursts; the journey up the hill begins. Mercury’s a bit tricky until January 2nd, but let your notes capture the essence of your brilliant mind.

Friday sets the stage for brilliance and mature talks. Reflect on past ideas, engage in reality checks, and explore the practical side of your creative genius. Turn those ideas into tangible realities. As Mercury revisits Sagittarius, this Saturday, your mind ignites with outspokenness and a thirst for knowledge. Reconnect with neglected skills, brace for encounters from the past, and let your truth shine. Sunday’s crescendo invites mature strategies for your creative dreams. Reflect on past lessons, infuse wisdom into your visions, and embark on a journey to create a legacy. Trust your visions, let inspiration flow, and remember, the magic lies in putting in the work. Your story unfolds uniquely. Dance through the mystery with empowered grace, leaving an indelible mark on the cosmic canvas. Your cosmic groove resonates in every corner of the expanding universe.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


Get ready to feel deep as Jupiter wraps up your season. It’s a week to build dreams and reflect on blessings. Your cosmic journey, inspired by “Blow-Up,” blurs the lines between perception and reality, creating an open-ended narrative just for you.

Monday unfolds as a canvas for gratitude, a reflection on home, family, and personal metamorphosis. Navigate through memories, acknowledging that, akin to photography, negatives play a crucial role in developing the positive. Remember November 2022? That was a time of Venus and Uranus’s most recent cosmic opposition. Shocking reveals in love and breakthroughs in understanding your nervous system may have unfolded. Embrace the unconventional and stay open to the unpredictable, especially in health matters.Thursday’s symphony calls for a strategic review of your daily life, harmonising dreams with practicality.

Rethink strategies for dreams and visions. What have you learned, and how can you make financial and real estate visions tangible? Align ambitions with practicality, forging pathways for success. Capricorn season unfolds, urging you to get creative in money matters. Dedicate time, be patient, and savour the climb. Set goals, but with Mercury retrograde until January 2nd, allow focus to mature before pulling through. Friday is also a glorious day for boss ideas and mature talks, especially about making an income doing what you love. It’s a reality check—assess resources, be practical, and embrace the journey of starting somewhere.

Mercury retrogrades into your sign this Saturday until mid-January, triggering encounters and potential miscommunications. Navigate with care, using your truth serum wisely. You might be a messenger rather than the one needing to express. Boost yourself with mature ideas, focusing on family situations and living arrangements. Learn from past mistakes, trust your visions, and infuse inspiration into your dreams. Remember, putting in the work is the key to making dreams come true.

Your cosmic journey unfolds with deep feelings and dream-building. In the spirit of “Blow-Up,” where perception blurs with reality, embrace the ambiguity. Your story, with its open-ended narrative, adds unique hues to the universal canvas. Keep thriving, and let your cosmic dance echo through the universe, drawing applause from the stars.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


It’s your time to shine as the cosmic spotlight centers on you during this Capricorn season. As we navigate the celestial landscape inspired by the film “Blow-Up,” where perception dances with reality, your cosmic journey unfolds with authenticity and the promise of dreams.

Monday is your nostalgia day – a moment to rewind, reminisce, and be grateful. Reflect on the highs and lows of the past months. Grab a pen and paper, jot down the moments you cherish. Remember, life, like photography, often uses negatives to develop the positive. Challenges shape us, adding depth to our journey.

Recall November 2022 as Venus opposes Uranus, ushering in a sense of déjà vu. Expect shocking revelations in love and friendships, possibly leading to unconventional and refreshing experiences. Embrace the unconventional and stay open to the unpredictable—this day is all about letting your freak flag fly.

Thursday calls for a strategic review of your dreams and visions. Reflect on past mistakes, gather your ideas, and explore diverse sources of support and inspiration. Your journey demands a well-thought-out plan. Write down your aspirations; it’s time to chart tangible pathways toward making your dreams a reality.

Capricorn season kicks off on Friday – it’s your time to bask in the cosmic limelight. As the goat climbs the mountain, you embark on an ambitious journey. Time, training, persistence – these are your tools. Set goals, but be mindful of Mercury’s retrograde dance; full focus arrives post-January 2nd.

Friday brings a spotlight on your personal journey. It’s a day for boss-level ideas and mature conversations. Take a moment for a reality check – assess your resources, maximise them, and set a realistic timeframe. Everyone starts somewhere; embrace the process.

What a relief, Mercury, in retrograde, retreats from your sign into Sagittarius on Saturday. Communication gets clearer, and a subconscious energy shift occurs. Meditation becomes your ally. Despite lingering retrograde energy until mid-January, a sense of relief washes over, lifting the communication haze. Sunday is your day for mature ideas and strategies. Reflect on past mistakes, gather experience, and trust your visions. Your dreams require effort; make the last days of 203 count. As the cosmic narrative unfolds, revel in the wisdom of your journey.

As the cosmic spotlight beams on your journey, may your season be filled with dreams turned reality. In the spirit of “Blow-Up,” where ambiguity meets narrative, relish the open-ended story that is uniquely yours. Keep thriving, and let your cosmic tale paint vibrant strokes on the canvas of the universe. Make these final days of the year a testament to your aspirations and accomplishments.


You find yourself amidst the captivating frames of familial exploration.Your roots become a canvas of evolving family dynamics, with each member revealing a different facet of growth, including your own.

Monday, a day for cosmic reminiscence, prompts reflection on the tapestry of the last months. Dive into the blessings of home, family, and the ongoing expansion of your domestic haven. Like a photographer flipping through a photo library, recall moments with gratitude. Just as in photography, where negatives develop positives, challenges in life can lead to positive perspectives.

A cosmic déjà vu beckons on Thursday, reminiscent of early November 2022. Venus opposing Uranus opens the door to shocking revelations, not just in love but also in the delicate balance between career, home life, and family. Embrace the unconventional, let freakish surprises unfold, and be open to refreshing experiences that reshape your perceptions. Changes may knock on the doors of both your home and career.

Thursday, a day for a financial reconnaissance, invites you to rethink strategies for your money-making dreams. Dive into your well of wisdom, listen to your inner voice, and consider a moment of meditation. Uncover the pathways to make your visions tangible and come true.

Friday inaugurates Capricorn season – your time to go silent and within. This private season is crucial before the sun moves into your sign mid-January. Work behind the scenes, embrace ambition and business acumen, understanding that time, like Capricorn, brings wisdom and quality. Every experience shapes you; once you reach the top, don’t forget to relish the view. Friday, a day for meditation, urges you to delve into boss-level ideas. Reflect on past conversations with yourself, listen to your true thoughts, and undergo a reality check. Recognise your resources, assess how to maximise them, and be practical with your brilliant ideas.

As Mercury retrogrades into Sagittarius on Saturday, emerging from your private world, catch up with friends. Engage in year-end reflections, sharing highs and lows that evoke a humane connection. Your inner voice remains your guide even as you embrace the camaraderie. Sunday, a day for cosmic immersion, provides a stage for mature ideas and strategies for your inner dreams. Learn from past mistakes, trust your visions, and let inspiration flow. Putting in the work is vital as you navigate the cosmic narrative. Your roots intertwine with surprises, and in the spirit of “Blow-Up,” where perception transcends reality, dance in the ambiguity of your cosmic gallery. Keep thriving, and let the stars applaud your every step.

Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)


The cosmic stage is set with a celestial dance, creating a mesmerising symphony that resonates with the enigmatic essence of Michelangelo Antonioni’s iconic film, Blow-Up. Get ready for a week filled with reflections, revelations, and the magic of turning negatives into positives.

Kickstarting the week, Monday invites you to rewind, relive, and reminisce. Grab a pen and paper, for it’s time to count your blessings and recall moments worthy of gratitude. Remember, just like in photography, negatives can develop into something positive. Embrace the lessons and transform challenges into stepping stones for your dreams.

A cosmic déjà vu sweeps over you, echoing the energy of early November 2022. Venus opposes Uranus, bringing surprises in love and long-term aspirations. Embrace the unconventional and let the freaky side of life lead you to refreshing experiences. Stay open, flexible, and expect the unexpected, especially in your adventures with friends and creative endeavours.

Thursday nudges you to reconsider your strategies for manifesting dreams. Reflect on past lessons, infuse wisdom into your vision, and let Saturn guide your path. It’s a moment to refine your approach, making dreams tangible and achievable.

Capricorn season launches on Friday, marking a time for socialising and elevating your aspirations with friends. As the goat climbs the mountain, set goals, but be mindful of Mercury’s retrograde influence. The summit awaits, and with collective effort, new heights can be reached.

Connect with your tribe on Friday. Ideas flow, mature discussions unfold, and teamwork thrives. Reality checks are accompanied by a realisation of available resources. Practicality meets brilliance—your community holds the key to unlocking dreams.

Shifting focus to career and reputation, Saturday sees Mercury sliding back into Sagittarius. Rebuild, redefine, and ponder on how you want to be perceived in the world. What are your career goals, and how can you soar to new heights in your professional journey?

Sunday brings a surge of mature ideas, particularly in your community. Reflect on past mistakes, learn from experiences, and involve your friends in the journey. Trust your visions, seek support from those you can count on, and put in the work to turn dreams into reality.

As the cosmic narrative unfolds, revel in the mystery, dance with ambiguity, and let the enchanting energy of the universe guide your every step. Trust your journey, embrace the unconventional, and remember—your dreams are as vast and boundless as the cosmic seas. May the stars illuminate your path!

Written by Cosmic MI