There’s an enjoyable scent of the surreal wafting through the rooms of 11 Rue Beranger. It depends what you’re into, of course, but a teddy-bear ménage à trois (well, technically ménage à quatre), hands emerging from walls, velvet curtains and a necklace made of hair are the kind of things you can expect to see at Paris Internationale.

This year’s edition of Paris’s youngest art fair, it’s third, takes place in a vastly different setting to its previous iterations, in a multi-storey carpark in the Haut-Marais, once the HQ of the national newspaper that Sartre co-founded in 1968, Libération. From industrious to industrial and industry, the site creates a contrasting ambience to the elegant and ornate rooms of the Hotel Particulier Iéna, that housed the previous edition of Internationale, but one that’s no less weird and whimsical, which suits the fifty-five galleries that participate in the bleeding-edge fair.

If FIAC is the sleek, chic Parisian, the Juliette Binoche of art fairs, Internationale is the Léa Seydoux: fruitier, kookier and a little gender-curious.

Paris Internationale
From 18 to 22 October at 11, Rue Beranger, Paris

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