Texas and Glory, Kirsch

Food and women have a long history together; from cliches of female household roles, to parallels drawn between ripeness and the body. A new show in London, Feasting on Femininity, explores the coming together of these two things, highlighting the notion of a woman’s body as something to be consumed (both sexually and in motherhood) and playing with some of the most ludicrous stereotypes. In this work by artist duo Texas and Glory, tiny nude figures roll around in cream, with a giant cherry in the middle of it all, in a knowing nod to both female sexual liberation and the symbolism of thick white whipped cream and cherries (to be popped). Also in the show—presented by CurAte at Les Fêtes Galantes in London Fields—are Etienne Clement, Liz Watts, Emilia Symis, Delphine Lebourgeois, Frances Willoughby, Luisa-Maria MacCormack, Helen Ballardie and J C Cowans.