Universal – In this transformative period, as Venus continues its retrograde journey through Leo, we find ourselves slowly reclaiming our worth, reconnecting with our heart’s desires, and understanding the power that lies within. It’s week four of the infamous VENUS RX in the sign of the lioness, and with every passing day, we’re finding our way back to ourselves, realising that WE, indeed, are destined for GREATNESS. From Friday onwards Venus will become visible as a morning star giving us a fresh start in matters of love.


He says he’s jealous of the moon, because you look at it. He’s jealous of the sun, because it warms you. He says “I feel you, even when I’m not feeling you. I talk to you when I’m not talking to you. I love you, even when I’m not loving you”.

– Basquiat, 1996 by Julian Schnabel


On Wednesday, the New Moon in Leo brings forth a nostalgic beginning. This isn’t just any new beginning; it’s a powerful eye-opener that leaves us in awe. You may find yourself asking, “Who am I?, Who am I destined to be?” …the answer will resound within you…

Embrace the person you’ve always wanted to become, even if it seems crazy or rebellious to others. Just like when you were a child, dreaming of being a fire-fighter, performer, scientist, writer, musician,…those passions can still be reignited. Listen to your heart and fearlessly step into your authenticity. But remember, while you’re on this journey, treat others’ hearts with care and sincerity. Each of us has a unique light to shine, and together, we form a constellation of brilliance.

This New Moon urges us to delve within, to find our inner star quality and move forward in a way that is both realistic and uniquely our own. We are like stars, meant to shine brightly and reignite neglected stardom, goals, and projects. The New Moon’s alignment with the trailblazing North

Node in Aries calls us to be bold, take chances, and embrace our inner warrior independently. Take that first step, pave the way to success, and don’t fear your creative process; it’s how we express our artistry and individuality. Embrace your unique identity and take pride in who you are.

As we step into the New Moon’s light, this cosmic dance invites surprises and awakenings. You might find your heart opening up in ways you never thought possible, and this newfound authenticity can lead you to start afresh with relationships, creativity, and personal growth. But remember, authenticity isn’t an excuse to play games with other people’s hearts; be honest and respectful.

On Wednesday, Mars forms a harmonious trine with Uranus, igniting our rebellious and innovative spirits. We are encouraged to take action in unconventional ways while staying grounded, leading to surprising breakthroughs and creative solutions.

As the week comes to a close, the Sun in Leo forms a powerful trine with the North Node in Aries. This alignment reminds us that following our hearts and embracing our authentic selves is the key to unlocking the path to our destiny. We are becoming warriors of our own fate, paving the way to fierce greatness.

So, during this time of Venus retrograde and the electrifying influence of the New Moon in Leo, let your inner Basquiat shine through. Embrace your uniqueness, follow your heart, and fearlessly create your own masterpiece in this cosmic tapestry of life. Trust that in being true to yourself, you’ll find the magic to inspire others and leave a lasting mark on the world. You are an artist of life, and your canvas(no matter what you happen to use as your canvas) awaits your fearless brushstrokes.


From the The 1997 Jean-Michel Basquiat book




You’re working hard, embrace your routines to keep that fiery spirit in check. But hold on tight, because Venus is still retrograde in Leo, and it’s week four of this cosmic journey, stirring up emotions in your sizzling 5th house of romance and creativity.

On Wednesday, be prepared for a shocker as the New Moon in Leo casts a nostalgic glow over your heart. Get ready for an eye-opener that might just leave you breathless. Someone is about to come back into your life, and they’re all about letting you be unapologetically yourself. This sparks a fresh start in your love life and creative pursuits. A buried passion ignites within you, and honey, it’s begging you to be unleashed right now! Don’t hold back – this is your time to shine like the fiery star you are. Let your individuality flow with passion, creativity, love, and power. And throw caution to the wind; no need to overthink. Let your heart take the lead and embrace the wild ride ahead. It’s time to challenge the status quo and embrace your authenticity like never before. This journey is all about self-discovery and fulfilment – the kind that sets your soul on fire!

As Wednesday unfolds, your planetary ruler Mars gets positive beams from Uranus. Get ready for pleasant surprises, especially in your finances. The universe might just serve up a lucrative opportunity on a silver platter, or perhaps you’ll discover a more efficient routine, thanks to the wonders of AI. Soak in these unexpected blessings that sweeten up your days.

Follow your heart’s desires and chase those creative passions. Embrace your authentic self with pride, and let it guide you to becoming the fierce warrior of destiny you were always meant to be. Clear the path to greatness, honey – it’s yours for the taking!

So, let that bold and unique artist within you shine like a blazing star. The universe is serving up some spicy cosmic delights just for you! Embrace the passion, embrace the fire, and let your spirit soar to new heights of creative ecstasy. This is your time to shine, and nothing – absolutely nothing – can dim your dazzling light!


Source: Pinterest



Your planetary ruler, Venus, is still taking a retrograde stroll through Leo, and it’s week four of this cosmic journey, unfolding in your 4th house of home and family.

On Wednesday, a New Moon also illuminates your 4th house, inviting you to explore a profound revelation. You are your own home, no matter where you go in the world. Your soul chose this body as its cozy getaway, so treat it with love and care. As this nostalgic new moon unveils its magic, you might realise the beauty of being the proud owner of your body and soul, regardless of your past or family ties. Like the layers of an onion, your home is you, and you are the shelter for your soul. This moment sets you free, enabling you to embrace your true authentic self without being held back by past drama or trauma. How liberating and beautiful is that? For some, this new moon may also bring a return to a familiar place, allowing you to find closure and healing in various areas of your life. Take rebellious action in creative and romantic endeavours. Unleash your inner Basquiat and surprise the world with your innovative expression!

As Wednesday unfolds, get ready to take creative action like never before! Embrace your grounded nature while daring to venture into unconventional territory. And as Saturday arrives, value your roots, your heart, and your authentic self, no matter where you come from. These are the keys to unlocking your destined path and becoming the fierce warrior you were meant to be. Your inner voice is your guide, never leading you astray; listen to it, and silence will be a thing of the past.

This is your moment to shine like the brilliant Basquiat artwork you truly are! Be true to yourself,, cherish your home within, and venture fearlessly into the realm of creativity and self-discovery. Your journey this week, is one of healing, closure, and liberation.


Basquiat, 1996 by Julian Schnabel



We’re in the thrilling fourth week of Venus retrograde getting you to rework your bag of skills. On Wednesday, prepare yourself for a romantic adventure as the New Moon graces Leo. Take the initiative and start a heartfelt conversation with someone who holds a dear place in your heart, even if you’ve lost touch. Don’t worry about the outcome; it doesn’t have to be all serious and weighty. Instead, let it be a genuine appreciation of each other’s presence. Unresolved issues may be lingering in your subconscious, itching to burst out into the open. Write about them, sing about them, talk about them; let it all out. This cosmic nudge encourages you to spend time outside, reconnecting with people who play a significant role in your life. It’s time to nurture the trees of friendship and let them flourish. As we grow older, our friendships become more selective, so cherish these moments of quality time with those who matter, even those you haven’t seen in years. Arrange a get-together or perhaps plan a delightful weekend trip. Get ready for crazy, pleasantly surprising actions that will leave you in awe.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars forms a harmonious trine with Uranus. Midweek may bring surprising and amusing family secrets to light. Keep an open mind and enjoy the humorous twists that life brings. And as the weekend arrives you shall step out of your comfort zone and explore inspiring connections out of the ordinary. These souls will lead you down the right paths, where fun and the power of alliance await. Let the Basquiat spirit infuse your life with creativity, expression, and authenticity. Embrace the joy of heartfelt conversations and rekindle connections with cherished souls. Life’s journey is filled with laughter, surprises, and meaningful encounters. So, step outside, dance to the rhythm of your heart, and create beautiful memories with the people who light up your life.


Basquiat, 1996 by Julian Schnabel



Its week four of Venus in retrograde through Leo, unfolding in your 2nd house of finances and self- worth. On Wednesday, get ready for a new moon spectacle in Leo, stirring up your financial realm. Unexpectedly, an old source may grace you with financial blessings or even a blast from the past might reach out. Be wary of potential clashes with a friend over money matters; keep things open and honest to maintain harmony. But hold on, because the cosmos is also setting the stage a thrilling side hustle or shall we say a potent new career chapter? Your friendship circle may be your support system, encouraging you to take the plunge into these ventures. Embrace this moment and embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey. This lunar dance is all about finding innovative ways to improve your finances, self-worth, and public persona.

Yes, get ready for career action through friends and your social network. Plan some exciting weekend trips and spend quality time with your siblings. Embrace the lighting bolts of creativity and inspiration that come from exploring new territories.

And as Saturday arrives, your positive energy is flowing so hard, it is guiding you to improve your income, boost your self-worth, and embrace your public persona the way you were always want to . Slowly but surely, you’re rising to shine like a true Basquiat masterpiece. Let the cosmic muse inspire your journey to financial abundance and self-discovery. Embrace the surprises, the support of your friends, and the thrill of new ventures. Allow your authentic self to shine, and let your brilliance paint the world with love, creativity, and joy. The canvas of your life awaits your artistic touch, and the universe is cheering you on to greatness!


Source: wet canvas.com



Venus is still strutting in retrograde as we find ourselves in the daring fourth week of this cosmic journey, unfolding in your personal sign. On Wednesday, get ready for an electrifying New Moon in also in your sign, marking a nostalgic yet rebellious restart in your life. Surprises await, especially in your career, and get yourself ready for shocking moves on your part. It’s time to break free from limitations and think on a grander scale – even internationally. Embrace this moment of growth and expansion. You might also send shockwaves through your partnerships, igniting new collaborations and connections. This is the perfect opportunity to explore foreign lands, so if you can hop on a flight, do so.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars forms a harmonious trine with Uranus. Financial pleasant surprises and breakthroughs are written in the stars. Embrace these blessings and let them propel you to new heights of abundance and prosperity.
And as Saturday arrives, the radiant Sun in your sign illuminates you, forming a beautiful aspect with the karmic North Node. Your soul yearns for expansion, travel, and the pursuit of knowledge. It’s time to teach, study, and explore new horizons.

Embrace the Basquiat spirit within you and paint your life with bold strokes of creativity, adventure, and authenticity. This is your moment to shine as the star you are. Allow your inner fire to guide you on this thrilling journey of self-discovery and career growth. Let the world feel the fierce force of your presence as you explore new territories and form exciting partnerships. Your path is paved with pleasant surprises, financial breakthroughs, and the call to expand your horizons.


Venus is still retrograde through Leo, and you may find yourself in the soul-stirring fourth week of this cosmic journey, unfolding in your secretive 12th house of introspection and spiritual epiphanies. On Wednesday, prepare for a celestial awakening as the New Moon lights up your mysterious 12th house. This marks a subconscious new beginning, a tabula rasa can be created regarding past ego hurt. It’s time to hit the reset button, to dive deep into the depths of your soul and crack open any lingering traumas. From within to the outside, let your light shine brilliantly. You can reshape your belief system, updating your daily habits and transforming you into the best version of yourself. Believe in the power of your thoughts, for they shape your actions and lead to profound self-transformation.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars in your sign forms a harmonious aspect with surprise planet Uranus. Take action now, even in rebellious ways, and be open to the wonders of foreign lands. Engage with exotic cultures and let your dreams guide you to exciting visions of the future. Let yourself be surprised with the beauty of the unknown, and let your adventurous spirit roam free.

And as Saturday arrives, following your heart and taking pride in your authentic self will lead you to the next step on your path. Transformation is calling, you are destined to become the warrior of your extraordinary destiny.
Embrace the Basquiat spirit within you, and let the canvas of your life be adorned with creativity, self-discovery, and profound spiritual growth. Dive deep into the depths of your soul, and let your light shine like a mesmerising work of art.

Basquiat, 1996 by Julian Schnabel


Your ruling planet, Venus is in week four of retrograde through fiery Leo, unfolding in your 11th house of friendships and social circles. On Wednesday, a New Moon combined with Venus in Leo illuminates your 11th house, urging you to find your inner star quality and embrace the VIP circle you’ve always belonged to. Take a moment to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while and have a proper catch-up. Be discerning in your connections; who truly embodies the essence of a real friend? Remember, your friends are an extension of you, and authentic connections are more valuable than a thousand superficial ones. Surround yourself with those who bring you joy and fun, and let go of the need to please everyone. Make your choices wisely, and distance yourself from inauthenticity in your connections. Also, walking on your unique path will naturally lead you to the right partnerships in both love and business, especially if you’re Single.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars forms a harmonious aspect with Uranus. Deep down in your subconscious, a stirring of energy is taking place. Meditate and get to the root of what drives you subconsciously. Uncover the patterns that attract certain experiences, for often, we draw in what we are not fully aware of, especially in partnerships. Take charge of your attractions.

Following your heart and taking pride in your true self, especially within your social circle, will propel you toward fated partnerships in love and business. Embrace your inner warrior and pave the path to your extraordinary destiny.
Embrace a circle of friends, where authenticity and genuine connections reign. Let your heart guide you as you cherish your true friends and welcome new partnerships. The masterpiece of your life is composed of the connections you make, so paint your world with love, joy, and profound authenticity. Trust your inner Basquiat and let your brilliance shine!

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Crisol de hielo,1984.


It’s week four, where Venus continues her intriguing retrograde journey through Leo, unveiling in your 10th house of career and public image. On Wednesday, open yourself for a new moon like no other – it’s a profound eye-opener, leaving us in awe of the possibilities that lie ahead. You may find yourself asking, “Who am I? Who am I destined to be?” Embrace the person you’ve always yearned to become, even if it seems crazy or rebellious to others. Just like when you were a child dreaming of being a fire-fighter, performer, scientist, writer, musician, those passions can still be reignited. Listen to your heart and fearlessly step into your authenticity.

The same goes for your partnerships, whether in love or business. If you feel misaligned or not on the same wavelength, it’s time to upgrade to find the true connection you’re meant to have. As you reconfigure your career, public image, and partnerships, a newfound joy will grace your days. Watch as the veil of mysterious anxiety starts to dissolve if you work with this new moon.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars forms a harmonious trine with Uranus. Surprising actions may come to you, especially in your interactions with friends and partnerships. Embrace your rebellious side and welcome unconventional people into your life, for they’ll inspire you to think outside the box and bring brilliance to your week. Following your heart and taking immense pride in your authentic self, especially in your career and public image, will propel you to the next step on your path. Become a warrior of your own extraordinary destiny and pave the path to fierce greatness. Embrace your inner Basquiat soul, and paint your life with the colours of authenticity, empowerment, and self-discovery. Let your heart guide you as you align your career, partnerships, and public image with your true self. The masterpiece of your life awaits, and you have the power to unleash your brilliance upon the world. Walk the path of fierce greatness, for the universe applauds your courage and passion!


The Unknown Notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat (Published 2015)


Venus continues her captivating retrograde journey through Leo, and we find ourselves in the exhilarating fourth week, unfolding in your 9th house of exploration and beliefs.

On Wednesday, the New Moon in Leo may take you back to a location from the past that holds special memories. This nostalgic beginning isn’t just any ordinary start; it’s a powerful eye-opener that leaves us in awe. Questions like “Who am I? Who am I destined to be? Where am I destined to be?” dance through your mind. Embrace this opportunity to talk to people from all walks of life and reconnect with old souls, for they’ll offer you a brand-new perspective. It may be time to upgrade your daily schedule and rhythms, infusing more passion, fun, and joy into your daily life. Perhaps a baby has changed your daily practices, or maybe it’s a creative-project-baby that now demands your attention. As Wednesday unfolds, Mars forms a harmonious trine with Uranus in your 6th house. Take rebellious action in how you present yourself to the world, staying grounded while embracing your unconventional side. Surprise yourself and others with your innovative actions, for they will lead you to new heights of creativity.

From Sunday on, follow your heart and take immense pride in your authentic self, whether it’s related to your belief systems or even moving to a foreign land. Embrace your creative path and create your destiny. Pave the path to fierce greatness and embark on a Basquiat-inspired adventure! The canvas of your life awaits your artistic touch, so paint it with joy, passion, and authentic self-expression. Trust in the universe’s support as you take bold steps on your creative journey. Walk the path of greatness, for your destiny awaits with vibrant colours and thrilling possibilities!

Jean-Michel Basquiat (Photo Source: Pinterest)



Venus continues her captivating retrograde journey through Leo, and we find ourselves in the transformative fourth week, unfolding in your 8th house of shared resources, deep intimacy, and transformation.On Wednesday, the New Moon in Leo shines a spotlight on money matters, debts, and financial reviews. It’s time to start a new financial chapter, armed with the wisdom learned from past mistakes. Embrace the notion of growing financially by pursuing what you love, what fulfils you, while never neglecting your creativity and the pursuit of your passions. Allow the lunar shock evaluation to guide you toward the next step, paving a new path within your home life and family relations. Consider rebuilding your roots from scratch and nurturing your own little soul family. Release the burden of trying to conform to others’ career expectations and instead focus on your heart’s desires and authentic aspirations. This New Moon’s surprising lunar energy will inspire you to break free from your own prison and set out on a groundbreaking, rebellious journey.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars in Virgo forms a harmonious aspect with Uranus. Traveling can stimulate your creative juices, now, inspiring you to devise revolutionary new ways that break free from constraints and limitations. And as Saturday arrives, embrace your authentic self, drawing strength from within and following your heart’s deepest desires. Trust this inner wisdom as you embark on a beautiful path, becoming the warrior of your destiny. Pave the path to fierce greatness, and let your Basquiat-inspired wisdom shine brilliantly upon the canvas of your life!


Black & White Art by Canek



The cosmic stage presents a mesmerising spectacle as Venus continues her retrograde journey through Leo in your 7th house of relationships. This fourth week of retrograde may test the waters, bringing ex-lovers back into the scene and challenging you to reestablish your boundaries. Take this time to contemplate your values and communicate openly with your partner. Relationship issues will come to light, urging you to work on them diligently. Remember, it’s not about starting new relationships but rather nurturing the existing ones with serious conversations.

Now, let’s unveil the grand performance of the New Moon in Leo, illuminating your 7th house with its nostalgic yet intriguing aura. As new moons herald new beginnings, this lunar spectacle echoes with the essence of regaining your power and making things right for you in your one-on-ones. Initially, it may be shocking, prompting you to act on fresh starts. Questions linger in the air: “Who am I? Who are we?” Some of you might feel inspired to change your living situation, and surprising family news may surface. Be open to eye-opening revelations through friends, as this new moon paves the way for honest communication and potential partnerships with old contacts.

As Wednesday unfolds, Mars forms a harmonious aspect with Uranus. Embrace your innovative actions, and value individualism within your family relations. And as Saturday takes the spotlight, the radiant Sun continues to shine upon your 7th house, beautifully intertwining with karmic North Node. This cosmic interplay urges you to follow your heart, embrace your authentic self, and take pride in your partnerships. In doing so, you’ll step onto the path of becoming the warrior of your destiny, paving the way to fierce greatness.

With the vivacious inspiration of Basquiat’s artistry, let your individuality flourish in the canvas of your relationships, and delight in the joy of genuine connections. As you communicate openly, dance with unexpected surprises, and embrace your true self, the grand spectacle of life will unfold, and you’ll embark on a journey of passionate partnerships and limitless possibilities.


Basquiat, 1996 by Julian Schnabel




Venus retrograde, in her week four, is still inviting you to revamp your daily routines and embark on innovative ventures. With the guidance of your intuitive compass, explore uncharted waters in pursuit of your financial goals. This cosmic journey sets the tone for a metamorphic phase in your life. As the enchanting New Moon graces Leo, it wants you to kickstart a fresh routine. Perhaps you stumble upon an old bike in your garage, changing the way you navigate the town, or an insightful health discovery surprises you. This new moon is an eye-opener, and though it may initially leave you shocked, it inspires you to act on new beginnings. Embrace this momentum and let destiny elevate your self-worth, helping you discern what truly matters. Follow the call of your inner warrior, rekindle dormant skills that bring you immense joy, and step into financial new territories with a visionary spirit.

As Wednesday progresses, Mars forms a harmonious aspect with Uranus. Take bold and rebellious actions in your partnerships, revitalising relationships into the unconventional. When collaborating with a partner, brilliant ideas are born, for connected minds ignites the collective genius. Follow your heart’s desires, especially on Saturday, embracing your unique talents and authentic self. By doing so, you’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-worth, self-love, and building future potential financial territories. With the spirit of Basquiat’s artistic freedom, let your intuition guide you as you craft a new rhythm in your daily life. Revel in the joy of surprising discoveries, cherish unconventional connections, and unleash the power of your visionary self. As you step into uncharted financial territories with the heart of a warrior, you’ll pave the path to abundant self-worth and material success.


Written by Cosmic Mi