May 5, 2019

Andy Warhol + Times of London, 1966

Sunday is reading the Big Papers day: we know that, and Andy Warhol knew that, as we can see in this shot of the artist looking uncharacteristically candid and chipper. The photograph was shot by Nat Finkelstein, a photojournalist who spent three years as the house photographer at the Silver Factory. Finkelstein met Warhol in 1962 when commissioned by Pageant magazine to photograph the pop art scene, and fell in love with the wild, weird world of the Factory until three years later when he fell out with the artist and his crowd. His images, which features the likes of  Edie Sedgwick, Brian Jones, The Velvet Underground and Nico, are currently on show in London. “I am a situational photographer,” said Finkelstein. “These unposed images were made when Andy Warhol et al were people, not products; young artists, not celebrities. Enjoy, but don’t venerate.” In and Out of Warhol’s Orbit: Photographs by Nat Finkelstein is on show at Proud Central gallery in London until 9 June.


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