Ryan Gander, Dominae Illud Opus Populare, 2016 © Ryan Gander. Courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery. Image Jack Hems

September 19, 2018

Ryan Gander, Dominae Illud Opus Populare, 2016

Ryan Gander’s all-seeing eyes first popped out of the wall of Lisson Gallery in New York as part of the artist’s 2016 exhibition. The animatronic eyes and sensors are programmed to generate “every expression that can be registered through one’s eyes, from boredom and worry to curiosity and surprise”. This playful work—typical of Gander’s punchy art humour—has since travelled to Osaka, and it’s appearing again, this time in London, as part of Knock Knock: Humour In Contemporary Art at South London Gallery’s new space from 22 September. Gander has co-curated the group exhibition, which considers the question Elephant asked in issue 33: Can contemporary art be funny? You be the judge.


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