January 18, 2022

Jakob Lena Knebl, I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me. And We Are All Together, 2019

There’s something peculiarly pleasing about pink velvet, and this evocation of an off-centre tummy button rendered in the tactile fabric is no exception. It’s by Austrian artist Jakob Lena Knebl, and featured in her 2019 solo show at Belmacz gallery. “I don’t want to provoke,” Knebl told Emily Steer for Elephant Issue 40, “I want to seduce”. And this series of textiles, each crafted from the same fabric and evoking a different body part, is undeniably seductive. Find out more about Knebl’s exploration of the body as material, and her clever rethinking of the masculine energy of the mainstream, heterosexual dude here.

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