In our weekly feature, we ask artists to describe the one item that they couldn’t do without. This week, Fiona Grady discusses the bespoke tools she has made to help her install work.

I have a bit of an obsession with drawing tools, in particular rulers and compasses, so I’ve amassed a large collection of them over the years. The focus of my practice is systematic drawing; it manifests as site-responsive installations on walls, windows and floors. The artworks use sequences of dispersing geometric shapes, that are composed from spatial systems or repeating intervals. I install the work by hand using rulers, set squares, string and masking tape. My work is exacting but doesn’t tend to follow the standard intervals of metric measurements, therefore I often adapt the instruments to suit my needs. 

Recently, I’ve been developing a series of bespoke tools to assist in the creation of my artworks with the support of the London Creative Network at SPACE. I have been exploring how artists use tools to make work, and in turn how the tools indicate the presence of the artists’ hand. As my research has developed, I’ve begun to consider the tool as a narrative object. My new tools are designed to simplify the process of installing work, they break down into pieces for ease of travel, and most importantly are fun to use. 

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