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Dust Circles, 2021

Every piece of art tells an emotional story, but learning to express and display our emotions through the field of abstract painting requires thinking beyond the predictable. Michal Raz’s new online Acrylic Abstract Painting course aims to encourage students to abandon preconceptions and place trust in their imagination.

Raz will explore the origins of abstract painting, including works by Mark Rothko, Bridget Riley and Lee Krasner, as well as the history of the movement. “The course is both theoretical and practical,” she explains. “I’m very excited to expose the students to new ideas and artists they might never have heard of before, artists that I truly appreciate and that had a big influence on my own personal practice.

“The other thing I’m super excited about is teaching the students some techniques that will make painting much more fun and satisfying, and will open up a variety of creative ideas.”




The course will cover technical aspects of the form, such as layering and colour selection, as well as techniques for mark making, gestural brush strokes and splattering paint. Raz has created a series of “warm-up exercises”, in which students will explore these practical approaches before learning how the different styles of abstract painting can work as a hybrid on one surface.

“I’m very excited to expose the students to new ideas and artists they might never have heard of before”

Raz uses lots of different techniques and materials in her own practice. “My paintings are super layered and very much process-based,” she explains. “In the course I’m teaching lots of tricks and techniques that I use in my work, and trying to pass on the vibe I have in my studio when I work: playful, experimental and very dedicated, but not taking things too seriously!”

Rusting, 2020

As the three-week course concludes, the students will create their own abstract painting, bringing out their own personal expression and spontaneity, using the abstract techniques Raz has shared.

Raz is keen for students considering an artistic career to step outside their comfort zones. “Work hard,” she advises. “Don’t worry about the future. Make plans but be flexible and choose very carefully who you listen to.”

Find out more about this online learning course here as well as the many others on offer at Elephant Academy.


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