British artist Mark Wallinger continues his investigation into the self, in a new installation at London’s Freud Museum. The psychiatrist’s famous study finds itself oddly warped in Self Reflection, the bodies in the room more aware of their presence than ever.

Following on from the artist’s selection of work that was shown in Hauser & Wirth’s ID earlier this year, Self Reflection focuses on the individual, and the mirroring of space and human form. The study installation sees a mirror placed across the full width of the ceiling, reflecting the activity below in a manner that literally mirrors the psychiatrist’s enabling of self-reflection for the sitter. The ceiling offers a sense of voyeurism also, where no corner feels entirely off-limits.

A second piece Self, which sits outside in the garden, is an ‘I’ shape, placed in view of Freud’s desk through the window. Identity, the ego and the superego are all wrapped up in this simple expression of the self, temptingly waiting for the doctor to unravel its many intricacies.

Alongside these two works there is also a selection of Self Portraits by the artist.

‘Self Reflection’ runs until 25 September at the Freud Museum. Photographer: Karolina Urbaniak/Freud Museum London

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