Pencils Meet Pencil Skirts in Our New Fashion Illustration Workshop

Let a top illustrator introduce you to all the skills you need to bring clothing designs to life on the page

Fashion illustration not only shows us a designer’s vision for a particular look, it’s also a mood, a vibe, a snapshot of a trend, an era or a movement. Lucia Vinti’s one-off online Fashion Illustration workshop will shine a light on the key techniques of fashion illustration, but she also encourages participants to enjoy themselves and establish their own artistic voice and style.

“I’m running a fun and experimental fashion illustration workshop,” says Vinti. “We’ll do a range of activities that focus on trying out different drawing techniques and practising drawing different poses. We’ll also play around with collage and experiment with colour.”




But before participants put pen to paper in the two-hour workshop, Vinti has a plan… and it’s all about having a good time. “I have some fun warm-up exercises up my sleeve that the students hopefully won’t have tried before,” she says.

“I’m running a fun and experimental fashion illustration workshop”

The workshop will examine how to use texture and tone, and the importance of composition. As well as painting and drawing, Vinti would like to explore collage techniques (so start collecting interesting materials and textures now). “For the workshop I’m drawing on my knowledge of colour, composition and idea generation,” she says, “as well as showing students various places to get references and inspiration for their own illustrations.”

Vinti is also keen for participants to take risks. “I’m looking forward to helping the students be playful with their work,” she says, “and giving them a space to make mistakes and surprise themselves with their creativity.”

Vinti is an illustrator whose work can be seen in books, editorial, branding and the culture sector. “I create my work by hand,” she explains, “using paint, pencils and collage.” She has also recently written and illustrated an artistic activity book for children, The Looking Book. She advises aspiring artists to be observant of the world around them, as well as to have the motivation to keep improving and creating. “Focus on your own work and developing your own voice,” she suggests, “rather than comparing yourself to others. Easier said than done!”

“I’m looking forward to helping the students be playful with their work and giving them a space to make mistakes and surprise themselves”

Vinti’s workshop is suitable for all levels from experienced to beginner. If this will be your first workshop, why not purchase the art materials bundle (which includes brushes, paper, coloured pencils and gouache) alongside your ticket?

Find out more about this online learning course here as well as the many others on offer at Elephant Academy.

The Elephant Academy Fashion Illustration Workshop runs from 7-9pm on 26 July 2022


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