Residencies at Elephant Lab

Elephant believes that visual thinking triggers societal thinking. In the spirit of this belief, we have established Elephant Lab; a space to foster creativity and feed curiosity.  We encourage experimentation and collaboration, bringing artists together with scientists to investigate the correlation between life and art.

Elephant Lab offers artists time, space, materials and access to specialized knowledge. Housed in a large (34m²), well-lit and fully equipped artists’ studio, Elephant Lab is located next to the Innovation & Development laboratory of Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris at the Studio Building in West London, close to our new home of Elephant West.

Practising artists are invited to make proposals for a one month residency at Elephant Lab. Here is an environment where artists can investigate and innovate with materials offered by the fine art brands, supported with specialist technical knowledge from the chemists in the I&D laboratory and art professionals on the Elephant team. All proposals should have one or more of the following attributes:

  • Experimental
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative


Who Can Apply

Practising artists other than students are eligible to apply. Elephant will provide all necessary materials, studio space and professional support free of charge. Overseas artists are welcome to apply but there is no provision for transport or accommodation.


Selection Process

Proposals are reviewed quarterly in January, April, July and October. Shortlisted artists are invited to the Studio Building for interview and successful applicants can expect to take up their residency approximately three months after the review date. The next deadline is 26 January for two residencies in March 2020. There is no charge to make an application. Click below to request further information and an application form:


Apply Now


Current Residency

Maia Regis

4–29 November 2019

Open Studio 28 November

In musical language, deconstructing a pre-existing harmony offers new creative perspectives. Sampling, for example, combines sounds and patterns sometimes randomly. I realize this kind of combinations on a visual level. The discovery, during a trip to Cuba, of altarpieces of the cult of Palo monte, gave me the idea of ​​associating my images with an organic world with the intention of creating a singular atmosphere. With this in mind, I have associated very large black and white photographic prints (2.70 meters high) with real elements such as potatoes scattered on the ground, a bunch of oranges hanging in a net, mackerel vacuum packed on the ceiling, etc. I am looking for an open dialogue between the street (the outside world) and the studio. I want to reconnect with this type of association: paintings and photographs (street markets, religious altars, food displays).




The Studio Building
21 Evesham Street London W11 4AJ

Closest Station
Latimer Road or Shepherd's Bush


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