As we explore self-care, the theme of our ten-year anniversary issue—which we are celebrating tonight at Elephant West—our editor-at-large Emily Gosling shares her wellbeing playlist, taking in Buddhist chants, krautrock and, wait for it, Enya.


Shuffle button off please, listeners: this is a journey, a loving journey of care and wellbeing that aims to calm, soothe and surprise you, just a little. Opening with some actual monks, followed by Meredith Monk, we then run through some dreamy soundscapes and a little more challenging electronic music. Expect a fair bit of krautrock via Tangerine Dream, NEU!, Cluster and more; an instrumental hex courtesy of Holy Magick; and a lot of the artists featured in the article about sonic self-care which is featured the latest issue of Elephant magazine—including Aïsha Devi, Pauline Oliveros and Beatrice Dillon, as well as the brilliant Lia Mice. How to end all this? Back to the spiritual, with some Buddhist chants. But not without a cheeky bit of Enya first. Sail away, readers, sail away.

Aïsha Devi, photo by Emile Barret
Aïsha Devi, photo by Emile Barret


Issue 40: Me, Myself and Art

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