An emptied-out Costa del Sol (all the Brits have packed up and left), explosive colours and hazy half-forms dominate a dual painting show that will open at London’s The Dot Project tomorrow. I Found This Supernova In Your Summer House features the work of Goia Mujalli and George Rouy.

Summer plays a central role in both young artists’ work; hot and intense in the ‘banana paintings’ of Brazilian-born Mujalli (b. 1985), dreamy and misty in Rouy’s pieces (b.1994).

In Rouy’s paintings the Costa del Sol is returned, in part, post-recession, to its natural state. Ghostly female figures float about in landscapes which are at once fake—perfectly lined-up palm trees and the tips of fences suggest the lingering presence of holiday-makers-past—and earthly. The watery light in each of the works looks as though it’s straining to reach through a humid fog, bringing with it memories of sunburnt bodies lying side-to-side on sweaty beaches.

Mujalli’s works convey a similarly palpable sense of heat, mixing vibrant colours which pop from the canvas. These pieces explore the manner in which paint sits on the surface, and the artist works with repeated movements and patterns of erasure.

‘I Found This Supernova In Your Summer House’ is showing at The Dot Project from 7 July until 31 August