Founded by creatives Tala Safié and Noel Paul, Beirut Editions launched earlier this week. Now you can get your hands on a sought-after print in the knowledge that your money will support a much-needed cause.

Studio Safar, The Components of an Exploding Pressure Cooker. Printed by Lucky Risograph. Limited Edition of 50

On August 4th, 2020, Beirut exploded. Families were displaced, homes wrecked, 200 were killed and thousands injured. Out of the ashes grew immense solidarity for the people of Lebanon’s capital. In order to keep up this momentum, fundraisers such as Beirut Restore have popped up. An online marketplace that offers a curated selection of art and design objects donated by emerging and established artists, the organisers aim to raise funds to support thoroughly vetted NGOs working for immediate aid and longer term recovery. 

  • Left: Christoph Niemann, Ladder. Screenprint printed by Powerhouse Arts. Limited edition fo 50. Right: Amber Vittoria, Bound to Bloom. Risograph printed by Elaine Lopez. Limited edition of 50.

Beirut Editions, Restore’s print based younger sibling, was set up by designer Tala Safié, a Lebanese designer based in New York, and music video director Noel Paul, with support from writer Perrin Drumm and collective design practice Partner and Partners. While Restore aimed to sell art in order to raise money to support charities on the ground, Beirut Editions launched to sell discounted prints from popular creatives. Donated by a diverse range of illustrators, artists, designers and printers, all the prints are individually numbered with a “Beirut Editions” stamp to preserve the spirit of the fundraiser for years to come. Due to the considerably lower price point, they’ve already been selling like hot cakes. 

Iman Raad, Still Life with Green Bird, Sunshine and Pink Rose Bowls. Screenprint printed by Powerhouse Arts. Limited edition of 50.

“It’s a touching show of work, ranging from the poignant to the political”

Through Booklyn, an NGO specialising in publishing and distributing print based works that address urgent social issues, you can purchase works from the likes of Mona Chalabi, Amber Vittoria, and Christoph Niemann. Chalabi’s print explores the history of categories like “Arab” being excluded from government surveys, which leads to more members of the WANA (West Asian North African) region ticking the “white” box, in turn helping to artificially increase numbers for political gain. Amber Vittoria’s piece, entitled “Bound to Bloom” is inspired by efforts that use art to help those in need to rebuild, while Mohamad Abdouni’s photograph shows Beirut-based artist Andréa being fussed over by her mother. 

Mohamad Abdouni, Doris & Andréa I, Lebanon 2019. Risograph printed by TXTbooks. Limited edition of 50.

It’s a touching show of work, ranging from the poignant to the political, and whether you’re partial to risograph or silkscreen printing, there’s something for everyone. The popularity of the fundraiser is undoubtable—many prints are sold out, and others are currently very low in stock. All funds are split between three NGOs—one of which is Haven for Artists, who provide emergency aid to LGBTQ individuals who lack family support, single mothers, and the elderly most affected by the explosion. Anti-Racism Movement Lebanon and Egna Legna provide emergency aid, shelter and repatriation services to migrant domestic workers stranded in Beirut. Head to to purchase a print and support the good people of Beirut!


Beirut Editions

13 October to 30 November

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