Davide Luciano Unites High Fashion Gloss with Mouth-Watering Morsels

The New York-based photographer hits the sweet spot—often, quite literally—between art, advertising and high fashion aesthetics, presenting edible delights in a manner that is both appetite-goading and exquisitely slick.

Food and fashion are two things that humans can’t get enough of in image form. We often like both things presented to us in a glossy, bold and colourful manner, and we often consume these photographs in magazine form, pouring over images of jewellery close-ups and glistening meat with the same ravenous hunger. Davide Luciano knows how to make the most of both, often combining them in his photography, which spans advertising, editorial and art.

“This is food as an event, food as drama”

In his images, food products become almost too good to eat—with perfectly drizzled honeys and oils slipping out of their containers onto items waiting below, and sandwiches shot in such extreme close-up that they begin to take on an architectural feel. This is food as an event, food as drama.

Sometimes, the edible items in his images are formed into other objects entirely; whether curled into a set of dumbbell weights or, as in the case of some gummy bears, moulded into a punching bag shape. Alongside these items, the human form occasionally comes into shot. This tends to be as a disembodied hand, with perfectly manicured nails, fingers loaded with ice-like jewels. When we see a face in shot it is dramatically made-up, the human subject presented in a manner that is as preened and well-polished as the food on show.

Luciano’s playful, concept-led photography reminds us of why food is so much more than fuel. It is fun, exuberant and bewitching, and it holds a power over us that goes far beyond our basic need for calories and comfort.




Issue 39: How Art Became Edible

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