The US galleries at Art Basel Miami are buzzing with a range of work from artists taking a brightly coloured look at the world—from the atmospheric and vaguely spooky dollhouse-like miniature paintings of Amy Bennett to the bouncy depictions of fast-paced city life by Issue 33’s Paper Gallery artist, Grace Weaver. Things get a bit sci-fi with David Jien’s futuristic Boschesque colour pencil drawings at Richard Heller Gallery, alongside Joakim Ojanen’s trippy, blobby boy sculptures in bronze. This theme is carried through at Blum & Poe with Jim Shaw’s equally other-worldly graphic-novel inspired paintings.

Yet there is a somewhat political tone running through the work as well, with Sam Durant’s pop-ish coloured light boxes, like protest placards calling for Basel fair-goers to think a little deeper about their social context, and work by legendary second-wave feminist artist Judy Chicago on show at Jessica Silverman Gallery.

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